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1. "SELFLESS LOVE.If you have a special person in your life, but you find yourselves arguing, irritated and/or fighting out of the blue… you both need to try to step back and be selfless and think of the other person... with no ego of your own. No ego. We are ALL dealing with our own tough issues. We may keep them to ourselves, but we all have struggles. If you BOTH allow yourselves to step into each others shoes- to have the awareness and respect for each others issues and struggles... that will most likely allow the love that you have for each other to shine through at its brightest.There will be ups and downs- feelings of being under-appreciated for both. It will happen. But let that be the worst that happens. Unity through diversity. That's the greatest love. A selfless love. It's paradoxical, but you each would get back more than you give out. That's the love that conquers all things that's mentioned in the Bible. It will be challenging for both of you, but well worth it."
Author: José N. Harris

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Ja sam jedino sposobna zbrajati život, dok tako prepun ne postane nepodnošljiv, odvec snažan, i raspršujem se u krizama histerije, u milijune komadica, zbog prevelike kolicine života... Prava je patnja živjeti u 'unutrašnjosti života'... netko bi me morao uciniti nesvjesnom. Ubiti me. Uciniti me neosjetljivom, nemocnom. Dijelovi mene morali bi umrijeti, ali ja sam sve dobro zaštitila od umiranja."
Author: Anaïs Nin

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