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1. "For the best part of my childhood I visited the local library three or four times a week, hunching in the stacks on a foam rubber stool and devouring children's fiction, classics, salacious thrillers, horror and sci-fi, books about cinema and origami and natural history, to the point where my parents encouraged me to read a little less."
Author: David Nicholls
2. "I used to work, part time, in a deli, in those days when your parents made you work just so you should know what work was like. And you'd make 4, 5, 6, ten dollars."
Author: Hector Elizondo
3. "I knew that part of friendship consisted in accepting a friend's shortcomings, which sometimes included his parents."
Author: John Knowles
4. "Being a part of the theater community has been important to me from the time I was a child, through my parents."
Author: Lily Rabe
5. "If I had been a different sort of person, maybe less impressionable, less intense, less fearful, less utterly dependent upon the perceptions of others - maybe then I would not have bought the cultural party line that thinness is the be-all and end-all of goals. Maybe if my family had not been in utter chaos most of the time, maybe if my parents were a little better at dealing with their own lives maybe if I'd gotten help sooner, or if I'd gotten different help, maybe if I didn't so fiercely cherish my secret, or if I were not such a good liar, or were not quite so empty inside... maybe."
Author: Marya Hornbacher
6. "Si le nourrisson humain, seul de tout le règne animal, manifeste immédiatement sa présence au monde par des hurlements de souffrance incessants, c'est bien entendu qu'il souffre de manière intolérable. {...) À tout observateur impartial en tout cas il apparaît que l'individu humain ne peut pas être heureux, qu'il n'est en aucune manière conçu pour le bonheur, et que sa seule destinée possible est de propager le malheur autour de lui en rendant l'existence des autres aussi intolérable que l'est la sienne propre - ses premières victimes étant généralement ses parents."
Author: Michel Houellebecq
7. "Hey, great idea: if you have kids, give your partner reading vouchers next Christmas. Each voucher entitles the bearer to two hours' reading time *while the kids are awake*. It might look like a cheapskate present, but parents will appreciate that it costs more in real terms than a Lamborghini."
Author: Nick Hornby

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Quotes About Part Time Parents
Quotes About Part Time Parents
Quotes About Part Time Parents

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