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1. "Se na vida há uma coisa real e divina é a arte - e na arte se há um raio do céu é na música. Na música que nos vibra as cordas da alma, que nos acorda da modorra da existência a alma embotada. Oh! é tão doce sentir a voz vaporosa que trina, que nos enleva - e que parece que nos faz desfalecer, amar, e morrer!"
Author: Álvares De Azevedo
2. "CAÍDAY me vuelvo a caer desde mí mismoal vacío,a la nada.¡Qué pirueta!¿Desciendo o vuelo?No lo sé.Reciboel golpe de rigor, y me incorporo.Me toco para ver si hubo gran daño,mas no me encuentro.Mi cuerpo ¿dónde está?Me duele sólo el alma.Nada grave."
Author: Ángel González
3. "The weather turned. Her skin seemed to grow a million extra pores, and all of them opened to take in the warmth and tenderness of the air. The sun on her face made her want to cry. Into all those millions of open pores came the sunshine, and other feelings as well. In and out. She was porous."
Author: Ann Brashares
4. "The compelling thing about making art—or making anything, I suppose—is the moment when the vaporous, insubstantial idea becomes a solid there, a thing, a substance in a world of substances. Circe, Nimbue, Artemis, Athena, all the old sorceresses: they must have known the feeling as they transformed mere men into fabulous creatures, stole the secrets of the magicians, disposed armies: ah, look, there it is, the new thing. Call it a swine, a war, a laurel tree. Call it art."
Author: Audrey Niffenegger
5. "Bellis gasped.Everywhere lights where suspended. Globes of cold illumination like frost moons, with no trace of the sepia of the New Crobuzon's gaslamps. The city glowed in the darkening water like a net full of ghostly lights.The outer edges of the city were low buildings in porous stone and coral."
Author: China Miéville
6. "They watched storms out there so distant they could not be heard, the silent lightning flaring sheetwise and the thin black spine of the mountain chain fluttering and sucked away again in the dark. They saw wild horses racing on the plain, pounding their shadows down the night and- leaving in the moonlight a vaporous dust like the palest stain of their passing."
Author: Cormac McCarthy
7. "Memory is not particularly linear - it is associative, repetitive, subjective and porous. But the writer needs to convey disorder and dysfunction without making the novel itself disorderly or dysfunctional."
Author: Dana Spiotta
8. "The perfume that her body exhaled was of the quality of that earth-flesh, fungi, which smells of captured dampness and yet is so dry, overcast with the odour of oil of amber, which is an inner malady of the sea, making her seem as if she had invaded a sleep incautious and entire. Her flesh was the texture of plant life, and beneath it one sensed a frame, broad, porous and sleep-worn, as if sleep were a decay fishing her beneath the visible surface. About her head there was an effulgence as of phosphorous glowing about the circumference of a body of water - as if her life lay through her in ungainly luminous deteriorations - the troubling structure of the born somnambule."
Author: Djuna Barnes
9. "We're phenomenally blessed in the Walla Walla Valley. We have great, complex soil that's nutrient-rich but fairly porous."
Author: Drew Bledsoe
10. "Eating The Bones by Ellen BassThe women in my familystrip the succulentflesh from broiled chicken,scrape the drumstick clean;bite off the cartilage chew the gristle, crush the porous swellingsat the ends of each slender baton.With strong molarsthey split the tibia, sucking outthe dense marrow. They use up love, they swallow every dark grain,so at the end there's nothing left,a scant pile of splinterson the empty white plate."
Author: Ellen Bass
11. "Sueño a veces con un amor lejano y vaporoso como la esquizofrenia de un perfume.."
Author: Emil Cioran
12. "Evaporo pelos poros embolorando os mundos com pólen, meu farelo germinativo."
Author: Filipe Russo
13. "Não nego o passado, eu o incorporo; através de cada poro."
