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1. "Now the end is going to come - in one fashion or another", Bines said, softly, and again he turned to Ralphie and smiled. "We all know, the end will come. You either face your hunters or run from them."
Author: David Adams Richards
2. "You ever seen A Christmas Story? You know toward the end when Ralphie beats the ever-loving shit out of the bully? I hope to God you've seen it. Because then you'll know exactly what I mean when I say I'm about to go real fucking Ralphie on this son of a bitch."
Author: Emma Chase
3. "Ralph, escort Ms. MacKinnon to get her stuff. Come right back out, and don't touch anything near the crime scene.I won't.Oh, I know you won't. I was talking to Ralphie here. He gets a little ahead of himself sometimes, if you know what I mean.Aw, Ma-I mean Chief-what'd you have to say that for?"
Author: Jane Taylor Starwood
4. "Well Buddy's in the kitchen grating cheese like a grating fool. We've decided to do nacho's. Ralphie's gaze moved to Hector and he informed him, "It's the food of your people."
Author: Kristen Ashley
5. "Okay kids," Ralphie said, trailing me. "Don't be too late. Don't do any drugs, drive smart and even if all the other kids are doing it, think twice. If you're going to be over your curfew then make sure you call your Daddies or we'll get worried."
Author: Kristen Ashley

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