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1. "Like most things in the story the natural sciences can tell about the world, it's all so beautiful, so gracefully simple, yet so rewardingly complex, so neatly connected—not to mention true—that I can't even begin to imagine why anyone would ever want to believe some New Age ‘alternative' nonsense instead. I would go so far as to say that even if we are all under the control of a benevolent God, and the whole of reality turns out to be down to some flaky spiritual ‘energy' that only alternative therapists can truly harness, that's still neither so interesting nor so graceful as the most basic stuff I was taught at school about how plants work."
Author: Ben Goldacre
2. "He couldn't imagine using the word 'rewarding' about a work of art - for instance that such and such a book has given me so much, taught me so much, etc etc. - but thought solely that it enlightened him, made him see, cynically and withough false expectations, so that he felt he was alive."
Author: Dag Solstad
3. "As a filmmaker I find it much more rewarding to work with actors who are classically trained. It's about the work and only the work."
Author: George Hickenlooper
4. "To work to make the lives or others better is the most rewarding work of all."
Author: John Walters
5. "It is very rewarding to serve the country by helping President Bush work to reduce the drug problem."
Author: John Walters
6. "These core values include: Creating a customer-first service mentality. Producing an honest and ethical way of doing business. Delivering compelling value. Treating people with respect. Rewarding hard work and results. Choosing to err on the customer's behalf."
Author: Robert Spector
7. "Hard work is rewarding. Taking credit for other people's hard work is rewarding and faster."
Author: Scott Adams
8. "Careful now: even a financially rewarding, intellectually stimulating work environment isn't the same as living your own values."
Author: Stan Slap
9. "I wouldn't do a project if it weren't a story I wanted to tell. That's rewarding in itself, as a writer, if you're working on a story that you enjoy telling."
Author: Stephen Schwartz
10. "Fresh out of college, you tend to join a company because it's a job. But, you tend to stay because it becomes a career; you start to feel at home. In the beginning of your career, you're focused on you: 'I like this place because I'm doing rewarding work; they take good care of me; the people are nice; there's runway for me,' etc."
Author: Ursula Burns

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Quotes About Rewarding Work
Quotes About Rewarding Work
Quotes About Rewarding Work

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