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1. "Preventive war was an invention of Hitler. I would not even listen to anyone seriously that came and talked about such a thing."
Author: Dwight D. Eisenhower
2. "This system of encouragement proves serviceable as a preventive of punishment, the attainment of the tickets being a reward, the forfeiture of them the reverse; and, as such, boys seem often more affected by their loss than by coercion."
Author: Joseph Lancaster
3. "I am against preventive war because it means measures by the UN against us."
Author: Moshe Sharett
4. "Preventive war is like committing suicide out of fear of death."
Author: Otto Von Bismarck
5. "Another term for preventive war is aggressive war - starting wars because someday somebody might do something to us. That is not part of the American tradition."
Author: Ron Paul

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Quotes About Preventive War
Quotes About Preventive War
Quotes About Preventive War

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