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1. "Tomatoes and oregano make it Italian; wine and tarragon make it French. Sour cream makes it Russian; lemon and cinnamon make it Greek. Soy sauce makes it Chinese; garlic makes it good."
Author: Alice May Brock
2. "Even with a Democratic president behind the Civil Rights Act of 1964, a far larger percentage of Republicans than Democrats voted for it. Eminent Democratic luminaries voted against it, including Senators Ernest Hollings, Richard Russell, Sam Ervin, Albert Gore Sr., J. William Fulbright (Bill Clinton's mentor) and of course, Robert Byrd. Overall, 82 percent of Senate Republicans supported the Civil Rights Act of 1964, compared to only 66 percent of Democrats. In the House, 80 percent of Republicans voted for it, while only 63 percent of Democrats did.Crediting Democrats for finally coming on board with Republicans civil rights policies by supporting the 1964 act would be nearly as absurd as giving the Democrats all the glory for Regan's 1981 tax cuts - which passed with the support of 99 percent of Republicans but only 29 percent of Democrats."
Author: Ann Coulter
3. "The only time I've played a real baddy was when I was Regan in 'King Lear.'"
Author: Ashley Jensen
4. "From a nonpatriarchal metaethical standpoint, however, Singer's and Regan's theoretical similarities are as significant as their differences. In particular, both Singer's utilitarian theory and Regan's rights approach are developed within a framework of patriarchal norms, which includes the subordinatin of emotion to reason, the privileging of abstract principles of conduct, the perception of ethical discussion as a battle between adversaries, and the presumption that ethics shoudl function as a means of social control."
Author: Brian Luke
5. "Next out of the hall came the sisters and their husbands. Before I could say anything, the captain had clamped his hand over my mouth and was lifting me off my feet as I kicked. Cornwall made as to draw his dagger, but Regan pulled him away. "You've just won a kingdom, my duke, killing vermin is a servant's task. Leave the bitter fool stew in his own bile."She wanted me. It was clear."
Author: Christopher Moore
6. "Advice, then, young yeoman: When referring to the king's middle daughter, state that she is fair, speculate that she is pious, but unless you'd like to spend your watch looking for the box where your head is kept, resist the urge to wax ignorant on her naughty bits." -PocketI don't know what that means, sir." -YeomanSpeak not of Regan's shaggacity, son" [...] -Pocket"
Author: Christopher Moore
7. "[...] Y'know, the Duchess Regan is living here at the tower now? I took your advice about not talking about her boffnacity [footnote], even with the duke dead and all, can't be too careful. Although, I caught sight of her in a dressing gown one day she was up on the parapet outside her solar. Fine flanks on that princess, despite the danger of death and all for sayin' so, sir." -YeomenAye, the lady is fair, and her gadonk as fine as frog fur [...]" -Pocketfootnote: Boffnacity: an expression of shagnatiousness, fit. from the Latin boffusnatious"
Author: Christopher Moore
8. "When our ancestors were attacked at Pearl Harbor, they called it a day that would live in infamy. The day the Partials attacked us with the RM Virus will not live in anything, because there will be none of us left to remember it."-President David R. Cregan, March 21, 2065, in a press conference at the White House. Three hours later he hanged himself."
Author: Dan Wells
9. "If people don't know their pastor, it's easy to put the pastor on a pedestal and depersonalize him or her. It's also easy for pastors, who don't know their congregations, simply to classify congregants as saved or unsaved, involved or not involved, tithers or non-tithers."
Author: Eugene H. Peterson
10. "Spesso dicevo che la vita era uno schifo.Anche quella frase mi stava fregando, perché avrei dovuto dire: "La mia vita è uno schifo".Allora, magari avrei iniziato a chiedermi se potevo fare qualcosa per cambiarla.Se era tutta colpa del destino, del caso, della sfortuna, o se invece anch'io ne ero colpevole. Perché dire che la vita fa schifo è come dire che non c'è niente che si possa fare.Che bisogna accettarlo come un dato di fatto imprescindibile.Fortuna che poi ho cambiato idea.Fortuna che ho capito che la mia vita ha un valore e quel valore glielo do io con le mie scelte e con il coraggio delle mie decisioni.Ho imparato a pormi una domanda ogni sera prima di addormentarmi: cosa hai fatto oggi per realizzare il tuo sogno, la tua libertà?Alla seconda sera in cui mi sono risposto: "Niente", ho capito quanto in fondo una parte del problema fossi io.Quindi, o smettevo di lamentarmi o iniziavo a darmi da fare."
