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1. "Halfway through his reclusion, Arredondo experienced more than once that almost timeless time. In the first of the house's three patios there was cistern with a frog in it. It never occurred to Arredondo to think that the frog's time, which borders on eternity, was what he himself sought."
Author: Jorge Luis Borges
2. "The comfort of reclusion, the poetry of hibernation"
Author: Marcel Proust
3. "(on cults) The pattern is classic. It is referred to by many names, milieu control and totalism, for example, but the method doesn't change. the essential element in this seemingly mysterious macabre is reclusion. The glasshouse flower of a dream cannot withstand the elements outside protected walls. Such a relationship and belief system cannot withstand a reality check. Therefore, the probability of conversion is much higher if the cult is able to gain control of the individual's environment and communication channels."
Author: Testy McTesterson

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Quotes About Reclusion
Quotes About Reclusion

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I like all the adventure sports but I like to do them in a safe way."
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