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1. "It was here, at the threshold of our flat earth, that the ultimate enigma of land, sea and sky all fused against me in the omega point of the female fashion statement; an essence distracted the lifeguards which, in escaping me, threatened to implode my self and my soul (a totality which, yet again, I could not comprehend)."
Author: Benson Bruno
2. "She has a point, Liege."Ethan clucked his tongue. "Captain of my Guards and he carries the standard of my Sentinel. Oh, how quickly they turn.""You're first in my heart, Liege."
Author: Chloe Neill
3. "Indeed, Artisan battle leaders are no different from Artisan painters, pilots, or point guards: they are always scanning for opportunities, always looking for the best angle of approach,"
Author: David Keirsey
4. "At this point two elderly security guards in parkas, the guys who normally work the front desk at the plant, asked John to step behind the tape. John claims that here he told the guards that he could not speak English and when that failed to persuade them, he fa...ked a violent seizure. I am unclear as to the purpose of this part of his plan. John flung himself down and began rolling around in the snow, thrashing his limbs about and screaming "EL SEIZURE!!! NO ES BUENO!!!" in a Mexican accent."
Author: David Wong
5. "The NBA has the best point guards in the world, so it is important that I come ready to play every night."
Author: Steve Nash

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Quotes About Point Guards
Quotes About Point Guards

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