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1. "Enjoy the war,' read the graffiti left on Berlin's walls. 'The peace will be terrible."
Author: Andrei Cherny
2. "(...) Ale, miedzy nami, nie rób przy niej tego, co ostatnim razem, podczas kolacji.- Idzie ci o to, ze rzucilem widelcem w szczura?- Nie. Idzie mi o to, ze trafiles, chociaz bylo ciemno.- Myslalem, ze to bedzie zabawne."
Author: Andrzej Sapkowski
3. "My thoughts keep vacillating between the draft that feels more like a gust in this sizes-too-big hospital gown, and Dr. Milligan's proposal that I'll live to be a 175 years old. This is getting a little weird, even under the circumstances. I'm hundreds of miles from home, half naked in a room with two guys I barely know. Taken out of context, I'd have to question my common sense. Heck, even in context."
Author: Anna Banks
4. "I drank in the scene around me. Some people were directing traffic, some were throwing buckets full of water on the flames (the whole bucket too, not just the contents), some were snapping photos and one guy, I recognized as a regular of the Black Opal, Scully, was clutching a stool and crying.It was like the bleacher seats at a Cubs game when the beer gets cut off..."
Author: Barbra Annino
5. "A society sufficiently sophisticated to produce the internal combustion engine has not had the sophistication to develop cheap and efficient public transport?'‘Yes, boss... it's true. There's hardly any buses, the trains are hopelessly underfunded, and hence the entire population is stuck in traffic"
Author: Ben Elton
6. "The Stormlight rising from his exposed skin was enough to illuminate the chasm, and it cast shadows on the walls as he ran. Those seemed to become figures, crafted by the bones and branches stretching from the heaps on the ground. Bodies and souls. His movement made the shadows twist, as if turning to regard him."
Author: Brandon Sanderson
7. "In the time we spend reeling in confusion, grasping at straws trying to piece our egos together, we forget to acknowledge some things. Society created gender roles and categorizations and lifestyles and names and titles because we fear the unknown, especially when the unknown is us.It's as though we're stranded in the middle of an ocean, but we were promised the current would bring us back ashore. We're given all we need on the life raft. As far as we can see, we're being led back, slowly. We don't know when we'll approach the shore, but all evidence points to the fact that we will. But we don't spend our time looking around, enjoying the view, seeing who came with us, and riding out the waves. We sit and panic about what we're doing and why we came here.It doesn't matter where we started because we may never know. It matters where we're going, because that, we do. We begin and we end. We've seen one, so there's only one other option."
Author: Brianna Wiest
8. "Sometimes she'd just walk around the city alone. Watch the people, smell the food, the bus exhaust, the smoke coming up through the grating. She'd feel protected somehow, found a sense of belonging in the hectic sprawl. And the next minute she'd feel like the one who couldn't break the code, hit the right stride, catch the wave. Potholes and traffic and bums, oh my. With all the honking and the hum of movement, the living, breathing blur of noise gently pressing in on her, the great purr of the Metropolitan Cat turning into a dull roar. She'd feel so silent on the inside, her head as quiet as a stretch of sand, a cathedral silently worshipping the life that was all around her, storing it up for later when she needed some 'too much' to draw upon."
Author: Carrie Fisher
9. "Senin essizligin, bulunmazligin üzerine ne söylesem eksik kalir. Sadelikten korkmayan bir kadinsin bir kere. O köprünün altinda vb. satilan balik-ekmekten alip yemek istemen beni en çok gönendiren seylerden biri. Sana ondan almak istemeyimisimin tek nedeni midenin sagligini düsündügümdendir. Bunu kaç kez söyledim de sana. Adapazari'ndaki kizla -neydi adi onun?- çektirdigin fotografta senin bütün hayat tavrin gizli. En gösterissiz kosullarda da sen, o kosullardan hiç utanmadan, hiç yüksünmeden, bir ayagini gözüpek bir rahatlikla ileri atabilirsin. Beni nasil savunursun sonra. Birisi bana çok sismanladigimi söylemisti de, hemen saldiriya geçmis, sisman olmadigimi ileri sürmüstün. Oysa pekala fazla okkalanmistim o günler. Sen busun iste. Sevdigini her durumda savunursun, onun kusurlarini görmezsin. Ne sevgilisin sen."