Author: Fabio Volo
11. "De olhos fechados me jogo no mundo esfregando minha pele nua no que existe, o que se incrusta através de meu toque magnético passa a compor meu exoesqueleto cosmogeopsicológico."
Author: Filipe Russo
12. "Meu momento já passou. Bem na frente dos meus olhos. Agregando-se as minhas partículas."
Author: Filipe Russo
13. "Cašcenje je raven zavarovanja in spoštovanja procesa življenja. medtem ko oseba zori na poti in skozi pot, ko zacenja izražati avtenticno moc duše, ne škoduje nicemur. Ker ne castimo, naša pot do izražanja moci duše velikokrat vkljucuje izkušnjo žrtvovanja življenja. Zato se žrtve in preganjalci. Proces unicevanja Življenja med ucenjem o Življenju, kar je dalo pecat naši evoluciji, bi se nehal ali bi vsaj postal povsem drugacen, ce bi bil naš odnos do življenja cašcenje."
Author: Gary Zukav
14. "A muchos el universo les parece honrado; las gentes honestas tienen los ojos castrados. Por eso temen la obscenidad. No sienten ninguna angustia cuando oyen el grito del gallo ni cuando se pasean bajo un cielo estrellado. Cuando se entregan 'a los placeres de la carne' lo hacen a condición de que sean insípidos."
Author: Georges Bataille
15. "I had a soft spot in my heart for Ronald Regan, if only because he was a sportswriter in his youth, and also because his wife gave the best head in Hollywood."
Author: Hunter S. Thompson
16. "Damn, Regan, but you have the prettiest laugh. I think I need to hear that more often."
Author: Jessica Clare
17. "How could I ever be disappointed in you, Regan? You're a little damaged. So am I. Maybe we're both a little more fucked-up than normal, but we'll be nice and fucked-up together."
Author: Jessica Clare
18. "I would rend anyone limb from limb who tried to come between Regan and me. From now on, the only one who will hear her scream when she comes is me. The only man who will get to taste the nectar between her legs is me. The only cock that will ever pleasure her, from this moment until I never draw another breath, is mine."
Author: Jessica Clare
19. "You're mine, Regan Porter. You don't get to decide if you die or not. Because if you do, you're destroying me, too."
Author: Jessica Clare
20. "But having biologists outside the Beltway remained a problem for the adminisration. "They found they couldn't control us," Williams said... "That sort of thing just drove them up the wall. They were so used to saying 'do this,' and we'll just go away and do it. Never ask questions. The biologists had good connections with the press and national environmental group. "So eventually they said, 'Okay we're going to send you guys out to the hinterlands.'" The Regan administration began to dismantle the Endangered Species Office in D.C. Biologists have been working from regional offices ever since."
Author: Joe Roman
21. "He smoked so much marijuana that his hair smelled like a cupboard crammed with oregano;"
Author: John Irving
22. "The restaurant, Bongiorno's, was bad and didn't know it. Everything was presented with a passive-aggressive flourish, as though we probably weren't savvy enough to appreciate the oregano-heavy garlic bread, the individual bowls for olive pits, the starched napkins stuffed into our wineglasses, or the waiter's strained enunciation of a long list of specials."
Author: Jonathan Lethem
23. "It was on the eve of Yom Kippur, the holiest of holy days, that a fly flew under the door of the synagogue and began to pester the hanging congregants. It flew from face to face, buzzing, landing on long noses, going in and out of hairy ears. AND IF THIS IS ATEST, the Venerable Rabbi enlightened, trying to keep his congregationtogether, SHOULD WE NOT RISE TO ITS CHALLENGE? AND I URGE YOU: CRASH TO THE GROUND BEFORE YOU RELEASE THE GREAT BOOK!But how pestering that fly was, tickling some of the most ticklish places. AND AS GOD ASKED ABRAHAM TO SHOW ISAAC THE KNIFE'S POINT, SO IS HE ASKING US NOT TO SCRATCH OUR ASSES! AND IF WE MUST, BY ALL MEANS WITH THE LEFT HAND!"