Author: Filipe Russo
14. "Vsako dejanje, misel in obcutek spodbudi namen in ta namen je vzrok, ki obstaja kot vzrok s posledico. Ce smo soudeleženi v vzroku, ni mogoce, da ne bi bili soudeleženi tudi v posledici. Na ta najglobji nacin smo odgovorni za vsako svoje dejanje, misel in obcutek, kar pomeni, za vsak svoj namen. Mi sami bomo deležni sadu vsakega svojega namena. Zato je pametno, da se zacnemo zavedati mnogih namenov, ki dajejo sporocila našim izkušnjam, da razvrstimo, kateri nameni ustvarjajo katere posledice, in izbiramo svoje namene glede na posledice, ki jih želimo ustvarjati."
Author: Gary Zukav
15. "No season lives here. This space has quite successfully shut out any such interference. The cunning designer saw to it that there is not even a mirror in which the reader might contemplate his own appearance or anxiously search for the marks of age. The climate is grammatical. Nothing here but books, as if I were swaddled in them, as if the porous walls of books were by now almost a second skin. Or as if they provided a padding like the walls of madhouses, a cushion constructed of the language of the dead."
Author: Geoffrey O'Brien
16. "Osteoporosis, as the third threat, is particularly attributable to women's physiology."
Author: Gro Harlem Brundtland
17. "Intervention for the prevention and control of osteoporosis should comprise a combination of legislative action, educational measures, health service activities, media coverage, and individual counselling to initiate changes in behaviour."
Author: Gro Harlem Brundtland
18. "In recognising the global problem posed by osteoporosis, WHO sees the need for a global strategy for prevention and control of osteoporosis, focusing on three major functions: prevention, management and surveillance."
Author: Gro Harlem Brundtland
19. "Ia kembali teringat nasihat kiai Lukman saat masih di pesantren dulu, "Eling-Elingo yo Ngger, endahe wanojo iku sing dadi jalaran batale toponing poro santri lan satrio agung"
Author: Habiburrahman El Shirazy
20. "Ne raste te tilla, ajo behej mjaft e bukur. Syte, qe gjer atehere kishin ndjekur tymin e cigares, i dritesoheshin mallengjyeshem. Mollezat, gjithashtu. I binte ne ato caste nje hir qe te trembte,te rrezonte.Te rrezonte? C'do te thoshte kjo?Nuk di ta shpjegoj. Desha te them, nje bukuri qe te kepuste ne mes, sic i thone fjales. Ai, gjithashtu dukej sikur permendej. Porosiste nje whiskey tjeter. Pastaj vazhdonin te flisnin prape ne gjuhen e tyre, gjer pas mesnates, atehere kur ngriheshin per t'u ngjitur me lart, ne kat."
Author: Ismail Kadaré
21. "Mislim da ste i vi uvideli kako je teško sagledati i najocigledniju istinu, kako covek, uopšte, sporo uci i kako skupo placa to malo što u svom kratkom veku nauci."
Author: Ivo Andric
22. "Here again, the difference between the effective and the virtual, between mourning and its possibility, seems fragile and porous. The anguished apprehension of mourning (without which the act of friendship would not spring forth in its very energy) insinuates itself a priori and anticipates itself; it haunts and plunges the friend, before mourning, into mourning. This apprehension weeps before the lamentation, it weeps death before death, and this is the very respiration of friendship, the extreme of its possibility. Hence surviving is at once the essence, the origin and the possibility, the condition of possibility of friendship; it is the grieved act of loving. This time of surviving thus gives the time of friendship."
Author: Jacques Derrida
23. "I can no longer hear my voices, so I am a little lost. My suspicion is they would know far better how to tell this story. At least they would have opinions and suggestions and definite ideas as to what should go first and what should go last and what should go in the middle. They would inform me when to add detail, when to omit extraneous information, what was important and what was trivial. After so much time slipping past, I am not particularly good at remembering these things myself and could certainly use their help. A great many events took place, and it is hard for me to know precisely where to put what. And sometimes I'm unsure that incidents I clearly remember actually did happen. A memory that seems one instant to be as solid as stone, the next seems as vaporous as a mist above the river. That's one of the major problems with being crazy: you're just naturally uncertain about things. (9)"
Author: John Katzenbach
24. "Elsewhere the paper notes that vegetarians and vegans (including athletes) 'meet and exceed requirements' for protein. And, to render the whole we-should-worry-about-getting-enough-protein-and-therefore-eat-meat idea even more useless, other data suggests that excess animal protein intake is linked with osteoporosis, kidney disease, calcium stones in the urinary tract, and some cancers. Despite some persistent confusion, it is clear that vegetarians and vegans tend to have more optimal protein consumption than omnivores."
