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1. "Logic, n. The art of thinking and reasoning in strict accordance with the limitations and incapacities of the human misunderstanding. The basic of logic is the syllogism, consisting of a major and a minor premise and a conclusion - thus:Major Premise: Sixty men can do a piece of work sixty times as quickly as one man.Minor Premise: One man can dig a post-hole in sixty seconds; Therefore-Conclusion: Sixty men can dig a post-hole in one second.This may be called syllogism arithmetical, in which, by combining logic and mathematics, we obtain a double certainty and are twice blessed."
Author: Ambrose Bierce
2. "La solitude offre à l'homme intellectuellement haut placé un double avantage : le premier, d'être avec soi-même, et le second de n'être pas avec les autres."
Author: Arthur Schopenhauer
3. "Het is allemaal een kwestie van logisch denken. Wie veranderingen niet accepteert, probeert uit verkeerde premissen verkeerde conclusies te trekken. En komt natuurlijk tot verkeerde resultaten."
Author: Charles Lewinsky
4. "I get invited to literally every single movie premiere that's going on."
Author: Charlie Hunnam
5. "It has been an incredible honour and privilege to serve Ontarians as their premier."
Author: Dalton McGuinty
6. "... la grammaire est le premier outil de la pensée organisée et (...) la fameuse analyse logique (...) ajuste les mouvements de notre réflexion, laquelle se trouve aiguisée par le bon usage des fameuses propositions subordonnées."
Author: Daniel Pennac
7. "My dad's in banking, my mum manages the American branch of a Swiss vitamin company; they're really busy, but they still come to all my premieres."
Author: Danielle De Niese
8. "Maybe, life is a kind of waking dream.Maybe, it's a double-dream with a false awakening.Maybe, the dream only becomes lucid and truly luminous given the fuller perspective of life after one's own wake.Maybe, the pictures never stop.Doesn't the existence of dreams and higher consciousness during the years of blackouts of a lifetime, whether longer or shorter, give us a valid premise to hope that another highly spiritual state may await our passing?"
Author: David B. Lentz
9. "If philosophy had the power to establish incontrovertible truths, immune to doubt, and if philosophers were as a rule wholly disinterested practitioners of their art, then it might be possible to speak of progress in philosophy. In fact, however, the philosophical tendencies and presuppositions of any age are, to a very great degree, determined by the prevailing cultural mood or by the ideological premises generally approved of my the educated classes. As often as not, the history of philosophy has been a history of prejudices masquerading as principles, and so merely a history of fashion. It is as possible today to be an intellectually scrupulous Platonist as it was more than two thousand years ago; it is simply not in vogue."
Author: David Bentley Hart
10. "In practice, socialism didn't work. But socialism could never have worked because it is based on false premises about human psychology and society, and gross ignorance of human economy."
Author: David Horowitz
11. "A fundamental premise in cancer therapy is trying to identify how the metabolism of cancer cells differs from normal tissue. When differences are identified, it often paves the way for treatments that will disrupt the cancer's metabolism while sparing normal tissue."
Author: David Perlmutter
12. "An important and fundamental premise of the American judicial system is the presumption of innocence, that is until proven guilty."
Author: DMX
13. "That's the premise of the Saudi Arabians. He's holding the president's hand with one. In the other hand, he's got his hand in the pocket of American consumers."
Author: Ed Markey
14. "Jetez sur une étoile un rapide coup d'œil, regardez-la obliquement, en tournant vers elle la partie latérale de la rétine (beaucoup plus sensible à une lumière faible que la partie centrale), et vous verrez l'étoile plus distinctement; vous aurez l'appréciation la plus juste de son éclat, éclat qui s'obscurcit à proportion que vous dirigez votre vue en plein sur elle. Dans le dernier cas, il tombe sur l'œil un plus grand nombre de rayons; mais dans le premier, il y a une réceptibilité plus complète, une susceptibilité beaucoup plus vive. Une profondeur outrée affaiblit la pensée et la rend perplexe; et il est possible de faire disparaître Vénus elle-même du firmament par une attention trop soutenue, trop concentrée, trop directe."
Author: Edgar Allan Poe
15. "Dok je došao u Zurich s manje Ahilovih peta nego što treba da se opremi stonoga, ali ipak s mnogima - gajio je iluzije o vjecnoj snazi i zdravlju, kao i o suštinskoj dobroti ljudi - bile su to iluzije citavog jednog naroda, laži pokoljenja granicarskih majki koje su morale prijetvorno pjevušiti kako nema vukova pred vratima brvnare."
