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1. "The snow was knee-deep, my leg hurt, and my sweats were soaked, but I was hopped up on painkillers and a huge dose of pissed off, so I didn't care."
Author: Barbra Annino
2. "I'd just killed some of the best riders in the world - and I was clean. I'd taken nothing - no EPO, no cortisone, no testosterone, no painkillers, no caffeine. I had justified to myself that I was a great rider without drugs - yet perversely given myself the green light to dope again. I'd proved what I could do clean - how much more could I do if I was doped?"
Author: David Millar
3. "The waiting area was jammed with the sort of egalitarian cross-section only genuine misery can provide: Hispanics and blacks and Russians and various indeterminate, red-eyed teenage girls with children you prayed were siblings; junkie veterans petitioning for painkillers they wouldn't get;"
Author: Jonathan Lethem
4. "I guess the painkillers wipe out your memory along with your ethics."
Author: Keith Olbermann
5. "That's some heavy painkillers in your drug stash.""Well I'm in pain, aren't I?"
Author: Sam Hunter
6. "Painkillers are the drugs of the future"
Author: Steve Aylett
7. "Did you just make a joke, Tris? We should have you on painkillers more often if your going to start cracking jokes."
Author: Veronica Roth
8. "Yamane leaned over until he was right in Rory's face. "Being with me isn't sweet and romantic. I like it messy, desperate, and sometimes even a little painful."Rory digested this. He felt something unwind deep inside him. As if he were detached from it, he allowed it to uncoil slowly, building up a pressure of anger and frustration......"My kidneys are bleeding, my ribs are broken, and I'm loaded with painkillers. If you Google messy and desperate, you'll find a picture of me."
Author: Z.A. Maxfield

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Quotes About Painkillers
Quotes About Painkillers

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