Author: Jonathan Safran Foer
25. "Što uspemo našom pamecu, pokvarimo našom cudi, a što uspemo našom dobrotom, upropastimo našim porocima, i, najzad, što postignemo svojom mudrošcu, izgubimo našim temperamentom. Jer ima nešto jace i presudnije od svih naših sila, a to su naše slabosti."
Author: Jovan Dučić
26. "The days were brief and attenuated and the season appeared to be fixed - neither summer nor winter, spring nor fall. A thermal haze of inexpressible sweetness, though bearing tiny bits of grit or mica, had eased into the Valley from the industrial region to the north and there were nights when the sun set at the western horizon as if it were sinking through a porous red mass, and there were days when a hard-glaring moon like bone remained fixed in a single position, prominent in the sky. ("Family")"
Author: Joyce Carol Oates
27. "Para leer en forma interrogativaHas vistoverdaderamente has vistola nieve los astros los pasos afelpados de la brisaHas tocadode verdad has tocadoel plato el pan la cara de esa mujer que tanto amasHas vividocomo un golpe en la frenteel instante el jadeo la caída la fugaHas sabidocon cada poro de la piel sabidoque tus ojos tus manos tu sexo tu blando corazónhabía que tirarloshabía que llorarloshabía que inventarlos otra vez."
Author: Julio Cortázar
28. "The assimilation of taboo images to the everyday language of doing business produces a strange effect. It domesticates the taboo while at the same time making the everyday transactional world more porous, more open to the forbidden. The wolf of unbridled appetite slips into everyday convention in the sheep's clothing of commercial language."
Author: Lee Siegel
29. "—Pero yo te amo—Eso es una certeza. Pero el amor es también duda, es esquivo y a veces doloroso. Por eso es tan fuerte. Porque te hará vibrar cada poro, te saltará del pecho y desearás abrazar al Universo con ese sentimiento. Así siento yo ahora. Así sentirás algún día."
Author: Leo Batic
30. "The legal system in Afghanistan is very immature and porous."
Author: Lindsey Graham
31. "As we may know, osteoporosis affects around 10 million Americans, most of whom are over 55, and it is the cause of an estimated 1.5 million fractures annually."
Author: Lois Capps
32. "National Osteoporosis Awareness and Prevention Month is celebrated each May, and becomes a chance for our Nation to become more familiar with the effects of this disease, and about the preventable steps that we can take to deal with it."
Author: Lois Capps
33. "Vrijeme je možda najvrednija stvar koju svaki covjek posjeduje,ali to je vrlo teško shvatiti kada prolazi sporo.Mnogo ga je lakše smatrati dragocjenim kada leti i brzo izmice."
Author: Mahbod Seraji
34. "Postoje tri velike strasti: alkohol, kocka i vlast. Od prve dvije ljudi se nekako mogu izlijeciti, od trece nikako. Vlast je i najteži porok. Zbog nje se ubija, zbog nje se gine, zbog nje se gubi ljudski lik. Neodoljiva je kao carobni kamen, jer pribavlja moc. Ona je duh iz Aladinove lampe, koji služi svakoj budali koja ga drži. Odvojeni, ne predstavljaju ništa; zajedno, kob su ovog svijeta. Poštene i mudre vlasti nema, jer je želja za moci bezgranicna. Covjeka na vlasti podsticu kukavice, bodre laskavci, podržavaju lupeži, i njegova predstava o sebi uvijek je ljepša nego istina."
Author: Meša Selimović
35. "Catre sfarsitul nopii sensul cartilor se evapora complet si ramaneam in brate cu paginile lor poroase, cu semnele lor cabalistice imposibil de inteles, cu parfumul de hartie prafuita, cel mai excitant parfum de pe pamant."