Author: F. Scott Fitzgerald
16. "Security sets a premium on feebleness."
Author: H.G. Wells
17. "I like moral judgment to emerge from the reader. We are being sold a very simplistic morality by our leaders at a time when nuance and understanding are at a premium."
Author: Hari Kunzru
18. "I haven't watched anything I've been in since I've done it. I have never put in a movie at home that I've been in. Why? I don't know. I would feel like Norma Desmond. And I have a kid, so time is at a premium."
Author: Helen Hunt
19. "A purpose derived from a false premise – that a deity has ordained submission to his will – cannot merit respect. The pursuit of Enlightenment-era goals — solving our world's problems through rational discourse, rather than through religion and tradition – provides ample grounds for a purposive existence. It is not for nothing that the Enlightenment, when atheism truly began to take hold, was also known as the Age of Reason."
Author: Jeffrey Tayler
20. "Even if you're doing the national insurance awards, there's still that excitement when you wonder who is going to win, er, best premiums."
Author: Jimmy Carr
21. "At nineteen I was pretty sure I was going to be a professional soccer player. At that time I played for one of the Norwegian premier leagues. But I tore ligaments in both knees, so I started studying business administration and economics and became a financial analyst, and I worked at a brokerage firm as a stockbroker."
Author: Jo Nesbo
22. "A German firm called Friendsurance relies on people forming their own groups, which apply peer pressure to keep claims and costs lower. The result is refunded premiums for customers and profit for the company."
Author: John Gerzema
23. "I love getting dressed up doing the whole premiere look."
Author: Josh Hutcherson
24. "If you were a medieval scholar reading a book, you knew that there was a reasonable likelihood you'd never see that particular text again, and so a high premium was placed on remembering what you read. You couldn't just pull a book off the shelf to consult it for a quote or an idea."
Author: Joshua Foer
25. "Lo que llamamos absurdo es nuestra ignorancia. Los Premios, 1960What we call absurd is our ignorance. The Winners, 1960"
Author: Julio Cortázar
26. "If I had to be succinct, I guess I would say that urban magic works on the premise that magic is created by life. And life, these days, is about the underground, the buses, the street lamps, the smell of Chinese take away and the footsteps you half-thought you could hear behind you in the empty car park, but which are gone when you look again."
Author: Kate Griffin
27. "Composure and self-restraint were not only desirable characteristics in a woman, they were essental.As my mother put it later, it was bad enough having to worry yourself sick every time your husband went up in an airplane; now, she was being told, she was also supposed to feel responsible if his plane crashed. Anger and discontent, lest they kill, were to be kept to oneself. The military, even more so than the rest of society, clearly put a premium on well-behaved, genteel, and even-tempered women."
Author: Kay Redfield Jamison
28. "You are living far too much in the realms of your head. That is an ugly, mean, scary place to be. I am not just saying your head is nasty, everyone's head is. You need to vacate that premise immediately and start living in your heart. Your heart is a much nicer social venue."
Author: Lauren Roedy Vaughn
29. "(…) jurara a si próprio que permaneceria, fiel toda a sua vida à premissa que fizera um dia ao seu pai, a de nunca deixar de se maravilhar."
Author: Marc Levy
30. "Greatness is not manifested by unlimited pragmatism, which places such a high premium on the end justifying any means and any methods."
Author: Margaret Chase Smith
31. "Le véritable lieu de naissance est celui où l'on a porté pour la première fois un coup d'oeil intelligent sur soi-même: mes premières patries ont été des livres."
Author: Marguerite Yourcenar
32. "There's just such a premium on hurrying, and the camera is the be all and end all, and the actors had better hurry up and get it right and get it done."
Author: Mary Steenburgen
33. "Buy potatoes," he said. "Gotta hop." Then he hung up. Of course. A cloud of fallout would threaten European food and water supplies, including the potato crop, placing a premium on uncontaminated American substitutes. Perhaps a few folks other than potato farmers think of the price of potatoes in America minutes after the explosion of a nuclear reactor in Russian, but I have never met them."
