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1. "Because of her singing they all went away feeling moved, feeling comforted, feeling, perhaps, the slightest tremors of faith."
Author: Ann Patchett
2. "The rolling contract was designed to specifically take away some of that retirement talk and retirement issue."
Author: David Gill
3. "When my kids started preschool, the teachers had to take away all the fake bananas because all the boys would pick them up and pretend that they were guns. Boys find sticks to play swords and anything that looks like a gun to shoot. It's just inside of them. It's who they are."
Author: Dean Norris
4. "The gods made the earth for all men t' share. Only when the kings come with their crowns and steel swords, they claimed it was all theirs. "My trees," they said, "you can't eat them apples. My stream, you can't fish here. My wood, you're not t' hunt. My earth, my water, my castle, my daughter, keep your hands away or I'll chop 'em off, but maybe if you kneel t' me I'll let you have a sniff." You call us thieves, but at least a thief has t' be brave and clever and quick. A kneeler only has t' kneel."
Author: George R.R. Martin
5. "Art doesn't go to sleep in the bed made for it. It would sooner run away than say its own name: what it likes is to be incognito. Its best moments are when it forgets what its own name is."
Author: Jean Dubuffet
6. "Could you walk away from your past if it promised you forever?"
Author: Kate Benson
7. "Olivia sat back and propped her half-boots on the table. 'So far it's working. He has to return to me because I have his sister hostage.' She briefly put her fingertips to her lips. 'Did I just say that? I mean I'm protecting the baby sister and earning his trust"
Author: Kresley Cole
8. "Here's how this goes. No Guardians. I don't trust any of them, including you. You can have as much ice cream as you want. I doubt I'll stop ordering you around." He turned his face away and put his lips to her ear. "And you don't get your own bedroom. You sleep here. With me."
Author: Larissa Ione
9. "He could feel the only woman he had ever wanted slipping away for the third time, and he knew that this time, the pain of losing her would annihilate her."
Author: Laura Lee Guhrke
10. "I know the grim probability of my own future. The odds are high that the best of me has already been ripped away and that id I don't keep hold of myself I will lose what's left."
Author: Laura Wiess
11. "I love all my fam. I have quite possibly the best dad, mom, and sister in the world."
Author: Ryan Eggold

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