Author: Mircea Cărtărescu
36. "Odonato já não tinha força para desenhar nos lábios um gesto mínimo de espanto ou o que fosse um vulgar sorriso, a temperatura chegava-lhe à alma, os olhos ardiam por dentrochorar afinal não tinha que ver com lágrimas, antes era o metamorfosear de movimentos internos, a alma tinha paredes - texturas porosas que vozes e memórias podiam alterar"
Author: Ondjaki
37. "Svako leto krajem avgusta i pocetkom septembra preko Princevskih ostrva prelecu jata roda koja stižu sa severozapada, sa Balkana, spuštajuci se na jug da tu provedu zimu. I sada sam izlazio u baštu dok su preletala jata roda kao u mom detinjstvu i zadivljen posmatrao odlucno i misteriozno putovanje "hodocasnika", ciji se lepet krila mogao cuti u tišini. Kad sam bio dete, dve nedelje po prolasku jata roda, s tugom bismo se vracali brodom u Istanbul. Dok bih kod kuce citao tri meseca stare vesti u novinama okacenim na prozore i požutelim od letnjeg sunca, osecao bih se opcinjen i razmišljao koliko vreme sporo prolazi."
Author: Orhan Pamuk
38. "It's corny, but I think poems are echoes of the voices in your head and from your past. Your sisters, your father, your ancestors taking to you and through you. Some of it is primal, some of it is hallucinatory bullshit. That madness those boys rapping ain't nothing but urban folklore. They retelling stories passed down from chicken coop to apartment stoop to Ford coupe. Hear that rhyme, boy. Shit, I could get down and rap if I had to. MC Big Mama Osteoporosis in the house."
Author: Paul Beatty
39. "That was what he wanted, to be baked dry and hard, to feel the vaporous worries evaporating one by one, to know finally that all the damp little doubts and hesitations that covered the floor of his being were curling up and expiring in the great furnace-blast of the sun."
Author: Paul Bowles
40. "The chowdry, or burqa -- the Saudi, North African, and Central Asian version of the head, face, and body shroud -- is a sensory deprivation isolation chamber. It is claustrophobic, may lead to anxiety and depression, and reinforces a woman's already low self-esteem. It may also lead to vitamin D deficiency diseases such as osteoporosis and heart disease. Sensory deprivation officially constitutes torture and is practiced as such in the world's prisons."
Author: Phyllis Chesler
41. "Pedro, Pedro, é do teu silêncio que eu preciso agora, levante as viseiras, passeie os olhos, solte-lhes as rédeas, mas contenha a força e o recato da família, e o ímpeto áspero da tua língua, pois só no teu silêncio úmido, só nesse concerto esquivo é que reconstituo, por isso molhe os lábios, molhe a boca, molhe os teus dentes cariados, e a sonda que desce para o estômago, encha essa bolsa de couro apertada pelo teu cinto, deixe que o vinho vaze pelos teus poros, só assim é que se cultua o obsceno"
Author: Raduan Nassar
42. "¿Se da cuenta ahora porqué los libros son odiados y temidos? Muestran los poros del rostro de la vida"
Author: Ray Bradbury
43. "¿Se dan cuenta, ahora, de por qué los libros son odiados y temidos? Muestran los poros del rostro de la vida. La gente comodona sólo desea caras de luna llena, sin poros, sin pelo, inexpresivas. Vivimos en una época en que las flores tratan de vivir de flores, en lugar de crecer gracias a la lluvia y al negro estiércol."
Author: Ray Bradbury
44. "Kedykolvek ludia pocitujú prítomnost záhadnej a mohutnej sily, chcú uverit, že sa nájde spôsob, ako jej porozumiet. Pokial sa vám podarí ich presvedcit, že ste klúcom k jej pochopeniu, môžete dosiahnut vysoké postavenie."
Author: Robert Wright
45. "...we could see the parapet of Ryougoku Bridge, arching above the waves that flickered in the faint mid-autumn twilight and against the sky, as though an immense black Chinese ink stroke had been brushed across it. The silhouettes of the traffic, horses and carriages soon faded into the vaporous mist, and now all that could be seen were the dots of reddish light from the passengers' lanterns, rapidly passing to and fro in the darkness like small winter cherries."