Author: Michael Lewis
34. "Le dôme de l'Institut avait une vraie grâce, dut-il convenir un peu malgré lui. Évidemment, donner une forme arrondie à un bâtiment ne pouvait se justifier en aucune manière; sur le plan rationnel, c'était simplement de la place perdue. La modernité était peut-être une erreur, se dit Jed pour la première fois de sa vie. Question purement rhétorique, d'ailleurs: la modernité était terminée en Europe occidentale depuis pas mal de temps déjà."
Author: Michel Houellebecq
35. "No one leaves the edit room thinking, 'Yeah, I nailed that one!' Everyone I know goes into their first premiere or their first screening thinking, 'I screwed up so bad. I'm sorry, I messed up.' It's just a real common feeling."
Author: Mike Mills
36. "I am truly free only when all human beings, men and women, are equally free. The freedom of other men, far from negating or limiting my freedom, is, on the contrary, its necessary premise and confirmation."
Author: Mikhail Bakunin
37. "I just try not to subscribe to the ways of celebrity. I'm not a celebrity, I'm a working actor. A lot of the events - the parties and the premieres that people go to to get noticed - I'm just not into. I'll hang out with my friends, go see punk shows, read at home. At the same time, I have a production company, which is a lot of work."
Author: Milo Ventimiglia
38. "Mort Sahl, while attending a preview of Otto Preminger's film Exodus, stood up and called out, "Otto, let my people go!"
Author: Mort Sahl
39. "To rich people it must seem that the ordinary little people..experience human emotions with less intensity and greater indifference...The fact that we might be going through hell like any other human being, or that our hearts might be filling with rage as Lucien's suffering ravaged our lives, or that we might be slowly going to pieces inside, in the torment of fear and horror that death inspires in everyone, did not cross the mind of anyone on these premises."
Author: Muriel Barbery
40. "Most urgently, women's identity must be premised upon our 'beauty' so that we will remain vulnerable to outside approval, carrying the vital sensitive organ of self-esteem exposed to the air."
Author: Naomi Wolf
41. "How is AIDS research to progress when the premise of science is questioning but the premise of questioning HIV is considered so dangerous that even venturing into the facts is too great a risk?"
Author: Nate Mendel
42. "Many of the religious apologists out there are not stupid people, they are often brilliant. People working in the field of theology and philosphy smart people everywhere. What they are those religious apologists are smart poeple who can build these amazingly intricate rationalizations for whatever weird practice they favor. Whether it's ritual cannibalism, or praying to spirits, or treating women as chattel. And they always building this on terrible shaky foundation of false premises."
Author: P.Z. Myers
43. "I mean no disrespect to Scottish football, but the Premier League is the biggest stage and highest profile league of all."
Author: Peter Shilton
44. "En effet, si les premiers amours paraissent, en général, plus honnêtes, et comme on dit plus purs ; s'ils sont au moins plus lents dans leur marche, ce n'est pas, comme on le pense, délicatesse ou timidité, c'est que le cœur, étonné par un sentiment inconnu, s'arrête pour ainsi dire à chaque pas, pour jouir du charme qu'il éprouve, et que ce charme est si puissant sur un cœur neuf, qu'il l'occupe au point de lui faire oublier tout autre plaisir."
Author: Pierre Choderlos De Laclos
45. "Elaine and I got married in summer 1979, we went on our honeymoon and came back for the premiere of 'Scum.' All of sudden my face was on billboards in Leicester Square and people were crowding outside the cinema, going mad about the film. It was a complete shock."
Author: Ray Winstone
46. "Certaines choses que Napoléon dit des femmes, plusieurs discussiions sur le mérite des romans à la mode sous son règne lui donnèrent alors, pour la première fois, quelques idées que tout autre jeune home de son age aurait eues depuis longtemps."
Author: Stendhal
47. "Though many intellectuals, following in the footsteps of Saints Augustine and Jerome, hold business people in contempt for their selfishness and greed, in fact a free market puts a premium on empathy."
Author: Steven Pinker
48. "You always get told how important the premiere and doing the press is, but I have suspicions."
Author: Toby Jones
49. "My God died young. Theolatry i foundDegrading, and its premises, unsound.No free man needs God; but was I free?"
Author: Vladimir Nabokov
50. "Toleration is the prerogative of humanity; we are all full of weaknesses and mistakes; let us reciprocally forgive ourselves. It is the first law of nature.La tolérance, c'est l'apanage de l'humanité; nous sommes tous pétris de faiblesse et d'erreurs; pardonnons-nous réciproquement nos sottises. C'est la première loi de la nature."
Author: Voltaire

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