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1. "Embi: And you're supposed to be so good at mending primuses, pastor Jón!Pastor Jón: And correspondingly bad at Baroque art. Embi: How do you know there are 133 pieces? Who has had time to dismantle this work of art so carefully? Or to count the bits?Pastor Jón: No one is so busy that he hasn't the time to dismantle a work of art. Then scholars wake up and count the pieces."
Author: Halldór Laxness
2. "Until I talked to Primus Dwyer, I wouldn't decide anything on the Lump,"
Author: Lauren Groff
3. "For me to do a project - I have a pretty successful solo career, so - for me to even want to do Primus, it had to be a creative step forward."
Author: Les Claypool
4. "I was way into Primus in high school so hanging out with him was a thrill."
Author: Mike Lowry
5. "Not fooling around, not bothering nobody, just sitting here mending the Primus," said the cat with a hostile frown, "and, moreover, I consider it my duty to warn you that the cat is an ancient, inviolable animal."
Author: Mikhail Bulgakov
6. "Not causing trouble, not touching anything, fixing the primus."
Author: Mikhail Bulgakov

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Quotes About Primus
Quotes About Primus
Quotes About Primus

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