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1. "Being the hot girl... you wouldn't want that. It's overrated. Being sexy is actually really boring to me. I'd rather be... I'd rather be interesting."
Author: Amelia Warner
2. "In my opinion, moderation is a vastly overrated virtue, particularly when applied to work"
Author: Barbara Taylor Bradford
3. "I distrust thought. The interior life is highly overrated. I don't like the wispy and the vague... or inductive logic in any kind of writing. I'm impatient with writers who make too much sense. The better things that I've done have come to me by instinct."
Author: Barry Hannah
4. "This idea of perpetual happiness is crazy and overrated, because those dark moments fuel you for the next bright moments; each one helps you appreciate the other."
Author: Brad Pitt
5. "Okay," I gasp. "I can't really breathe, but other than that, okay.""Breathing's overrated," Gabriel advises me."I'm discovering that right about now with this damn tie."
Author: Carolyn MacCullough
6. "Sincerity and gravity, in Magnus's opinion, were highly overrated, as was being forced to relive unpleasant memories. He would much rather be amused and amusing."
Author: Cassandra Clare
7. "It's all overrated, man. Sex is only a great thing if you're not getting any."
Author: Charles Bukowski
8. "...a strangely prolonged lunch involving lobster, that infernally overrated food...."
Author: Claire Messud
9. "Sanity is overrated."
Author: Cynthia Hand
10. "Confidence is highly overrated when it comes to creating literature. A writer who is overly confident will not engage in the struggle to get it exactly right on the page - but rather, will assume that she's getting it right without the struggle."
Author: Dani Shapiro
11. "Immortality was overrated, as far as he was concerned. Hardy had enough problems as it was; living forever sounded like a death sentence for someone with his practical sensibilities."
Author: David S.E. Zapanta
12. "During her lifetime, Marilyn Monroe was underrated as a dramatic actress, and this rightly rankled her—but she was also overrated as a comedienne."
Author: Eve Golden
13. "Striving to 'be the best' is overrated & not smart. Grow to become only 1% better than your top competitor in your chosen field(s) of expertise."
Author: Gary Patton
14. "Do you ever tell the truth?""Once. In fourth grade. It was overrated."
Author: Gemma Halliday
15. "You picked a lemon, throw it away lemonade is overrated. Freaks should remain at the circus, not in your apartment. You already have one asshole. You don't need another. Make a space in your life for the glorious things you deserve. Have faith."
Author: Greg Behrendt
16. "Approval is overrated...Approval and disapproval alike satisfy those who deliver it more than those who receive it. I don't care for approval, and I don't mind doing without."
Author: Gregory Maguire
17. "Being normal is overrated. Normal gets you what—the dolt husband with the 2.5 kids and the house with the dog? You seriously want that? I mean, one of those kids is going to be really funny looking, by the way, all cut in half like that. Who wants half a kid?"
Author: H.M. Ward
18. "Philanthropy is. . . greatly overrated. A pain in the gut is not sympathy for the underprivileged, but the result of eating a green apple; the philanthropist gives to ease his own pain."
Author: Henry David Thoreau
19. "If this was love, love had been overrated."
Author: Henry James
20. "Hard work is damn near as overrated as monogamy."
Author: Huey Long
21. "Many girls have been romanced under the moon, and I don't mean to say moonlight is overrated, but few I think have known the magic of a sunrise kiss."
Author: Jerry Spinelli
22. "Paradox is an overrated threat. There is...a quality similar to inertia at work. Once an event has occurred, there is an extremely strong tendency for that event to occur. The larger, more significant, or more energetic the event, the more it tends to remain as it originally happened, despite any interference."I frowned. "There's...a law of conservation of history?"
Author: Jim Butcher
23. "That's exactly the good thing about the Injun life--you don't have to stop and think about whether or not you're 'happy'--which in my opinionis a highly overrated human condition invented by white folks"
Author: Jim Fergus
24. "And after some talk we agreed that the wisdom of rats had been grossly overrated, being in fact no greater than that of men."
Author: Joseph Conrad
25. "When you're married, you're privy to the misunderstanding. When you're not married, it's overrated." I try to smile. "You rush in, headlong, full of dreams and wishes, so far removed from reality that you never even realize you've married into a family and the Navy. One refers to you as the girl from L.A., and the other refers to you as the dependent spouse."
