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1. "Il y a encore une mer à traverseroh encore une mer à traverserpour que j'invente mes poumonspour que le prince se taisepour que la reine me baiseencore un vieillard à assassinerun fou à délivrerpour que mon âme luise aboie luiseaboie aboie aboieet que hulule la chouette mon bel ange curieux."
Author: Aimé Césaire
2. "Au fond des prisons, le rêve est sans limites, la réalité ne freine rien."
Author: Albert Camus
3. "C'est parce que je cherche le Graal que je suis roi. Et du coup que vous êtes reine. Si je cherchais pas le Graal, vous seriez encore en Carmélide en train de torcher le cul des vaches dans une des fermes de votre con de père !"
Author: Alexandre Astier
4. "Man must be an emptiness, a nothingness, which is not a pure nothingness (reines Nichts), but something that is to the extent that it annihilates Being, in order to realize itself at the expense of Being and to nihilate in being. Man is negating Action, which transforms given Being and, by transforming it, transforms itself. Man is what he is only to the extent that he becomes what he is; his true Being (Sein) is Becoming (Werden), Time, History; and he becomes, he is History only in and by Action that negates the given, the Action of Fighting and of Work — of the Work that finally produces the table on which Hegel writes his Phenomenology, and of the Fight that is finally that Battle at Jena whose sounds he hearts while writing the Phenomenology. And that is why, in answering the "What am I?" Hegel had to take account of both that table and those sounds."
Author: Alexandre Kojève
5. "Je comprends. On a placé ta froide main dans la main du vassal insolent, décoré des pouvoirs du maître ; la royale procuration, sanctionnée par l'officieux chapelain de Son Excellence, a réuni aux yeux du monde deux êtres inconnus l'un à l'autre. Je suis au fait de ces cérémonies. Et toi, ton coeur, ta tête, ta vie, marchandés par entremetteurs, tout a été vendu au plus offrant ; une couronne de reine t'a faite esclave pour jamais ; et cependant ton fiancé, enseveli dans les délices d'une cour, attend nonchalamment que sa nouvelle épouse... ( RAZETTA )"
Author: Alfred De Musset
6. "So sind meine Berge nun mal: vereinen Heimatverbundenheit und Fernweh, sind Ort der Zuflucht und der Durchreise, ein Land, in dem Milch und Honig fließt, aber auch Blut. Weder Paradies noch Hölle. Fegefeuer."
Author: Amin Maalouf
7. "L'étoile frappera la terre, empoisonnant l'eau et l'air, et une pluie de feu détruira le tiers de tous les arbres. Un montagne de feu s'écroulera dans l'océan et l'eau submergera le tiers des nations... La compagne du Prince des Ténèbres le quittera pour mettre son enfant sous la protection des anges... Un grand massacre suivra l'appel de la reine blanche. Le peuple réclamera du plus grand de tous les chefs qu'il punisse les coupables... Un grand silence tombera sur la Terre tandis que les anges affronteront les démons. Lorsque vous verrez ces lignes, vous saurez que le Prince du ciel est à votre porte."
Author: Anne Robillard
8. "When I see heavy dramas with no comic relief, I don't think they're honest. I don't think people go through life miserable all the time; in fact, if you're very miserable, you giggle a lot at the oddest things."--Carl Reiner in "The Trib"
Author: Carl Reiner
9. "Snap out of it," I said. I wasn't in the mood.With a huge effort, Eric reined himself in. "When you smell like that," he said. "I just want to fuck you and bite you and rub myself all over you."-Eric drunk on Fairies."
Author: Charlaine Harris
10. "Character is the impulse reined down into steady continuance."
Author: Charles Henry Parkhurst
11. "I was an assistant once. I worked for Rob Reiner and his family. I did sign a confidentiality agreement, though."
Author: Cheryl Hines
12. "My mom gives me an allowance. She keeps me pretty tight-reined."
Author: Chloe Grace Moretz
13. "Dann kam Achill das Vieh. Des Mörders Eintritt in den Tempel, der, als er im Eingang stand, verdunkelt wurde. Was wollte dieser Mensch. Was suchte er bewaffnet hier im Tempel. Grässlichster Augenblick: Ich wusst es schon. Dann lachte er. Jedes Haar auf meinem Kopf stand mir zu Berge, und in die Augen meines Bruders trat der reine Schrecken. Ich warf mich über ihn und wurde weggeschoben wie ein Ding aus Nichts [...] Lachend, alles lachend. Ihm an den Hals griff. An die Kehle ging [...] Des Bruders Augen aus den Höhlen quellend. Und in Achills Gesicht die Lust. Die nackte grässliche männliche Lust [...] Nun hob der Feind, das Monstrum, im Anblick der Apollon-Statue sein Schwert und trennte meines Bruders Kopf vom Rumpf."
