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1. "When I am alone, I drink my tea with pinkie raised, like a kid playing "tea party." At times, a fancy British accent is involved. Dahling!"
Author: Christy Hall
2. "But I was also very pleased when I heard the Prince of Montenegro got married the other day. I know perfectly well that I am nothing to anyone. But the middle finger is no longer than the pinkie if one measures both against infinity..."
Author: Halldór Laxness
3. "Kate Daniels, deadly swordmaster. Fear my twitching pinkie."
Author: Ilona Andrews
4. "He shifts so that I can see him better, then draws an "x" over his heart. I raise a brow, and he lifts two fingers in a Boy Scout salute. I hold back a laugh, and he holds up his pinkie finger. "Shall we pinkie swear ?"
Author: J. Kenner
5. "If you heard your lover scream in the next roomand you ran in and saw his pinkie on the floor, in a small puddle of blood.You wouldn't rush to the pinkie and say, 'Darling, are you OK? 'No, you'd wrap your arms around his shoulders and worry about the pinkie later.The same holds true if you heard the scream, ran in and saw his hand or -god forbid- his whole arm.But suppose you hear your lover scream in the next room, and you run in and his head is on the floor next to his body.Which do you rush to and comfort first?"
Author: Jeffrey McDaniel
6. "One of the stall doors swings open and a fortyish-year-old woman walks out tucking her shirt into her jeans. Her heavy lined eyes land on Seth. "This is the women's restroom." She points a finger to the door. "Can't you read?""Can't you see that everyone in this club is about twenty years younger than you?" Seth retorts, turning to the mirror. With his pinkie, he messes with bangs. "Now if you'll excuse us, we're going to have some fun."
Author: Jessica Sorensen
7. "I was helping my mom grind meat at our butcher shop, and it just hypnotized me. I don't remember sticking my hand in, but it sheared off the three middle fingers and left me with a pinkie and a thumb."
Author: Jon Tester
8. "Be an unstoppable force. Write with an imaginary machete strapped to your thigh. This is not wishy-washy, polite, drinking-tea-with-your-pinkie-sticking-out stuff. It's who you want to be, your most powerful self. Write your books. Finish them, then make them better. Find the way. No one will make this dream come true for you but you."
Author: Laini Taylor
9. "Oh, and because I don't have a dating history as big as your mouth, it doesn't quite measure up?" he asks."I hate to break this to you, but that isn't the only thing of yours that doesn't measure up." She waggles her pinkie at him."Wouldn't you like to know?" He grins."I think I'm all set," I interrupt, zipping up my bag."Don't forget this." Still cuddling my sweater, Wes purrs a couple of times before tossing it my way."Yeah, I can't imagine why your dad thinks of you as feminine," Kimmie mocks."
Author: Laurie Faria Stolarz
10. "You can't have someone with a pinkie out there at the U.N. or any other place."
Author: Mark Shields
11. "In a werewolf pack, you cannot interfere with the mate choice of a clan fellow. You cannot intentionally harm that werewolf's chosen mate. You are not, however, required to help that person should he find himself in a life - threatening situation.Somehow, Zeb had managed to stumble into several such situations in the few months since he 'd been engaged to Jolene. He'd had several hunting "accidents" while visiting the McClaine farm, even though he didn't hunt. The brakes on his car had failed while he was driving home from the farm—twice. Also, a running chainsaw mysteriously fell on him from a hayloft.He would never get that pinkie toe back."
Author: Molly Harper
12. "There are two sacred causes in this world," he said, holding up his pinkie and ring ringer. "Chance and necessity. By chance I was there to help when you had need."
Author: Rachel Hartman

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