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1. "A close associate of his gave an interview in which the book was described as quotes 'fiction from being to end'. I suffered trial by tabloid for a couple of weeks, lots of insults in the press, in the columns - this man should be put in the tower and so on."
Author: Anthony Holden
2. "We, Russia, are prepared to work with others. I am convinced that stability and security in Europe cannot be considered without taking Russia into account."
Author: Boris Yeltsin
3. "You're right that not everything we do has to have some kind of social agenda, but that doesn't mean it can only be anesthetizing crap."
Author: Brian K. Vaughan
4. "And let us be frank, the security threats that emanate from our ports come from foreign cargo."
Author: Dana Rohrabacher
5. "To all accusations of excessive development the administrators can reply, as they will if pressed hard enough, that they are giving the public what it wants, that their primary duty is to serve the public not preserve the wilds. "Parks are for people" is the public relations slogan, which decoded means that the parks are for people-in-automobiles. Behind the slogan is the assumption that the majority of Americans, exactly like the managers of the tourist industry, expect and demand to see their national parks from the comfort, security and convenience of their automobiles.Is this assumption correct? Perhaps. Does that justify the continued and increasing erosion of the parks? It does not."
Author: Edward Abbey
6. "Now look, you built a factory and it turned into something terrific or a great idea, God Bless, keep a big hunk of it. But part of the underlying social contract is you take a hunk of that and paid forward for the next kid who comes along."
Author: Elizabeth Warren
7. "Cada período del desarrollo humano, Susan, tiene su tipo particular de conflicto, sus problemas distintos que, aparentemente sólo pueden resolverse por la fuerza. Y jamás, por decepcionante que esto sea, la fuerza resuelve el problema. En su lugar, éste persiste a través de una serie de conflictos y se desvanece por sí solo... ¿cómo dice la frase?, no con un estallido, sino con su susurro, a medida que el ambiente económico y social cambia. Y entonces, nuevo problema y nueva serie de guerras. Un ciclo, al parecer, sin fin."
Author: Isaac Asimov
8. "It was bad enough not having a boyfriend for New Year's Eve. Now I had to cope with Valentine datelessness, feeling consummate social pressure from every retailer in America who stuck hearts and cupids on their windows by January second to rub it in. (Thwonk)"
Author: Joan Bauer
9. "Can they do both? That's a huge balance, I think, with kids- trying to find the right- it's everything, you know, it's social life, it's academics, it's sports."
Author: Joan Cusack
10. "Without social networks, you're not the coolest thing on the Christmas list, and you're not getting any bite."
Author: Joe Green
11. "Healthy" and "diseased," as Susan Sontag points out...are often subjective judgments that society makes for its own purposes. Women have long been defined as sick as a means of subjecting them to social control."
Author: Naomi Wolf
12. "Page 33 "Oh, they don't miss me," she said. "I'm very antisocial, they say. I don't mix. It's so strange. I'm very social indeed. It all depends on what you mean by social, doesn't it? Social to me means talking to you about things like this."
Author: Ray Bradbury
13. "Goodreads sports some of the social awkwardness of middle school. If you are looking for a friend, I promise no matter your background or book preferences I will be your friend. :)"
Author: Red Phoenix
14. "A person's credit report is one of the most important tools consumers can use to maintain their financial security and credit rating, but for so long many did not know how to obtain one, or what to do with the information it provided."
Author: Ruben Hinojosa
15. "In an age when the difference between prince and peasant was thought to be in the stars, Mr Tzara, art was naturally an affirmation for the one and a consolation to the other; but we live in an age when the social order is seen to be the work of material forces and we have been given an entirely new kind of responsibility, the responsibility of changing society."
Author: Tom Stoppard

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