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1. "The surrealists, and the modern movement in painting as a whole, seemed to offer a key to the strange postwar world with its threat of nuclear war. The dislocations and ambiguities, in cubism and abstract art as well as the surrealists, reminded me of my childhood in Shanghai."
Author: J. G. Ballard
2. "Maybe Cubism started this way. Memory re-arranging a face."
Author: Mary Rakow
3. "The fact that for a long time Cubism has not been understood and that even today there are people who cannot see anything in it means nothing. I do not read English, an English book is a blank book to me. This does not mean that the English language does not exist. Why should I blame anyone but myself if I cannot understand what I know nothing about?" -Pablo Picasso."
Author: Pablo Picasso

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Quotes About Picassos Cubism
Quotes About Picassos Cubism
Quotes About Picassos Cubism

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