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1. "Il faut vivre avec les hommes tels qu ils sont : les gens qu on dit etre de si bonne compagnie ne sont souvent que ceux dont les vices sont plus raffines ; et peut-etre en est-il comme des poisons, dont les plus subtils sont aussi les plus dangereux."
Author: Charles De Montesquieu
2. "Sapevamo che se la comprensione del testo è una dura e solitaria conquista della mente, la frase scema stabilisce invece una connivenza riposante che può esistere solo tra amici intimi. Soltanto con gli amici più stretti ci raccontiamo le storielle più stupide, come per rendere un implicito omaggio alla loro raffinatezza intellettuale. Con gli altri facciamo i brillanti, sfoggiamo il nostro sapere, ce la tiriamo, seduciamo."
Author: Daniel Pennac
3. "Se ci fate caso, la gente si rincretinisce per pochissimo, mica perché rimane veramente vittima di chissà quali raffinatezze."
Author: Diego De Silva
4. "He felt like an old sponge steeped in paraffin and left in the sun to dry."
Author: Douglas Adams
5. "…Egil har altså ikke sugd det fra eget bryst, men, sier han, vi må ta i betraktning at den tiden er over. I dag er det ganske lite som kan suges helt fra eget bryst. Det er ikke mulig lenger. Folk har tenkt tankene før. Vår oppgave blir å raffinere dem."
Author: Erlend Loe
6. "Un homme, au contraire, ne devait-il pas tout connaître, exceller en des activités multiples, vous initier aux énergies de la passion, aus raffinements de la vie, à tous les mystères?"
Author: Gustave Flaubert
7. "And so the German spirit, carousing in music, in wonderful creations of sound, and wonderful beauties of feeling and mood that were never pressed home to reality, has left the greater part of its gifts to decay. None of us intellectuals is at home in reality. We are strange to it and hostile.Assiduous and busy, care-ridden and light-hearted, intelligent and yet thoughtless, these butterflies lived a life at once childlike and raffiné; independent, not to be bought by every one, finding their account in good luck and fine weather, in love with life and yet clinging to it far less than the bourgeois, always ready to follow a fairy prince to his castle, always certain, though scarcely conscious of it, that a difficult and sad end was in store for them."
Author: Hermann Hesse
8. " Anne, con la sua raffinata intelligenza e la sua dolcezza, virtù che avrebbero dovuto collocarla molto in alto nella stima di chiunque fosse dotato di giudizio, non era nessuno né per il padre né per la sorella. La sua parola non aveva alcun valore, le sue esigenze erano sempre considerate poco importanti; era soltanto Anne"
Author: Jane Austen
9. "Of course, it was impossible, in this company, not to think about balances of power. Raffin and Bann glanced at each other now and then, sharing silent agreement, teasing each other, or just resting their eyes on each other, as if each man was a comfortable resting place for the other. Prince Raffin, heir to the Middluns throne; Bann, who had no title, no fortune. How she longed to ask them questions that were too nosy for asking, even by her standards. How did they balance money matters? How did they make decisions? How did Bann cope with the expectation that Raffin marry and produce heirs? If Randa knew the truth about his son, would Bann be in danger? Did Bann ever resent Raffin's wealth and importance? What was the balance of power in their bed?"
Author: Kristin Cashore
10. "Very well, let's see. I'm very sympathetic about your having left Raffin. I think you're brave to have defied Randa as you did with that Ellis fellow; I don't know if I could've gone through with it. I think you have more energy than anyone I've ever encountered, though I wonder if you aren't a bit hard on your horse. I find myself wondering why you haven't wanted to marry Giddon, and if it's because you've intended to marry Raffin, and if so, whether you're even more unhappy to have left him than I realized. I'm very pleased you've come with me. I'd like to see you defend yourself for real, fight someone to the death, for it would be a thrilling sight. I think my mother would take to you. My brothers, of course, would worship you. I think you're the most quarrelsome person I've ever met. And I really do worry about your horse."
Author: Kristin Cashore
11. "Raffin appeared again, a floor above her, on the balconied passageway that ran past his workrooms. He leaned over the railing and called down to her. "Kat!""What is it?""You look lost . Have you forgotten the way to your rooms?""I'm stalling.""How long will you be? I'd like to show you a couple of my new discoveries.""I've been told to make myself pretty for dinner."He grinned. "Well in that case, you'll be ages."His face dissolved into laughter, and she tore a button from one of her bags an hurled it at him. He squealed and dropped to the floor, and the button hit the wall right where he'd been standing. When he peeked back over the railing, she stood in the courtyard with her hands on her hips, grinning. "I missed on purpose," she said."Show off! Come if you have time." He waved, and turned into his rooms."
Author: Kristin Cashore
12. "Your face will freeze like that, you know, Kat," Raffin said helpfully to Katsa."Maybe I should rearrange your face, Raff," said Katsa."I should like smaller ears," Raffin offered."Prince Raffin has nice, handsome ears," Helda said, not looking up from her knitting. "As will his children. Your children will have no ears at all, My Lady," she said sternly to Katsa.Katsa stared back at her, flabbergasted."I believe it's more that her ears won't have children," began Raffin, "which, you'll agree, sounds much less—"
Author: Kristin Cashore
13. "You're in fine temper," Raffin said."Your hair is blue," she snapped back."