Author: Jonathan Safran Foer
24. "Lincoln was raised in the thick of Old School Calvinism. In Kentucky and Indiana, his parents belonged to a fire-breathing sect called Separate Baptism, in which congregants heard—in the tradition of Jonathan Edward's famous sermon "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God"—that they were bound for eternal hellfire, and nothing they could do or say or think would change their fate. Preachers did allow that a chosen few were ordained for grace and would be saved, but these fortunate ones had been selected by God before time began. As one Baptist preacher in Lincoln's Kentucky explained it, "Long before the morning stars sang together . . . the Almighty looked down upon the ages yet unborn, as it were, in review before him, and selected one here and another there to enjoy eternal life and left the rest to the blackness of darkness forever." Such Baptist ministers were so intense that it has been said that they "out-Calvined Calvin."
Author: Joshua Wolf Shenk
25. "Lo más importante de los libros son las manos que los entregan."
Author: Juan Villoro
26. "Se sabe que las bicicletas han tratado por todos los medios de remediar su triste condición social. Pero en absolutamente todos los países de la tierra 'está prohibido entrar con bicicletas'. Algunos agregan: 'y perros', lo cual duplica en las bicicletas y en los canes su complejo de inferioridad."
Author: Julio Cortázar
27. "Every cuisine has its characteristic 'flavor principle,' Rozin contends, whether it is tomato-lemon-oregano in Greece; lime-chili in Mexico; onion-lard-paprika in Hungary, or, in Samin's Moroccan dish, cumin-coriander-cinnamon-ginger-onion-fruit. (And in America? Well, we do have Heinz ketchup, a flavor principle in a bottle that kids, or their parents, use to domesticate every imaginable kind of food. We also now have the familiar salty-umami taste of fast food, which I would guess is based on salt, soy oil, and MSG."
Author: Michael Pollan
28. "Better yet, why don't you tell us why you're here?""Last time I checked, I live here, too," Collin said."Not you, that…that…," Mr. Taylor said, pointing at me with his fork."Pig!" Regan shouted at me.Collin's head whipped around in her direction."I'm sorry?" I asked, caught off guard."Pig…do you want some of the roasted pig?" she asked, holding a platter of meat."
Author: Nicole Gulla
29. "Yes, she was thrilled to find Regan so content."
Author: Nora Roberts
30. "Se miran, se presienten, se desean,se acarician, se besan, se desnudan,se respiran, se acuestan, se olfatean,se penetran, se chupan, se demudan,se adormecen, despiertan, se iluminan,se codician, se palpan, se fascinan,se mastican, se gustan, se babean,se confunden, se acoplan, se disgregan,se aletargan, fallecen, se reintegran,se distienden, se enarcan, se menean,se retuercen, se estiran, se caldean,se estrangulan, se aprietan, se estremecen,se tantean, se juntan, desfallecen,se repelen, se enervan, se apetecen,se acometen, se enlazan, se entrechocan,se agazapan, se apresan, se dislocan,se perforan, se incrustan, se acribillan,se remachan, se injertan, se atornillan,se desmayan, reviven, resplandecen,se contemplan, se inflaman, se enloquecen,se derriten, se sueldan, se calcinan, se desgarran, se muerden, se asesinan, resucitan, se buscan, se refriegan, se rehúyen, se evaden y se entregan."
Author: Oliverio Girondo
31. "La Bellezza è l'unica cosa contro cui la forza del tempo sia vana. Le filosofie si disgregano come la sabbia, le credenze si succedono l'una all'altra, ma ciò che è bello è una gioia per tutte le stagioni, ed è un possesso per tutta l'eternità."
Author: Oscar Wilde
32. "You learn to get by from day to day," Sam Regan said sympathetically to him. "You never think in longer terms. Just until dinner or until time for bed; very finite intervals and tasks and pleasures. Escapes."
Author: Philip K. Dick
33. "I sat down on the edge of a deep soft chair and looked at Mrs Regan. She was worth a stare. She was trouble."
Author: Raymond Chandler
34. "You were dead, you were sleeping the big sleep, you were not bothered by things like that, oil and water were the same as wind and air to you. You just slept the big sleep, not caring about the nastiness of how you died or where you fell. Me, I was part of the nastiness now. Far more a part of it than Rusty Regan was."
Author: Raymond Chandler
35. "...quienes se entregan a la venganza y se toman la justicia por su mano rara vez saben dónde está el límite..."
Author: Richelle Mead
36. "You stole my heart, Regan,"he told her. "And I don't particularly want it back."
Author: Tara Janzen
37. "To Ronald Wilson Regan, The Fortieth President of The United States: The Man Who Won The War."
Author: Tom Clancy

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