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1. "I see the Jedi mission as giving up a normal life in exchange for protecting the innocent. It's a life of sacrifice. There are rewards, but also a certain degree of sterility."
Author: Alan Dean Foster
2. "Church didn't answer that. Instead he said, "The darkness is all around us. Very few people have the courage to light a candle against it.""I'm not that kind of idealist.""Nor am I. We are of a kind, Captain, and neither of us is holding a candle against the darkness. Like the unknown and unseen enemy we fight, people like you and me, we are the darkness. In some ways we are more like the things we're fighting than the people we're protecting. Granted our motives are better--from our perspective--but we wait in the shadows for our unseen enemy to make a move against those innocents with candles. And by that light we take aim."
Author: Jonathan Maberry
3. "So, there is a God protecting the innocent. Too bad, he didn't act sooner."
Author: Pepper Phillips

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Quotes About Protecting The Innocent
Quotes About Protecting The Innocent
Quotes About Protecting The Innocent

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