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1. "I think what has happened, actually, is that September 11 has given a spur, a renewed urgency, to dialogue between the great faiths."
Author: George Carey
2. "My teacher's mind and my interest in youth has brought me to some renewed conclusions, and I pass them on earnestly to mature persons who are given to assisting young people off the trail. The dictionary has a word for them: iconoclast. It is defined as, "one who attacks cherished beliefs as shames." What if the cherished beliefs that are attacked along the way are true? What if they are the very beliefs that make these boys and girls worthwhile, promising people they are? What if the foundations of their faith are effectively shaken at this crucial period, and they dangle, with no substantial footings to stand on?"
Author: Marion D. Hanks
3. "Do go on,' he said. 'There's nothing I enjoy more than listening to a highly trained intelligence leapfrogging common sense and coming to the wrong conclusions. It gives me renewed faith in parliamentary democracy."
Author: Tom Sharpe

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Quotes About Renewed Faith
Quotes About Renewed Faith
Quotes About Renewed Faith

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