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1. "I love Pilates, I really do, and I do it three times a week because it works well for me."
Author: Aerin Lauder
2. "You've got to get good habits of working hard so that when that play comes up during the regular season that you're able to complete it and do it the right way."
Author: Al Kaline
3. "Who knows for what we live, and struggle, and die? Wise men write many books, in words too hard to understand. But this, the purpose of our lives, the end of all our struggle, is beyond all human wisdom."
Author: Alan Paton
4. "I always hated watching movies where the couple falls so hard and so fast. I had always thought that was too good to be true. Things like that didn't happen in real life. But here I was so wrapped up in a guy that I had known for a little over a week."
Author: Amanda Stone
5. "Now about those ghosts. I'm sure they're here and I'm not half so alarmed at meeting up with any of them as I am at having to meet the live nuts I have to see every day."
Author: Bess Truman
6. "Throughout our times with Christopher [therapist] we were encouraged to work together at communicating on the inside. He pointed out that it would be good for us all to listen-in when an alter was telling his/her story - that it's now safe, no harm will come to us from telling or from knowing. There was once a time when it was very important that we didn't know what had happened; that knowing meant danger or being so overwhelmed with pain and grief that we wouldn't survive. But now it was different. We're safe and strong, and our goal now are to uncover the grisly truth of what's happened to us, so that it's no longer a powerful secret. We can look at it and face the past for what it is - old memories of old events. Today is now,and we can choose to live a different way and believe different things. We were once powerless and vulnerable, but now we were in a position to make choices. We had control over our life."
Author: Carolyn Bramhall
7. "The way to conquer sin is not by working hard to change our deeds, but by trusting Jesus to change our desires. Follow Me, pg. 111."
Author: David Platt
8. "Preach the Gospel at all times and when necessary use words."
Author: Francis Of Assisi
9. "Choose your tempo," he whispered in her ear. "What?" "Fast and hard or slow and easy. Your tempo, your choice. You get to direct this symphony."
Author: Mari Carr
10. "I'm a product of good nutrition, cutting edge supplementation and hard training, and I'm an old guy."
Author: Warren Cuccurullo

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Quotes About Relationships Having Hard Times
Quotes About Relationships Having Hard Times
Quotes About Relationships Having Hard Times

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