Author: Cemal Süreya
10. "Yes Yeswhen God created love he didn't help most when God created dogs He didn't help dogs when God created plants that was average when God created hate we had a standard utility when God created me He created me when God created the monkey He was asleep when He created the giraffe He was drunk when He created narcotics He was high and when He created suicide He was low when He created you lying in bed He knew what He was doing He was drunk and He was high and He created the mountains and the sea and fire at the same time He made some mistakes but when He created you lying in bed He came all over His Blessed Universe."
Author: Charles Bukowski
11. "I have seen the science I worshiped, and the aircraft I loved, destroying the civilization I expected them to serve."
Author: Charles Lindbergh
12. "'Paint only what you see,' his hero Millet had admonished.'Imagination is a burden to a painter,' Auguste Renoir had told him. 'Painters are craftsmen, not storytellers. Paint what you see.'Ah, but what they hadn't said, hadn't warned him about, was how much you could see."
Author: Christopher Moore
13. "It does not make sense that we are allowing known potential weapons, not unlike those the 9-11 hijackers used to overcome the crews of four airplanes, to be taken aboard passenger aircraft."
Author: Dave Reichert
14. "The patriotic or religious bumper stickers always seem to be on the biggest, most disgustingly selfish vehicles driven by the ugliest, most inconsiderate and aggressive drivers, who are usually talking on cell phones as they cut people off in order to get just twenty stupid feet ahead in the traffic jam..."
Author: David Foster Wallace
15. "Las autobiografías ya de por sí son infumables, ¡pero anda que las novelitas! Héroe emprende viaje, forastero llega a la ciudad, alguien persigue algo, lo consigue o no lo consigue, conflicto entre voluntades opuestas. "Admiradme, porque soy una metáfora"."
Author: David Mitchell
16. "Law breaking, graffiti artist, dumb jock that I am, I'm pretty socially conscious."
Author: Duff Goldman
17. "A frustrated friend once told me that I couldn't comment on a new traffic light at Maple and Arkansas without starting with the Magna Carta. Explanations do indeed seem to seep backward in all directions. The hard part is keeping them under control and giving them some focus."
Author: Elliott West
18. "I spent two months on the first draft, working 8 hours a day, five days a week."
Author: George Stephen
19. "Am auzit sau am citit ca filoanele de aur au uneori la suprafa?a un înveli? de cuar?, din care e greu sa extragi metalul. Presupun ca ?i inima ta are un asemenea înveli?; înauntru se afla metalul pre?ios, dar afurisita asta de coaja nu s-a topit de tot..."
Author: Henryk Sienkiewicz
20. "Wie jede Blüte welkt und jede Jugend Dem Alter weicht, blüht jede Lebensstufe, Blüht jede Weisheit auch und jede Tugend Zu ihrer Zeit und darf nicht ewig dauern. Es muß das Herz bei jedem Lebensrufe Bereit zum Abschied sein und Neubeginne, Um sich in Tapferkeit und ohne Trauern In andre, neue Bindungen zu geben. [...] Wir sollen heiter Raum um Raum durchschreiten, An keinem wie an einer Heimat hängen, Der Weltgeist will nicht fesseln uns und engen, Er will uns Stuf' um Stufe heben, weiten. Kaum sind wir heimisch einem Lebenskreise Und traulich eingewohnt, so droht Erschlaffen; Nur wer bereit zu Aufbruch ist und Reise, Mag lähmender Gewöhnung sich entraffen. [...]"
Author: Hermann Hesse
21. "Il signor Palomar, continuando a osservare le giraffe in corsa, si rende conto d'una complicata armonia che comanda quel trepestio disarmonico, d'una proporzione interna che lega tra loro le più vistose sproporzioni anatomiche, d'una grazia naturale che vien fuori da quelle movenze sgraziate. L'elemento unificatore è dato dalle macchie del pelo, disposte in figure irregolari ma omogenee, dai contorni netti e angolosi; esse si accordano come un esatto equivalente grafico ai movimenti segmentati dell'animale. Più che di macchie si dovrebbe parlare d'un manto nero la cui uniformità è spezzata da nervature chiare che s'aprono seguendo un disegno a losanghe: una discontinuità di pigmentazione che già annuncia la discontinuità dei movimenti.A questa punto la bambina del signor Palomar, che si è stancata da un pezzo di guardare le giraffe, lo trascina verso la grotta dei pinguini. Il signor Palomar, cui i pinguini dànno angoscia, la segue a malincuore..."