Author: Ryūnosuke Akutagawa
46. "Moja istraživanja trajala su citavu godinu i najzad sam zakljucio da samo reljef boje, znalacki stavljen na platno, može da da oku pravi utisak. To je bio period koji su moji roditelji nazvali „kameno doba". Upotrebljavao sam kamenje da bih dobio, na primer, veoma blistav oblak. Lepio sam kamenje na platno, a zatim ga bojio. Jedan od mojih najvecih uspeha u ovom žanru je bio zalazak sunca sa kao krv crvenim oblacima. Nebo je bilo prepuno kamenja svih dimenzija, od kojih su neki bili veliki kao pesnica. Ova slika je dugo visila na zidu porodicne trpezarije i secam se da nas je cesto, u tišini posle vecere, iznenadivao šum kamena koji bi, odlepivši se sa slike, padao na pod. Moja majka bi prestala da šije, a otac ju je uvek umirivao recima: -Nije ništa, to je samo još jedan kamen pao sa neba našeg deteta."
Author: Salvador Dalí
47. "Even when it isn't going well, knitting can be deeply spiritual. Knitting sets goals that you can meet. Sometimes when I work on something complicated or difficult - ripping out my work and starting over, porong over tomes of knitting expertise, screeching "I don't get it!" white practically weeping with frusteation - my husband looks at me and says, "I don't know why you think you like knitting." I just stare at him. I don't like knitting. I LOVE knitting. I don't know what could have possible led him to think that I'm not enjoying myself. The cursing? The crying? The forteen sheets of shredded graph paper? Knittong is like a marriage (I tell him) and you don't just trash the whole thing because there are bad moments."
Author: Stephanie Pearl McPhee
48. "Who are you in love with?" I said then.For a minute Marco didn't say anything, he simply opened his mouth and breathed out a blue, vaporous ring."Perfect!" he laughed.The ring widened and blurred, ghost-pale on the dark air.Then he said, "I am in love with my cousin."I felt no surprise."Why don't you marry her?""Impossible.""Why?"Marco shrugged. "She's my first cousin. She's going to be a nun.""Is she beautiful?""There's no one to touch her.""Does she know you love her?""Of course."I paused. The obstacle seemed unreal to me."If you love her," I said, "you'll love somebody else someday."
Author: Sylvia Plath
49. "We were fond together because of the sweep of open places, the taste of wide winds, the sunlight, and the hopes in which we worked. The morning freshness of the world-to-be intoxicated us. We were wrought up with ideas inexpressible and vaporous, but to be fought for. We lived many lives in those whirling campaigns, never sparing ourselves: yet when we achieved and the new world dawned, the old men came out again and took our victory to remake in the likeness of the former world they knew. Youth could win, but had not learned to keep, and was pitiably weak against age. We stammered that we had worked for a new heaven and a new earth, and they thanked us kindly and made their peace."
Author: T.E. Lawrence
50. "Mesir telah menjadi poros sejarah dunia dan peradaban manusia ribuan tahun lamanya semenjak era Firaun, Yunani, Romawi, Qibti dan Byzantium. Mesir telah memberikan pemikiran yang cemerlang kepada dunia dan juga menjadi pusat dunia Islam serta pelopor bangsa Arab. Sekiranya tidak ada kontribusi Mesir maka dunia dan peradaban Islam telah lama lenyap. Mesirlah yang berhasil mengalahkan bangsa Tartar di Ain Jalut dan menyelamatkan kebudayaan Islam dari kehancuran total. Mesir pula yang menyelamatkan dunia Islam dalam Perang Salib di Hittin dan wilayah-wilayah lainnya. Eksistensi al-Azhar as-Syarif telah menyelamatkan identitas kebudayaan Arab dari proses ‘Turkinisasi' yang dilancarkan oleh Dinasti Uthmaniyah. Jadi, dalam keadaan apa pun Mesir akan tetap menjadi jantung dunia Arab."
Author: Yusri Abdul Ghani Abdullah

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