Author: Katherine Owen
26. "Year by year, his life wasn't amounting to anything at all...And yet, another part of him had expanded: his self-consciousness, his self-pity -- oh, the tediousness of it...Shouldn't he return to a life where he might slice his own importance, to where he might relinquish this overrated control over his own destiny and perhaps be subtracted from its determination altogether? He might even experience that greatest luxury of not noticing himself at all."
Author: Kiran Desai
27. "I was in Afghanistan for a while. Sand is overrated if there isn't a beach there to accompany it. I've probably still got sand in places I don't care to mention." "Maybe one day you'll find a pearl in your shorts," Joe said, grinning a gap-toothed grin."
Author: Liliana Hart
28. "Normal's overrated."
Author: Lisa Genova
29. "Yes I am weird, weird is good. Normal is overrated."
Author: Mad D
30. "You young people are always so obsessed with truth. The truth is often overrated."
Author: Maggie O'Farrell
31. "We know the end is overrated, we'll become the walls we raise. We don't believe enough, but we still care."
Author: Matchbox 20
32. "Taylor: Do you know when the next train to Yass is coming?Jonah: Go to hell.Taylor: Been there. Trust me. It's so overrated."
Author: Melina Marchetta
33. "If being seen as worthy of employing is the best that school does for the schooled, then school is overrated."
Author: Mokokoma Mokhonoana
34. "The cat wrinkled its nose and managed to look unimpressed. "Calling cats," it confided, "tends to be a rather overrated activity. Might as well call a whirlwind."
Author: Neil Gaiman
35. "Goodbyes are overrated."
Author: Neil Gaiman
36. "Most of the time, feelings just seem to get in the way. They're a luxury for the idle, a bourgeois concept. Feelings are overrated."
Author: Nick Cave
37. "Experience, then, was something that enabled you to do nothing with a clear conscience. Experience was an overrated quality."
Author: Nick Hornby
38. "Professional competitions are overrated."
Author: Oksana Baiul
39. "Single life is so overrated."
Author: Rihanna
40. "Having a spine is overrated. If everybody squealed and ran away, there'd be no more wars."
Author: Robert Anton Wilson
41. "You know, when it works, love is pretty amazing. It's not overrated. There's a reason for all those songs."
Author: Sarah Dessen
42. "Ruling the world is overrated. It would really cut into your leisure time."
Author: Shanna Swendson
43. "I've become convinced that genius is a vastly overrated commodity. I think this country is full of geniuses, guys and gals so bright they make your average card carrying MENSA member look like Fucko the Clown. And I think that most of them are teachers, living and working in small town obscurity because that's the way they like it."
Author: Stephen King
44. "The ending shouldn't determine the meaning of anything, a story or a life. Logically, I don't think it can--didn't Heidegger say something to that effect? That the meaning of all our moments cannot be contingent upon an end-point over which we have no control? That if we are happy right now, that means something, even if we die tomorrow? Narrative integrity is overrated. I don't need to know that the story of my life has a happy ending to enjoy it. A good thing, too, because I hear all the characters die in the end."
Author: Stevenson Alexa
45. "I don?t hate men," she said, giving him a quick glance before returning her attention to keeping her horse in line. "I think you?re a bit overrated, butthat?s not hating . Men have ruled women and the world by virtue of their gender for several hundred years.""Cream always rises to the top," he replied."This isn?t about cream. It?s about ruling through physical and mental intimidation. We all have strengths and weaknesses. The difference is,most women are willing to discuss both, while most men only want to talk about their strengths."
Author: Susan Mallery
46. "It will never be perfect, but perfect is overrated. Perfect is boring on live TV."
Author: Tina Fey
47. "I don't really shop any more. I only do it when I have to. I think it is very overrated."
Author: Vincent Cassel
48. "Thinking is the most overrated human activity."
Author: Wendell Berry
49. "Being an icon is overrated, remember an icon can be moved by a mouse"
Author: William Shatner
50. "You rely too much on brain. The brain is the most overrated organ."
Author: Woody Allen

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