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1. "I really look up to actors like Gwyneth Paltrow and Cate Blanchett who have a strong background in theatre."
Author: Alexa Vega
2. "I like to have a plan," said Mr. Palliser. "And so do I," said his wife,--"if only for the sake of not keeping it."
Author: Anthony Trollope
3. "Adesso che non potevo più pensare a me come a un'insegnante, una scrittrice, che non potevo più indossare quello che volevo, né camminare per strada al mio passo, gridare se mi andava di farlo o dare una pacca sulla spalla a un collega maschio, adesso che tutto ciò era diventato illegale, mi sentivo evanescente, artificiale, un personaggio immaginario scaturito dalla matita di un disegnatore che una gomma qualsiasi sarebbe bastata a cancellare"
Author: Azar Nafisi
4. "Plunderous is the palate I gift to you, openly I hug the universe of our friendship expanding its outer limit."
Author: Bradley Chicho
5. "Give me the gun." Michael put a hand out, his voice soft.Tension rode on the sunlight as she listened to Hunter's breathing shake."It's okay," said Michael. "You don't want to do this."Inch by inch, Hunter lowered the gun into Michael's palm, finally letting go.Michael didn't move. "You alright?"Hunter nodded."Good." Michael wrapped his hand around the hilt.Then he lifted it, cocked the hammer, and put the barrel against Hunter's forehead. "Now where the f*** are my brothers?"
Author: Brigid Kemmerer
6. "Kid, don't miss an opportunity to laugh, because laughter is what makes the boot heels of life palatable."
Author: Bryan R. Dennis
7. "A soul is a thing so impalpable, so often useless and sometimes such a nuisance, that the loss of it disturbed me less than if I had lost my visiting card while taking a walk."
Author: Charles Baudelaire
8. "Out of sight above the house, the mirror moon reflected the sun of a day not yet dawned, shining the pale light of tomorrow on the yard and on the paper birches."
Author: Dean Koontz
9. "O your life, your lonely lifeWhat have you ever done with it,And done with the great gift of consciousness?What will you ever do before Death's knifeProvides the answer ultimate and appropriate?As I for my part felt in my heart as one who falls,Falls in a parachute, falls endlessly, and feels the vastDraft of the abyss sucking him down and down,An endlessly helplessly falling and appalled clown:This is the way the night passes by, thisIs the overnight endless trip to the famous unfathomable abyss."
Author: Delmore Schwartz
10. "Yo creo que ser de clase media en un país con más de 50 millones de pobres es ser privilegiado. Y los privilegiados tienen la obligación de regresar algo al país que les ha permitido obtener esa posición. Porque, ¿para qué sirve la experiencia, el conocimiento, el talento, si no se usa para hacer de México un lugar más justo? ¿Para qué sirve el ascenso social si hay que pararse sobre las espaldas de otros para conseguirlo? ¿Para qué sirve la educación si no se ayuda a los demás a obtenerla? ¿Para qué sirve la riqueza si hay que erigir cercas electrificadas acada vez más altas para defenderla? ¿Para qué sirve ser habitante de un país si no se asume la responsabilidad compartida de asegurar vidas dignas allí?"
Author: Denise Dresser
11. "My mother always said I must be part Mongolian because of my lotus-pale complexion and squid-ink black hair."
Author: Diane Ackerman
12. "Must I accept the barren Gift?-learn death, and lose my Mastery?Then let them know whose blood and breathwill take the Gift and set them free:whose is the voice and whose the mindto set at naught the well-sung Game-when finned Finality arrivesand calls me by my secret Name.Not old enough to love as yet,but old enough to die, indeed--the death-fear bites my throat and heart,fanged cousin to the Pale One's breed.But past the fear lies life for all-perhaps for me: and, past my dread,past loss of Mastery and life,the Sea shall yet give up Her dead!Lone Power, I accept your Gift!Freely I make death a part of me;By my accept it is boundinto the lives of all the Sea-yet what I do now binds to ita gift I feel of equal worth:I take Death with me, out of Time,and make of it a path, a birth!Let the teeth come! As they tear me,they tear Your ancient hate for aye--so rage, proud Power! Fail again,and see my blood teach Death to die!"
Author: Diane Duane
13. "I am very benign-looking. I'm somewhat like a golden retriever: It's not hard to look at me. I'm perfectly fine. It's not like things jut out and make you nervous. But the lovely thing about being so pale and having such pasty features is that I can look like pretty much anything, which is nice."
Author: Elizabeth Mitchell
14. "Now I can do the bolts," she slurred. "I've been trying to focus enough magic all week."The magic shifted and swirled, finally etching a picture in the air. It was a rough picture of Foaly, and he was laughing.I hate you, centaur!" screamed Opal, lunging toward, and then through, the insubstantial image. Her eyes rolled back into her head, and then she collapsed, snoring, on the floor.Artemis straightened his tie.Freud, he was certain, would have a field day with that."
