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1. "One day, I noticed that my father's uniform had changed from a smart, light green colour with silver edging on the shoulder straps to a black uniform with SS markings and runes on the collar. I asked him why this was, and he told me that he was still a policeman, but now worked for the Schutzpolizei."
Author: Alfred Nestor
2. "Hat dich jemand reinkommen sehen?""Ja, das FBI, die CIA, die NSA, die DEA und das MI6. Ach ja, und die GPB.""Die GPB?""Gesamte Polizeibelegschaft."
Author: Eoin Colfer
3. "Monogamy, in brief, kills passion -- and passion is the most dangerous of all the surviving enemies to what we call civilization, which is based upon order, decorum, restraint, formality, industry, regimentation. The civilized man -- the ideal civilized man -- is simply one who never sacrifices the common security to his private passions. He reaches perfection when he even ceases to love passionately -- when he reduces the most profound of all his instinctive experiences from the level of an ecstasy to the level of a mere device for replenishing the armies and workshops of the world, keeping clothes in repair, reducing the infant death-rate, providing enough tenants for every landlord, and making it possible for the Polizei to know where every citizen is at any hour of the day or night. Monogamy accomplishes this, not by producing satiety, but by destroying appetite. It makes passion formal and uninspiring, and so gradually kills it."
Author: H.L. Mencken
4. "...und ich sage nicht, daß es mehr war als Eitelkeit, weshalb ich die Bühne wieder verlassen habe. Lächerlich, Vater, ich bin gegangen, weil einmal, als ich spielte, ein Polizeipräsident geweint hatte. Aber bedenke auch, ob dies erträglich war. Feinheiten letzten Grades, Einsicht in Herzen, hohe Moral, Modernität des Intellekts und der Seele stelle ich für Menschen dar, die meinesgleichen scheinen, weil sie mir zuwinken und betroffene Gesichter haben. Nachher liefern sie Revolutionäre aus und schießen auf Streikende. [...] Kunst bleibt Kunst, und alles Ungestüm des Geistes rührt nie am Leben."
Author: Heinrich Mann
5. "If we had known it would eventually involve the KGB, the French National Police, and the Supreme Allied Commander in Europe, we would have left that body in the river and called the Polizei like any normal German citizen; but we were Americans and addicted to solving other people's problems, so naturally, we got involved."
Author: Rosanne Parry

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