Author: Christa Wolf
14. "Han spotted a child?s homespun dolly in the ditch, pressed into the mud. He reined in, meaning to climb down and fetch it so he could clean it up for his little sister. Then he remembered that Mari was dead and had no need of dollies anymore.Grief was like that. It gradually faded into a dull ache, until some simple sight or sound or scent hit him like a hammer blow."
Author: Cinda Williams Chima
15. "In a 1999 paper, Reiner indicates that his data show "that with time and age, children may well know what their gender is, regardless of any and all information and child-rearing to the contrary. They seem to be quite capable of telling us who they are, and we can observe how they act and function even before they tell us."
Author: Deborah Rudacille
16. "Ces six personnes formaient le fond de la voiture, le côté de la société rentée, sereine et forte, des honnêtes gens autorisés qui ont de la Religion et des Principes."
Author: Guy De Maupassant
17. "Wenn mir Musik die Seele bewegte, dann verstand ich ohne Worte doch alles, fühlte in der Tiefe alles Lebens reine Harmonie und glaubte zu wissen, daß ein Sinn und schönes Gesetz in allem Geschehen verborgen sei. Wenn es auch eine Täuschung war, ich lebte doch darin und war darin beglückt."
Author: Hermann Hesse
18. "Power isn't about doing something terrible to someone who's weaker than you, Reiner. It's having the strength to do something terrible, and choosing not to."
Author: Jodi Picoult
19. "Duas almas, oh! moram dentro do meu peito,E aí lutam por um indivisível reino;Uma aspira pela terra, com vontade apaixonadaÀs íntimas entranhas ainda está ligada.Acima das névoas, a outro aspira, de certeza,Com ardor sagrado por esferas onde reine a pureza"
Author: Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
20. "There dwells a life in every star;With brother spheres it rolls afarIts self-elected, radiant way.Still throb within the great earth-ballThe forces which conduct us allFrom day to night, from night to day. - - - GER:Das Leben wohnt in jedem Sterne:Er wandelt mit den andern gerneDie selbsterwählte reine Bahn;Im innern Erdenball pulsierenDie Kräfte, die zur Nacht uns führenUnd wieder zu dem Tag heran.Zahme Xenien VI."
Author: Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
21. "Halt's heavy-shafted, long arrow was almost buried in its side, driven there by the full power of the Ranger's mighty longbow. He'd stuck the charging monster right behind the left shoulder, driving the head of the arrow into and through the pig's massive heart.A perfect shot.Halt reined in Abelard in a shower of snow and hurled himself to the ground, throwing his arms around the shaking boy. Will, overcome with relief, buried his face into the rough cloth of the Rang'ers cloak. He didn't want anyone to see the tears of relief that wer streaming down his face.Gently, Halt took the knife from WIll's hand."What on earth where you hoping to do with this?" he asked."
Author: John Flanagan
22. "A lényeg semmi, hanem a forma szent. A mostani emberek olyanok, mint amilyenek madaraknak a kitömött madarak. Éppen nézegetett ma ilyeneket Alapi a kirakatokban. Ha szépen áll a csorük, tollazatuk, hát tökéletesek, az nem tesz semmit, hogy a testükben kóc van és nem vér, azért ok a forma szerint kifogástalanok. Vigyázzatok, a formákkal ölik meg Alapit! Hát a formák ellen hasonlóan formákkal kell küzdeni, mert a formák embereinek csak a formák imponálnak."
Author: Kálmán Mikszáth
23. "Man konnte die Zeit nicht zurückdrehen, das war reines Wunschdenken, aber man konnte dem Jetzt auf andere Weise entkommen, und zwar indem man vorwärtsging."
Author: Kate Morton
24. "Daniel took Luce's hands in his. He closed his eyes, inhaled, and let his massive white wings unfurl. Fully extended , they would have filled the entire kitchen , but Daniel reined them in, close to his body. They shimmered and glowed and looked altogether too beautiful. Luce reached out and touched them with both hands. Warm and satin smooth on the outside, but inside, full of power. She could feel it coursing through Daniel, into her. She felt so close to him, understood him completely—As If they had become one."
