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1. "Guilt is a useless feeling. It's never enough to make you change direction--only enough to make you useless."
Author: Daniel Nayeri
2. "We must remember that the people for whom this change represents a first taste of freedom and a new and brighter future did not allow their resolution to falter, no matter how great the suffering by which they bought this independence."
Author: Hjalmar Branting
3. "Remember live each day, as though it were your last, the mark you leave, your legacy, can't change once you have passed."
Author: L.M. Fields
4. "I've been a jealous person myself. I've been distrustful, convinced that somebody's having an affair with somebody else. If you believe it in your head, everything looks like a lie. When you're looking for it, you always see it - even the change of expression in their face."
Author: Laura Fraser
5. "People do think that if they avoid the truth, it might change to something better before they have to hear it."
Author: Marsha Norman
6. "But complex animals had obtained their adaptive flexibility at some cost--they had traded one dependency for another. It was no longer necessary to change their bodies to adapt, because now their adaptation was behavior, socially determined. That behavior required learning. In a sense, among higher animals adaptive fitness was no longer transmitted to the next generation by DNA at all. It was now carried by teaching."
Author: Michael Crichton
7. "Je ne suis pas un nazi. Je suis un Allemand. Ce n'est pas la même chose. Un Allemand est un homme qui arrive à surmonter ses pires préjugés. Un nazi, quelqu'un qui les change en lois.(Hôtel Adlon - If The Dead Rise Not)"
Author: Philip Kerr
8. "The force of love will change your life so fast that you will scarcely believe it!"
Author: Rhonda Byrne
9. "A tiny change today brings a dramatically different tomorrow."
Author: Richard Bach
10. "Real leaders don't care [about receiving credit]. If it's about your mission, about spreading the faith, about seeing something happen, not only do you not care about credit, you actually want other people to take credit...There's no record of Martin Luther King, Jr. or Gandhi whining about credit. Credit isn't the point. Change is."
Author: Seth Godin
11. "If you want change and don't make choices that reflect the change, you are making a choice to keep things the same."
Author: Steve Maraboli
12. "If I were playing today, I'd steal the ball from these guys when they go under the ball with their hands because that's when they have less control of their dribble. Once you go under the ball, there;s nothing you can do except carry it or pick it up. Whereas with the yo-yo dribble, I could dribble a little quicker- change my and cadence- to elude my defender"
Author: Walt Frazier

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Quotes About Readiness To Change
Quotes About Readiness To Change
Quotes About Readiness To Change

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