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1. "I never blamed Pinochet, or my torturers, or external circumstances."
Author: Fernando Flores
2. "Naturally, I asked him what it'd been like to live through Pinochet's coup and the fall of Allende. Naturally, he regarded me with an expression of utter boredom; then he said:'Like a Marx Brothers' movie, but with corpses. Unimaginable pandemonium."
Author: Javier Cercas
3. "Pinochet shared one of the main aims of his ideological soulmates in Britain: to erase the working class as a concept. His goal, he declared, was to ‘make Chile not a nation of proletarians, but a nation of entrepreneurs'."
Author: Owen Jones
4. "¿Cómo pudisteis ser tan idiotas de empezar a liquidar a la gente, aquí, en Suecia, como si estuviésemos en el Chile de la dictadura de Pinochet?"
Author: Stieg Larsson

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