Author: Kristin Cashore
14. "Raff,' Katsa said, 'your problem is that your heart's not in it. We need to find something to strengthen your defensive resolve. What if you pretended he's trying to smash your favorite medicinal plant?''The rare blue safflower,' Bann suggested.'Yes,' Katsa said gamely, 'pretend he's after your snaffler.''Bann would never come after my rare blue safflower,' Raffin said distinctly. 'The very notion is absurd.''Pretend he's not Bann. Pretend he's your father."
Author: Kristin Cashore
15. "Well then, "Katsa said. "Of course, we'll operate with the greatest possible secrecy, Bitterblue. And for what it's worth, we'll deny your involvement to our dying breaths, and I'll kill anyone who doesn't."Bann began to laugh into Raffin's shoulder. Smiling, Raffin said sideways to him, "Can you imagine what it would be like to be able to say that and mean it?"
Author: Kristin Cashore
16. "Sit, Your High Majestic Lord Princes," she said. She yanked a chair from the table and sat herself down."You're in fine temper," Raffin said."Your hair is blue," Katsa snapped back."
Author: Kristin Cashore
17. "I wouldn't marry Giddon to save my life," Katsa said. "Not even to save yours.""Well." Raffin's eyes were full of laughter. "I'd leave that part out."
Author: Kristin Cashore
18. "Raffin and Bann stood together, propped against the wall and against each other, half dozing. At one point, Raffin, not knowing he had one small, curious witness, gave Bann a sleepy kiss on the ear. "Bitterblue had wondered that about them. I t was nice when something in the world became clear. Especially when it was a nice thing."
Author: Kristin Cashore
19. "Le plaisir sexuel n'était pas seulement supérieur, en raffinement et en violence, à tous les autres plaisirs que pouvait comporter la vie; il n'était pas seulement l'unique plaisir qui ne s'accompagne d'aucun dommage pour l'organisme, mais qui contribue au contraire à le maintenir à son plus haut niveau de vitalité et de force; il était l'unique plaisir, l'unique objectif en vérité de l'existence humaine, et tous les autres - qu'ils soient associés aux nourritures riches, au tabac, aux alcools ou à la drogue - n'étaient que des compensations dérisoires et désespérées, des mini-suicides qui n'avaient pas le courage de dire leur nom, des tentatives pour détruire plus rapidement un corps qui n'avait plus accès au plaisir unique."
Author: Michel Houellebecq
20. "Il en est toujours ainsi des natures subtiles et raffinées. Il faut que leurs passions ploient ou broient, qu'elles choisissent de tuer ou de mourir. Seules ont la vie longue les peines légères et les légères amours. Les amours et les peines profondes succombent à leur propre plénitude."
Author: Oscar Wilde
21. "Does the giraffe know what he's for? Or care? Or even think about his place in things? A giraffe has a black tongue twenty-seven inches long and no vocal cords. A giraffe has nothing to say. He just goes on giraffing."
Author: Robert Fulghum
22. "Non avevano imparato nulla dai loro errori, se non a portare la crudeltà a un nuovo livello di brutale raffinatezza."
Author: Sabrina Miso
23. "Toujours les même excellentes intentions qui pavent si bien l'enfer, l'enfer des camps de concentration. Léon Blum est un homme d'une intelligence raffinée, d'une grande culture, il aime Stendhal, il a sans doute lu et relu la Chartreuse de Parme; il lui manque cependant cette pointe de cynisme indispensable à la clairvoyance. On peut tout trouver dans les rangs de la social-démocratie, sauf des esprits véritablement libres. La doctrine est cependant souple, sujette à autant d'interprétations et modifications qu'on voudra; mais il n'est jamais bon d'avoir derrière soi une doctrine, surtout quand elle enferme le dogme du progrès, la confiance inébranble dans l'histoire et dans les masses. Marx n'est pas un bon auteur pour former le jugement; Machiavel vaut infiniment mieux."
Author: Simone Weil
24. "Les livres sont des barils de brut. En eux, dort la pensée. Elle est contenue entre les feuilles comme les hydrocarbures entre les strates. Pour se libérer, la force des mots attend le raffinage de la lecture."
Author: Sylvain Tesson
25. "Prideep pointed to the flames of paraffin lamps as they came alive in the distance and cackled in awe at the experience. (…) I was to discover that making tasty soup with one carrot, ten peas and a little dishwater, was his greatest skill. One wondered what the man would be capable of creating with a blender and a non-stick frying-pan."
Author: Tahir Shah
26. "He undressed, lay down, put out the light. Two names he whispered into his pillow, the few chaste northern syllables that meant for him his true and native way of love, of longing and happiness; that meant to him life and home, meant simple and heartfelt feeling. He looked back on the years that had passed. He thought of the dreamy adventures of the senses, nerves, and mind in which he had been involved; saw himself eaten up with intellect and introspection, ravaged and paralysed by insight, half worn out by the fevers and frosts of creation, helpless and in anguish of conscience between two extremes, flung to and from between austerity and lust; raffiné, impoverished, exhausted by frigid and artificially heightened ecstasies; erring, forsaken, martyred, and ill -- and sobbed with nostalgia and remorse."
Author: Thomas Mann
27. "Una biblioteca raffinata è come un intestino. Bisogna stare molto attenti a cosa ci si mette dentro. Si prende in considerazione soltanto ciò che è opportuno. Se in una biblioteca di questo genere dovesse capitare un libro che c'entra, sarebbe come se aveste distrattamente inghiottito qualcosa di non commestibile. Sareste presi dalla nausea e dal disgusto."
Author: Z. Zivkovic Sei Biblioteche

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