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1. "Then one woman looked directly at her husband. "Is our place gone?" "I'm afraid so, girl," he said. "There isn't much left up there. But we're alive. We're all lucky to be alive. We'd have been dead if we'd stayed up above." "Oh, what a mercy we didn't!" she exclaimed. "How lucky we are!" Incredible though it sounds, within a few moments, a whole lot of people were congratulating each other on their extraordinary good fortune in only having lost all their worldy posessions."
Author: Ida Cook
2. "People were differentiated by their substance, which was called nganon. Nganon was a concentrate which was defined in each person by nurture and circumstance. She believed that she and a certain few others were not of the same nganon as the rest of Earth's people. At first Deborah had thought that it was only she who was set apart from human kind, but others of the un-dead on D ward seemed to be tainted as she was. All of her life, herself and all her posessions had be imbued with her essence, the poisonous nganon. She had never lent her clothes or books or pencils, or let anyone touch any of her things, and she had often borrowed or stolen from other children at school or camp, delighting, until their stolen nganon wore off them, in the health and purity and grace of the possessions."
Author: Joanne Greenberg
3. "A millionaires' mindset focus moves from posessions to feelings, once they become conscious and awake."
Author: Tony Dovale
4. "It is a wretched thing that the young men of today are so contriving and so proud of their material posessions. Men with contriving hearts are lacking in duty. Lacking in duty, they will have no self-respect."
Author: Yamamoto Tsunetomo

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Quotes About Posessions
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Jeune , je demandais aux êtres plus qu'ils ne pouvaient donner : une amitié continuelle , une émotion permanente. Je sais leur demander maintenant moins qu'ils peuvent donner : une compagnie sans phrases . Et leurs émotions , leur amitié , leurs gestes nobles gardent à mes yeux leur valeur entière de miracle : un entier effet de la grâce ."
Author: Albert Camus

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