Author: Eoin Colfer
15. "Ahora dime, ¿por cuánto tiempo la tendrías después de haberla poseído? -le pregunto como Rosalind. Mi voz ya no suena como la mía. Es rica y resonante con emoción, llena de las preguntas que debería haber preguntado cuando tuve la oportunidad.Él responde:-Para siempre y en un día.Todo el aliento sale de mí. Esta es la respuesta que necesito. Incluso si no resulta ser verdad. Trato de leer la siguiente línea, pero no puedo hablar. No puedo respirar. Oigo un ruido de viento en mis oídos y parpadeo para detener que las palabras bailen por la página.Después de unos momentos, me las arreglo para ahogar la siguiente frase:-Di "un día" sin el "nunca",-antes de que mi voz se rompa.Porque Rosalind entiende. Di un día sin el nunca. Después del cual vendrá la ruptura.No me extraña que ella no le diga quién es en realidad."
Author: Gayle Forman
16. "The city is as large as Seville or Cordova; its streets, I speak of the principal ones, are very wide and straight; some of these, and all the inferior ones, are half land and half water, and are navigated by canoes."
Author: Hernando Cortes
17. "Cînd esti trist de tot, îti vine sa dormi. Îti vine sa-ti culci capul pe genunchii altcuiva care te iubeste, sau, daca esti singur si n-ai pe nimeni, sa ti-l culci pe palmele tale... Da. Îti vine sa dormi cînd esti trist. Si sa uiti... Dar cînd te destepti? Iar esti trist si nu mai poti s-adormi din nou!..."
Author: Ionel Teodoreanu
18. "In my palm I can feel the echo of her pulse, standing in for the absence of mine."
Author: Isaac Marion
19. "Tu piensas en palabras,para ti el lenguaje es un hilo inagotable que tejes como si la vida se hiciera al contarla. Yo pienso en imágenes congeladas en una fotografía."
Author: Isabel Allende
20. "Two eyes meettwo palms touchcaress each otherare taken and made hissunk into one anotherpleasurable loveGood lovelike twinsas twins of love and pleasurepleasurepleasureand then what?"
Author: Ivonne Yáñez Saba
21. "¿qué puede justificar la fidelidad, fuera de la palabra empeñada? Pero la palabra empeñada a menudo se empeña a la ligera. Sino se la empeñase así, es probable que se la empeñaría mucho más raramente."
Author: Jacques Lacan
22. "...[at the Constitutional Convention] the States were divided into different interests not by their difference of size, but principally from their having or not having slaves. It did not lie between the large and small States: it lay between the Northern and Southern."
Author: James Madison
23. "It took the Metropolitan Museum of Art nearly 50 years to wake up to Pablo Picasso. It didn't own one of his paintings until 1946, when Gertrude Stein bequeathed that indomitable quasi-Cubistic picture of herself - a portrait of the writer as a sumo Buddha - to the Met, principally because she disliked the Museum of Modern Art."
Author: Jerry Saltz
24. "Mrs. Palmer is a teacher so naturally I assumed she would never do anything good for me."
Author: Jim Benton
25. "Bonita de um modo indefinível, particular, não explicável por palavras, como um verso cujo sentido último, se é que tal coisa existe num verso, continuamente escapa ao tradutor."
Author: José Saramago
26. "¿Cómo harán los que escriben? ¿Cómo lograrán que sus palabras los obedezcan? Las mías van por donde quieren, por donde pueden."
Author: Josefina Vicens
27. "She would never leave her mark on Mammy's heart the way her brothers had, because Mammy's heart was like a pallid beach where Laila's footprints would forever wash away beneath the waves of sorrow that swelled and crashed, swelled and crashed."
Author: Khaled Hosseini
28. "The day after I met Grace – her pierced little mouth, her shitkicker boots, her hands as small as goosebumps writing numbers on my palm. The day after I met her, I went to the heart rental place."
Author: Kirsty Logan
29. "Ma in nessuna delle sue fantasie avrebbe potuto immaginare di finire intrappolato in una realtà puramente mentale, con il mondo reale ridotto a una distesa di cenere e fumo sovrastata da nubi tossiche e gas. Uno sconfinato spazio di terra senza futuro, di acqua senza vita. Una silenziosa palla di roccia in orbita nel Sistema Solare, divenuta all'improvviso inospitale. La civiltà di Alex aveva percorso l'ultimo tratto del sentiero. Si era arresa alla Natura. Aveva obbedito impotente alle leggi del cosmo, spietate e uguali per tutti i possibili universi paralleli. Ma nelle pieghe dei ricordi, là dove tutto era già successo e il tempo non seguiva più un andamento lineare, continuava a echeggiare un rumore di fondo. Un flebile, piccolo e insignificante crepitio.L'eco lontana della speranza."