Author: Italo Calvino
22. "Keep me up till five because all your stars are out, and for no other reason…Oh dare to do it Buddy! Trust your heart. You're a deserving craftsman. It would never betray you. Good night. I'm feeling very much over-excited now, and a little dramatic, but I think I'd give almost anything on earth to see you writing a something, an anything, a poem, a tree, that was really and truly after your own heart."
Author: J.D. Salinger
23. "They keep talking about drafting a constitution for Iraq. Why don't we just give them ours? It was written by a lot of really smart guys. It's worked for over 200 years, and Hell, we're not using it anymore."
Author: Jay Leno
24. "Into the silence rips a sound that makes me let go of Max's hand and cover my ears. It is like the strafe of a bullet, nails on a chalkboard, promises being broken. It's a note I have never heard - this chord of pure pain - and it takes a moment to realize it is coming from me."
Author: Jodi Picoult
25. "Getting the first draft finished is like pushing a very dirty peanut across the floor with your nose."
Author: Joyce Carol Oates
26. "Having removed the dictator, the allies have moved to put Iraqis in control of Iraq. Now, as they draft and ratify their Constitution, we will indeed see the character of a new Iraqi nation revealed through the principles it chooses to uphold."
Author: Kay Granger
27. "There's no damsel with a tragic history in there? With a name like the Three Craftsmen, they each should build something awesome for a beautiful princess to try to win her favor and then two of them would die.> You must be thinking of stories from other cultures. Irish women tend to kick ass and do whatever they want. For exhibits A, B, and C, I give you the Morrigan, Brighid, and Flidais."
Author: Kevin Hearne
28. "Jeg traf ham en morgen før jagttid, han var fem og tyve år og kom fra fjærne reiser, han spaserte ved min side i haven og da han berørte mig med sin arm begyndte jeg å elske ham."
Author: Knut Hamsun
29. "Hannah leaned her face against his chest, and he felt the curve of her smile. "What is it?" he asked. "Our first night together. And our first morning will be Christmas." Rafe patted her naked hip. "And I've already unwrapped my present." "You're rather easy to shop for," she said, making him laugh. "Always. Because Hannah, my love, the only gift I'll ever want"—he paused to kiss her smiling lips—"is you."
Author: Lisa Kleypas
30. "I have been your draft for my whole life, let me in or discard me forever."
Author: M.F. Moonzajer
31. "There are times I might coach one or two workouts a year when the regular coach gets caught in traffic."
Author: Mark Spitz
32. "This was our last night. We only had one curtain call, Bree. And I thought they were going to give us a standing ovation, but no-o-o-. Do you know why half the audience stood up?""To get a head start on the traffic," Bree said."To get a head start on the traffic," Antonia agreed in indignation. "I mean, here we are, dancing and singing our little guts out, and all those folks want to do is get to bed early. I ask you, whatever happened to common courtesy? Whatever happened to decent manners? Doesn't anyone care about craft anymore? And on top of that, it's not even nice."
Author: Mary Stanton
33. "Safety is an illusion, Costis. A Thief might fall at any time, and eventually the day must come when the god will let him. Whether I am on a rafter three stories up or on a staircase three steps up, I am in my god's hands. He will keep me safe, or he will not, here or on the stairs."
Author: Megan Whalen Turner
34. "An author is similar to an actor. They play many characters in their lives—photographer, nurse, dancer, doctor, writer, etc. As an author, you have to learn your craft, know each and every element to become that character you're writing about to be able to live and breathe what they do."
Author: Mischa Temaul
35. "Illium sonrió, desvengonzado.-¿Queréis intentarlo de nuevo? Me moveré más despacio (ambos sois mucho más viejos, después de todo) -Las últimas palabras fueron un susurro conspirador.Galen miró a Rafael.-¿Cómo ha sobrevivido todo este tiempo?-Nadie puede atraparlo."
