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1. "An outrageous instinct to love and be loved blinded your arms to lines of propriety––Women and Men, Christians and Jews, Muslims and Buddhists, white, black, red, brown. An outrageous instinct to love and be loved executed your brain every hour on the hour."
Author: Aberjhani
2. "The poor of the earth know how much we really love Jesus."
Author: Adam LiVecchi
3. "We're led to believe love is complicated. It's not the love that's complicated. It's all the crap that we attach to it and put in front of it that makes it difficult. If you're smart, you'll realize this before it's too late and simplify."
Author: Alison G. Bailey
4. "And I'm falling in love with you," he whispers. "But I would throw you in the water and watch crocodiles tear you to bits, if I thought that doing so would accomplish my goals. Do. Not. Trust. Anyone. Especially me."
Author: Bethany Griffin
5. "Pure, spiritual, intellectual love shot from their faces like barbed lightning. It was so unlike the love we experience that its expression could easily be mistaken for ferocity."
Author: C.S. Lewis
6. "Doth not a flight through illimitable plains of the ether of love inflame thy heart and compel thee to delight thyself in the Lord thy God?"
Author: Charles H. Spurgeon
7. "The lesson I have thoroughly learnt, and wish to pass on to others, is to know the enduring happiness that the love of a garden gives."
Author: Gertrude Jekyll
8. "Women love the last blow as well as the last word, and when they fight for love they are pitiless as a wounded buffalo."
Author: H. Rider Haggard
9. "It was the wife, John thought. And she was giving this tough guy a tongue-lashing. And the man was taking it."Okay. I love you. Bye." Tohrment flipped the phone closed and put it in his pocket. When he focused on John again, he clearly respected his wife enough not to roll his eyes and make some macho, shithead comment about pesky women."
Author: J.R. Ward
10. "Because a sound tree doesn't have bad roots, Amara. No enterprise of greatnessbegins with treachery, with lying to the people who trust and love you"
Author: Jim Butcher
11. "I am a sucker for romance and I love girls and that is a terrible combination, because romance has the ability to overwhelm your perspective."
Author: Joshua Harris
12. "You were at the age where you could fall in love with a girl over an expression, over a gesture"
Author: Junot Díaz
13. "I love heels... whoever created heels is amazing!"
Author: Katie Cassidy
14. "If you don't love Jesus-go to hell!"
Author: Kinky Friedman
15. "I really did go back to Dresden with Guggenheim money (God love it) in 1967. It looked a lot like Dayton, Ohio, more open spaces than Dayton has."
Author: Kurt Vonnegut
16. "I swore I would love you 'til the end of time, so now I'm praying for the end of time to hurry up and arrive."
Author: Meat Loaf
17. "He didn't know how love managed to be a garden one moment and war the next. He was at war now, his loyalty tested at every turn."
Author: Paula McLain
18. "I Love Spirituality it reminds me of the Old Quaker Oats Commercial. "Nothing is better for thee than me"!"
Author: Stanley Victor Paskavich
19. "I'm like Cab Calloway: I love the entertainment, and I've loved entertaining people ever since I was little."
Author: Wyclef Jean

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