Author: Leonardo Patrignani
30. "Somewhere, things must be beautiful and vivid. Somewhere else, life has to be beautiful and vivid and rich. Not like this muted palette -a pale blue bedroom, washed out sunny sky, dull green yellow brown of the fields. Here, I know ever twist of every road, every blade of grass, every face in this town, and I am suffocating."
Author: Lisa Ann Sandell
31. "I stepped closer to him and lowered my voice. 'If you could change one thing, what would it be?'He pulled the sheep pendant from his pocket. A question filled his eyes. I held out my hand. Riley placed it in my palm and I curled my finger around the necklace, pressing the metal into my skin."
Author: Maria V. Snyder
32. "2. El tiempo se va. Porque la vida es muchas cosas (trabajo, dinero, suerte, amistad, salud, complicaciones). La palabra vida la asociamos al placer. Pienso en el placer y estoy seguro que es es vida."
Author: Mario Benedetti
33. "Modern dünyanin adaletsizliklerine en büyük korumayi saglayan, bu adaletsizliklerin dogru oldugunu degil, kaçinilmaz oldugunu ileri süren görüstür; "Her zaman zenginler ve fakirler olacaktir," ya da "Her zaman üste çikacak birileri olacaktir." Eski Roma'da insanlarin söyle dediklerine eminim: "Kalabaliklari birbirlerini öldüren gladyatörleri seyretmekten alikoyamazsiniz; ne yapalim, insan dogasi böyle. Demek istedigim, birbirini kiliçla dogramak yerine, birbirine gol atmaya çalisan insanlari seyrederek eglenecek bir toplum asla olmayacak! Böyle bir seye siz inanabilir misiniz?"
Author: Mark Steel
34. "Are you aware that humanity is just a blip? Not even a blip. Just a fraction of a fraction of what the universe has been and will become? Talk about perspective. I figure I can't feel so entirely stupid about saying what I said because, first of all, it's true. And second of all, there will be no remnant of me or my stupidity. No fossil or geographical shift that can document, really, even the most important historical human beings, let alone my paltry admissions."
Author: Meg Mullins
35. "Kematiannyalah yang paling sedih baginya untuk direnungkan - Zulaika"
Author: Mike Carey
36. "Their boredom becomes more and more terrible. They realize that they've been tricked and burn with resentment. Every day of their lives they read the newspapers and went to the movies. Both fed them on lynchings, murder, sex crimes, explosions, wrecks, love nests, fires, miracles, revolutions, war. This daily diet made sophisticates of them. The sun is a joke. Oranges can't titillate their jaded palates. Nothing can ever be violent enough to make taut their slack minds and bodies. They have been cheated and betrayed. They have slaved and saved for nothing."
Author: Nathanael West
37. "Mineral cactai,quicksilver lizards in the adobe walls,the bird that punctures space,thirst, tedium, clouds of dust, impalpable epiphanies of wind.The pines taught me to talk to myself.In that garden I learnedto send myself off.Later there were no gardens."
Author: Octavio Paz
38. "You have crushed the grapes against your palate. Nothing has been hidden from you. And it has all been to you no more than the sound of music. It has not marred you."
Author: Oscar Wilde
39. "I am not the archetypal leading man. This is mainly for one reason: as you may have noticed, I have no hair."
Author: Patrick Stewart
40. "Mi sentii pervadere da un'ondata di commozione, ma anche di gelosia.. e persino rabbia. Ero io quella che Dimitri avrebbe dovuto guardare in quel modo. Come osava? Come osava comportarsi come se Lissa fosse la persona più importante dell'universo? Certo, aveva fatto tanto per salvarlo, ma ero stata IO a viaggiare per mezzo mondo sulle sue tracce. Ero stata IO a rischiare in continuazione la vita per lui. E, soprattutto, ero IO che lo amavo. Come poteva voltarmi le spalle in quel modo?"
Author: Richelle Mead
41. "My girlfriend: sophomore honors student, demigod, and—oh, yeah—head architect for redesigning the palace of the gods on Mount Olympus in her spare time."
Author: Rick Riordan
42. "No individual has done more to help me pursue a career in science than my wife of forty-five years. I met Enid Cassandra Morgan during the election campaign of 1948 when she was a Sunday school teacher, a leader of the youth organizations of St. Phillips Episcopal Church, and the head of Harlem Youth for the election of Henry Wallace."
Author: Robert Fogel
43. "It is my hypothesis that the fundamental source of conflict in this new world will not be primarily ideological or primarily economic. The great divisions among humankind and the dominating source of conflict will be cultural. Nation-states will remain the most powerful actors in world affairs, but the principal conflicts of global politics will occur between nations and groups of different civilizations. The clash of civilizations will dominate global politics. The fault lines between civilizations will be the battle lines of the future."