Author: Nalini Singh
36. "Arafat rejected the deal because, as a dictator who had directed all his energies toward strengthening the Palestinians hatred toward Israel, Arafat could not afford to make peace."
Author: Natan Sharansky
37. "Dünya uzaklarda - derin bir mezara indirilmis-, yeri, bir çöl gibi ve yapayalniz. Gögsünün tellerinden derin bir hüznün esintileri yükselmekte. Çig taneleriyle birlikte ta asagilara damlamak ve küllere karismak istiyorum. -Anilarin uzakligi, gençligin arzulari, çocukluktaki düsler, bütün bir yasamin kisacik sevinçleri ve nafile umutlari, günesin ardindan etrafi saran aksam sisi gibi, sirtlarinda kursuni giysilerle gelmekteler. Baska yerlerde isik, neseli çadirlarini kurmus. Ya onu masumiyetin inanciyla beklemekte olan çocuklarina bir daha hiç dönmezse?"
Author: Novalis
38. "Everyone has a different path. I knew no one in the acting industry growing up. I never did a play until college. I was not outspoken when I was younger and I hated being the center of attention. But I had a dream of being an actor. I went to NYU and studied theatre. I learned a craft. And began my career straight out of college."
Author: Peter Facinelli
39. "The night creeps in by subtle degrees while a show of fierce colors attracts and distracts me. I look up, suddenly aware of remote lights scattered overhead. I gasp as the last streak of fire dies on the horizon, and I comprehend it all too late. That crafty, dark night has swallowed my world whole."
Author: Richelle E. Goodrich
40. "The classic, quote/unquote, craft of songwriting still works; it still is relevant."
Author: Ryan Tedder
41. "If you go to the craft market you will see them everywhere. They represent the mix of cultures and races here in the Dominican Republic, that are the result of centuries of international commerce, colonization, conquest, and the slave trade. The facelessness means that there is no 'typical' Dominican woman."
Author: Sandra Rodriguez Barron
42. "What is compelling with 'War Horse' is the jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring craftsmanship in this movie."
Author: Stacey Snider
43. "As I left my cab in the traffic jam, the driver made it clear he didn't like it that I was ending our relationship so unexpectedly"
Author: Steve Toltz
44. "Most development doesn't make it to series. So you want the writer and director to have a really good experience with development because, if it doesn't work out, you want to work with them again. You have to know their work really well, know the drafts really well, and when you give notes, you need to have really thought them through."
Author: Sue Naegle
45. "I don't have kind memories of you, Raffe, in case you'd forgotten. After all this time, you show up in my life again with no warning. Making demands. Insulting me by flaunting your human toy in my presence. Why should I do this for you instead of sounding the alarm and letting everybody know you had the nerve to come back?"
Author: Susan Ee
46. "Never ever forget that you enlisted in the ranks – you weren't press ganged or drafted. Nobody owes you anything – least of all respect for your work – until you've earned it with what you put on the page."
Author: T.F. Rigelhof
47. "The raft is used to cross the river. It isn't to be carried around on your shoulders. The finger which points at the moon isn't the moon itself."
Author: Thích Nhất Hạnh
48. "Do not let yourself get in your own way. Don't judge yourself and knock yourself down. There is enough of that out there already. Remember: you are an artist, and you bring something special to this craft. Take in notes and criticism, but don't let them define you. Don't try to become a watered down version of yourself."
Author: Valerie Azlynn
49. "He suggested I play golf, but finally agreed to give me something that, he said, "would really work"; and going to a cabinet, he produced a vial of violet-blue capsules banded with dark purple at one end, which, he said, had just been placed on the market and were intended not for neurotics whom a draft of water could calm if properly administered, but only for great sleepless artists who had to die for a few hours in order to live for centuries."
Author: Vladimir Nabokov
50. "Receiver from Hallicrafters, the most sophisticated radios available. Woz spent a lot of time at home reading his father's electronics journals, and he became enthralled by stories about new computers, such as the powerful ENIAC."
Author: Walter Isaacson

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