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1. "Pedersen was always wooing her. Sometimes he was gracious and kind, but at other times when his failure wearied him he would be cruel and sardonic, with a suggestive tongue whose vice would have scourged her were it not that Marie was impervious, or too deeply inured to mind it. She always grinned at him and fobbed him off with pleasantries, whether he was amorous or acrid.'God Almighty,' he would groan, 'she is not good for me, this Marie. What can I do for her? She is burning me alive and the Skaggerack could not quench me, not all of it. The devil! What can I do with this? Some day I shall smash her across the eyes, yes, across the eyes.'So you see the man really loved her.("The Tiger")"
Author: A.E. Coppard
2. "Oh incomprehensible pederasts, I shall not heap insults upon your great degradation; I shall not be the one to pour scorn on your infundibuliform anus. It is enough that the shameful and almost incurable maladies which besiege you should bring with them their unfailing punishments."
Author: Comte De Lautréamont
3. "Mesmo que eu o derrubasse vinte vezes, isso não o tornaria menos bonito, nem a mim menos feio. (...) - Um bom coração ajuda a ter um belo rosto, meu rapaz, mesmo que a pessoa seja monstruosa. Sabias que um coração empedernido é capaz de tornar a pessoa mais bonita num verdadeiro monstro."
Author: Emily Brontë
4. "...aquellos sentimientos de generosidad y de altruismo que son, como todo el mundo sabe, dos de las mejores características del género humano, que pueden hallarse, incluso, en delincuentes más empedernidos..."
Author: José Saramago
5. "Fear and doubt are major stampeders."
Author: Karen Marie Moning
6. "The appearance in nineteenth-century psychiatry, jurisprudence, and literature of a whole series of discourses on the species and subspecies of homosexuality, inversion, pederasty, and "psychic hermaphroditism" made possible a strong advance of social controls into this area of "perversity"; but it also made possible the formation of a "reverse" discourse: homosexuality began to speak in its own behalf, to demand that its legitimacy or "naturality" be acknowledged, often in the same vocabulary, using the same categories by which it was medically disqualified."
Author: Michel Foucault
7. "Katar," said Britta, "I thought you would want to stay with your friends from home while they were here, so I had your things moved from your room in the delegates' wing." "You can have my things brought in too," said Peder, throwing himself onto the nearest bed. He sighed as he sank into the soft mattress and rolled onto his side. "Um... I don't think boys are-" Britta began. "Don't you mind me!" Peder pulled a blanket over his head. Miri didn't know how he could even pretend to fall asleep. She could barely keep from pacing. "Don't worry, Britta," said Esa. "We'll kick him out before night. Off to your fancy apprenticeship, big brother." She nudged Peder's shape under the blanket. Peder made an exaggerated snoring noise."
Author: Shannon Hale
8. "... until Miri could not help it any longer and she laughed out loud.The sound broke the game. Peder looked at her. He reached out, and she thought he meant to grab her straw or perhaps yank her hair as he used to when they were little. But her put his hand behind her head and, leaning forward, pulled her face to his. He kissed her. One long, slow kiss."
Author: Shannon Hale
9. "You forgot to cough!" he said."Sorry." She coughed."Your sneakiness is dangerous. Next time that chisel will lodge itself in my head.""Now, Peder, there's plenty of stone around here for carving. No need to practice on your own face."He stroked his chin. "You're right, my jaw is already chiseled to perfection."She agreed, but she felt too silly to say so aloud."
Author: Shannon Hale
10. "Moterys su usais, vyrai su krutimis. Idomi šalis. Nenuostabu, kad graikai išrado kentaurus, pederastija ir serijinius žudikus, maždaug — Heraklis, Odisejas ir Ko."
Author: Sigitas Parulskis

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