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1. "Is he all scarred now?Magic gets rid of most physical scars, but I like to think I scarred him emotionally."
Author: Derek Landy
2. "Relationships always sounded so physically painful: you fell in love, you broke a heart, you lost your head. Was it any wonder that people came through the experience with battle scars?"
Author: Jodi Picoult
3. "It's not the physical scars that are the most painful."
Author: Julie Kagawa
4. "There are more kinds of hurt than physical ones, hurts that run ever deeper and leave bigger scars, and not even Nick could protect me from himself."
Author: Katherine Allred
5. "Luke continued to stare, as if he physically couldn't take his eyes off of me. My dazed mind began to function. He wasn't staring at my face, but my arms. The glove on my right arm no longer protected my scars from the outside world. It hung limply around my fingertips. Before my eyes, though, it suddenly slipped back up my arm. Noah mumbled several words directed at Luke as he placed an arm over the glove he straightened."
Author: Katie McGarry
6. "We do not have to spend money and go hungry and struggle and study to become sensual; we always were. We need not believe we must somehow earn good erotic care; we always deserved it. Femaleness and its sexuality are beautiful. Women have long secretly suspected as much. In that sexuality, women are physically beautiful already; superb; breathtaking.Many, many men see this way too. A man who wants to define himself as a real lover of women admires what shows of her past on a woman's face, before she ever saw him, and the adventures and stresses that her body has undergone, the scars of trauma, the changes of childbirth, her distinguishing characteristics, the light is her expression. The number of men who already see in this way is far greater than the arbiters of mass culture would lead us to believe, since the story they need to tell ends with the opposite moral."
Author: Naomi Wolf
7. "Her skin burned where he touched her. And as his hands moved over her with paradoxical motion—light and rough, heavy and delicate, all at the same time—they left tiny, but definite imprints. These imprints touched her deeply and left more than a physical mark. Like scars they might change and fade with time, but like scars she would never be rid of them. She didn't need any more scars from Greg. His took a long time to fade. But she wanted more and now she had them. Like the old marks, these new ones were ingrained into her psyche and written on her soul. No matter what she did from this day forward those marks would forever remain as a reminder of his touch and how he made her feel."
Author: Olivia Fuller

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Quotes About Physical Scars
Quotes About Physical Scars
Quotes About Physical Scars

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