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1. "Le voy a poner un ejemplo. Hasta ahora se nos ha dicho: "Ama a tu projimo." Pues bien, si pongo este precepto en práctica, que resultará?. Pues resultará que dividiré mi capa en dos mitades, daré una mitad a mi prójimo y los dos nos quedaremos medio desnudos."
Author: Fyodor Dostoyevsky

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Other mages have an odd attitude towards diviners. By the standards of, say, elemental mages. We can't gate, we can't attack, we can't shield, and when it comes to physical action our magic is about as useful as a bicycle in a trampolining contest. But we can see anywhere and learn anything and there's no secret we can't uncover if we try hard enough. So when an elemental mage looks at a diviner, the elemental mage knows he could take him in a straight fight with no more effort that it would take to tie his shoes. On the other hand, the elemental mage also knows that the diviner could find out every one of his most dirty and embarrassing secrets and, should hi feel like it, post copies of them to everyone the elemental mage has ever met. It creates a mixture of uneasiness and contempt that doesn't encourage warm feelings. There's a reason most of my friends aren't mages."
Author: Benedict Jacka

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