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1. "[Leo] lunged at Passalos, but the red-furred dwarf was too quick. He sprang from his chair, bounced off Jason's head, did a flip, and landed next to Leo, his hairy arms around Leo's waist."Save me?" the dwarf pleaded."Get off!" Leo tried to shove him away, but Passalos did a backward somersault and landed out of reach. Leo's pants promptly fell around his knees.He stared at Passalos, who was now grinning and holding a small zigzaggy strip of metal. Somehow, the dwarf had stolen the zipper right off Leo's pants."Give—stupid—zipper!" Leo stuttered, trying to shake his fist and hoist up his pants at the same time."Eh, not shiny enough." Passalos tossed it away."
Author: Rick Riordan

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