Author: Samuel P. Huntington
44. "Agatha surveys the garden, its rows of crinkled spring cabbages and beanstalks entwining bowers of hawthorn and hazel. The rosemary is dotted with pale blue stars of blossom and chives nod heads of tousled purple. New sage leaves sprout silver green among the brittle, frost-browned remains of last year's growth. Lily of the valley, she thinks, that will be out in the cloister garden at Saint Justina's by now."
Author: Sarah Bower
45. "Yet I never sought what is real, yearned for the real, but rather I have yearned for dreams more than solid things. I can say I love the textures of dreams. The way they hover and almost taste. The clouds and darkness that linger behind, mostly unseen. And the palette of dreams. You can almost taste the colours, they seem as words on the tip of the tongue, unsayable as pomegranate seeds, unsayable as thick cream, the darkness of such a thick cream. This is why I am obsessed with dreams. They know what we cannot. Night after night they try and tell us the impossible. Dreams are secret and closed, and also contain everything, gushing, splayed open. Dream suitcases, carpetbags, hold-alls. They influence us secretly and they draw me to travel to nowhere, to beauty's passage, through halls of mirrors where I know I am not myself, I know I am sublime."
Author: Shawna Lemay
46. "Ter a porta fechada, os lábios fechados: mas o meu silêncio proclama ordens."tu não dizes nada, e eu vou" ou "não dizes nada, e eu não vou". Toda a minha presença é palavra. Avança então, avança no lodo da noite. Decide. Eu decidi a tua morte e não estamos pagos. Mais ainda. Queria pedir misericórdia: não há misericórdia."
Author: Simone De Beauvoir
47. "I remember the very day, sometime during the first two weeks of my five-year amorous sojourn in Brutland, when I was made privy to one of the most arcane of their utterings. The time was ripe for that major epiphany, my initiation into the sacred knowledge—or should I say gnosis?—of that all-important, quintessentially Brutish slang term, the word that endless hours of scholastic education by renowned mentors, plus years of scrupulous scrutiny into scrofulous texts, had disappointingly failed to impart to me, leaving me with that deep sense of emptiness begotten by hemimathy; the time was finally ripe for me to be transported by the velvety feel of the unvoiced palato-alveolar fricative, the élan of the unpronounceable and masochistically hedonistic front open-rounded vowel, and, last but not least, the (admittedly short) ejaculatory quality of the voiced velar stop: all three of them combined together to form that miraculous lexical item, the word shag."
Author: Spiros Doikas
48. "Lolita, light of my life, fire of my loins. My sin, my soul. Lo-lee-ta: the tip of the tongue taking a trip of three steps down the palate to tap, at three, on the teeth. Lo. Lee. Ta. She was Lo, plain Lo, in the morning, standing four feet ten in one sock. She was Lola in slacks. She was Dolly at school. She was Dolores on the dotted line. But in my arms she was always Lolita. Did she have a precursor? She did, indeed she did. In point of fact, there might have been no Lolita at all had I not loved, one summer, an initial girl-child. In a princedom by the sea. Oh when? About as many years before Lolita was born as my age was that summer. You can always count on a murderer for a fancy prose style. Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, exhibit number one is what the seraphs, the misinformed, simple, noble-winged seraphs, envied. Look at this tangle of thorns."
Author: Vladimir Nabokov
49. "Walaupun teknologi percetakan masih belum dicipta (kecuali kertas dan qalam) dan pergerakan manusia masih berdasarkan haiwan dan kapal sahaja, penyebaran pelbagai bidang ilmu pengetahuan meluas sehingga terbangunlah tamadun-tamadun agung di Timur Tengah (termasuk Turki dan Iran), Andalusia, India dan alam Melayu."
Author: Wan Mohd Nor Wan Daud
50. "-Tienes una soberbia imaginación, Billy.No sé qué le contesté. Probablemente "gracias" o algo por el estilo.-Aunque no logro sacarle partido -prosiguió-. ¿Por qué será?-Creo que a lo mejor es porque necesito gafas y no puedo leer, ya que veo las palabras muy borrosas. Eso explica por qué me paso todo el rato pestañeando. A lo mejor, si fuese a un oculista, podría recetarme gafas y, entonces, sería el mejor lector del curso y usted no tendría que hacerme quedar tantas tardes después de clase.Se limitó a señalar detrás de ella y a ordenarme:-Ponte a borrar las pizarras, Billy.-Sí, señorita.Lo de borrar las pizarras se me daba de maravilla.-¿Las ves borrosas? -me preguntó la señorita Roginski al cabo de un rato.-¡No, qué va! Me inventé la historia."
Author: William Goldman

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