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1. "When you are from a well-respected family, often times you will have pressure to "live up to your family name." That is to say, depending on your family's reputation, you will have to live in accordance with that reputation so that other people keep thinking of your family in the way it is used to being thought of. If you come from a family of do-gooders, then it is important to do good. If you come from a family of investors, it is important to make lots of money. If you come from a family of plastic surgeons, you should know how to pick a nose. And if you do not live up to your family name, then possibly your family will disown you. Which isn't really nice, but can happen."
Author: Adrienne Kress
2. "If you build a career on being a beautiful young woman, that's going to be a short career. I have to establish I can act. I don't want to have to visit the plastic surgeon every two years."
Author: Amanda Donohoe
3. "I get described as 'interesting' a lot. People often call me odd, too. Maybe they mean ugly. Given the services of a plastic surgeon, I would get a pair of cheekbones."
Author: Anna Maxwell Martin
4. "Growing old gracefully used to begin at about 35, but today women prefer to 'stay young gratefully' with thanks to designers, beauticians and plastic surgeons."
Author: Edith Head
5. "She got her looks from her father. He's a plastic surgeon."
Author: Groucho Marx
6. "Thank goodness women aren't as superficial as men. Where would a guy like me be if all women cared about were looks? The plastic surgeon's office, that's where."
Author: Jarod Kintz
7. "A pair of dolphins swept by us in the water, flicking their heads out to get a look at us as they went. One of them made a chittering sound that wasn't very melodic. The other twitched its tail and splashed a little water our way, all in good fun. They weren't the attractive Flipper kind of dolphins. They were regular dolphins that aren't as pretty and don't get cast on television. Maybe they just refused to sell out and see a plastic surgeon. I held up a fist to them. Represent."
Author: Jim Butcher
8. "F you want to be famous then run for office and be a politician. If you want to be rich then become a plastic surgeon. If you want to have people know your name then be a teacher. If you want to make a difference in someone's life then have children. But if you want to work alone, feel like a freak, be misunderstood, wonder what the point is, always come up short of time and money, while writing stories that bubble up from within about characters you have never met but are strangely in love with, then be a writer."
Author: Karen Jones Gowen
9. "Puck stopped his drumming [on his belly] for a brief moment and grinned at Sabrina.I hear they have a lot of plastic surgeons in New York City. If I were you I'd make an appointment for that face as soon as you get there," he quipped.Sabrina scowled and shook a fist at him. "Keep it up, stinkpot, and you're going to need a plastic surgeon yourself."Puck winked. "No need to get all mushy on me, Grimm."
Author: Michael Buckley
10. "Cosmetic surgery is not "cosmetic," and human flesh is not "plastic." Even the names trivialize what it is. It's not like ironing wrinkles in fabric, or tuning up a car, or altering outmoded clothes, the current metaphors. Trivialization and infantilization pervade the surgeons' language when they speak to women: "a nip," a "tummy tuck."...Surgery changes one forever, the mind as well as the body. If we don't start to speak of it as serious, the millennium of the man-made woman will be upon us, and we will have had no choice."
Author: Naomi Wolf
11. "How about a TV show about vampire plastic surgeons called, "Suck and Tuck"?"
Author: Neil Leckman
12. "Beauty lasts five minutes. Maybe longer if you have a good plastic surgeon."
Author: Tia Carrere
13. "A well-off plastic surgeon can suffer just as much as an Irish lad who has been abused or whatever."
Author: William Nicholson

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