Author: Lauren Kate
25. "Yo no soy entendida en política ni economista. Soy simplemente una mujer que padeció, que perdió a su marido, a sus padres, a sus hijos y a sus amigos. Yo sé que el mundo tendrá que compartir colectivamente la responsabilidad. Los alemanes pecaron criminalmente, pero lo mismo hicieron las demás naciones aunque sólo sea por negarse a creer y a afanarse día y noche en salvar a los desventurados y desposeídos, por cuantos medios estuviesen a su alcance. Sé que si la gente de todo el mundo se propone que de ahora en adelante reine una justicia indivisible y que no haya más Hitlers, algos se conseguirá. Indudablemente, todos aquellos cuyas manos se hayan manchado con sangre nuestra, bien sea directa bien indirectamente, tienen que pagar por los crímenes que han cometido, lo mismo si son hombres que si son mujeres."
Author: Olga Lengyel
26. "All reined up in old language and old assumptions, straining to jump clean-hoofed on to a whole new track of being I only suspect is there. I can't see it, because my educated, average head is being held at the wrong angle. I can't jump because the bit forbids it, and my own basic force - my horsepower, if you like - is too little."
Author: Peter Shaffer
27. "She might have wallowed a long while in the pleasures of resistance and the challenge of discovering how unrestrained she could be. But she would have been at home. At home you flip out a little and that's it. You do not have the pleasure of the unadulterated pleasure. You don't get to the point where you flip out a little so many times that you finally decide it's such a great, great kick, why not flip out a lot? At home there is no opportunity to douse yourself in this squalor. At home you can't live where the disorder is. At home you can't live where nothing is reined in. At home there is the tremendous discrepancy between the way she imagines the world to be and the way the world is for her. Well, no longer is there that dissonance to disturb her equilibrium."
Author: Philip Roth
28. "Unbelievable," Audrey's voice squeaked as I pushed past her. "Here we are, talking to you about your freaky little-boy encounter back in Breaux Bridge and how your caramel macchiato tasted like cardboard, and boom! You just zone out like one of the kids from Children of the Corn.""Um, Aud, babe … I don't think those kids zone out. They're just freaky twenty-four-seven. It's a year-round thing." Gabe's response drew a half-hearted laugh from me, but it was quickly reined in when I reached the Book of the Ancients."Whatever, Gabriel," Audrey said to him. "My point is, it's freaky, okay? She gets this glazed-over look in her eyes, like she's gonna whip out a butcher knife and go all Michael Myers on us or something."I glanced over my shoulder to cock an eyebrow at her."Oh, now you pay attention." She cocked an eyebrow back."What is it with you and the cheesy horror-movie references?" Gabe muttered. "Hey, now. Halloween is a classic," Gavin scolded him. "Don't go hating on the classics."
Author: Rachael Wade
29. "Elle avait un visage menu, d'un blanc laiteux, et il s'en dégageait une espèce d'avidité sereine, d'inlassable curiosité pour tout ce qui l'entourait. Son expression suggérait une vague surprise ; ses yeux sombres se fixaient sur le monde avec une telle intensité que nul mouvement ne leur échappait."
Author: Ray Bradbury
30. "Reinette: One may tolerate a world of demons for the sake of an angel."
Author: Steven Moffat
31. "Young Reinette: Monsieur, be careful!The Doctor: It's just a nightmare, Reinette, don't worry, everyone has nightmares. Even monsters under the bed have nightmares!Young Reinette: What do monsters have nightmares about?The Doctor: Me!"
Author: Steven Moffat
32. "The Howeitat spread out along the cliffs to return the peasants' fire. This manner of going displeased Auda, the old lion, who raged that a mercenary village folk should dare to resist their secular masters, the Abu Tayi. So he jerked his halter, cantered his mare down the path, and rode out plain to view beneath the easternmost houses of the village. There he reined in, and shook a hand at them, booming in his wonderful voice: 'Dogs, do you not know Auda?' When they realized it was that implacable son of war their hearts failed them, and an hour later Sherif Nasir in the town-house was sipping tea with his guest the Turkish Governor, trying to console him for the sudden change of fortune."
Author: T.E. Lawrence
33. "Gauvin reprit :-Et la femme? qu'en faites-vous?Cimourdain répondit:-Ce qu'elle est. La servante de l'homme.-Oui. À une condition.-Laquelle?-C'est que l'homme sera le serviteur de la femme.-Y penses-tu? s'écria Cimourdain, l'homme serviteur! Jamais. L'homme est maître . Je n'admet qu'une royauté, celle du foyer. L'homme chez lui est roi.-Oui. À une condition.-Laquelle?-C'est que la femme y sera reine."
Author: Victor Hugo

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