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1. "Anda,Tidak dapat menguatkan yang lemah dengan melemahkan yang kuatTidak dapat membantu orang-orang kecil dengan mencabik orang besarTidak dapat menolong orang miskin dengan menghancurkan orang kayaTidak dapat mengangkat penerima upah dengan menekan pembayar upahTidak dapat terhindar dari masalah dengan menghasilkan penghasilan lebih besarTidak dapat memajukan rasa persaudaraan dengan mendorong kebencian antar rasTidak dapat menciptakan keamanan di atas uang pinjamanTidak dapat membangun karakter dan semangat dengan merampas inisiatif dan kemerdekaan."
Author: Abraham Lincoln
2. "Where is Nicholas?" Kieran asked."He's locked in a closet," Lucy said with grim satisfaction. After a moment of stunned silence, Quinn snorted out a laugh."You locked your boyfriend in a closet?" I asked."Cool," Chloe approved. The rhinestones on her earrings caught the blue lantern light.Lucy shrugged. "Serves him right. He locked me in there last week.""Chapter 11"
Author: Alyxandra Harvey
3. "When the moon was high over the moors, Rhineholt became a dark place with long, lonely corridors whose shadows gave breath to many secrets."
Author: Amber Newberry
4. "And she swung the old oar at him with all her strength.It hit with a great thwack, splintering in two, and he went over the side, into the dark, cold waters of the lake, sinking like a stone.It took her two seconds. And then she let out a scream for help, tossing the broken oar away from her, and jumped into the water after him.It was very cold, numbingly so, and as it closed over her head she grabbed forhim, wrapping her arms around his body, ready to sink to the bottom with him.Instead he kicked, pushing them up so that they broke the surface, his armclamped around hers as she struggled. "Jesus, woman!" he snapped. "When did we have to become Romeo and Juliet?"
Author: Anne Stuart
5. "Ich will meine Familie nicht verlieren. Immerhin gehöre ich ja dazu. Was bin ich ohne sie? Ein Stück? Ein Teil? Muss jeder Mensch einmal ohne Familie sein, um ein Mensch zu werden?"
Author: Benjamin Lebert
6. "Then Blake pulled another paper from the envelope: a reservation at a bed and breakfast in Rhinebeck. Blake nuzzled Livia's neck. "Now this I know what to do with. You've been my bride. I promise to spend all night making you my wife."
Author: Debra Anastasia
7. "Ich war erfolgreich, sah ganz vernünftig aus und ich hielt mich an sich für einen liebenswerten Menschen. Ich hatte eine Kontaktanzeige nicht nötig. Im Gegenteil, mir lagen die Männer sozusagen zu Füßen. Zwar lauter Idioten, aber immerhin. Mir lagen die Männer zu meinen verdammten Füßen!"
Author: Drei Dates Ins Chaos Ebook
8. "When Hitler marched across the RhineTo take the land of France,La dame de fer decided,‘Let's make the tyrant dance.'Let him take the land and city,The hills and every flower,One thing he will never have,The elegant Eiffel Tower.The French cut the cables,The elevators stood still,‘If he wants to reach the top,Let him walk it, if he will.'The invaders hung a swastikaThe largest ever seen.But a fresh breeze blewAnd away it flew,Never more to be seen.They hung up a second mark,Smaller than the first,But a patriot climbedWith a thought in mind:‘Never your duty shirk.'Up the iron ladyHe stealthily made his way,Hanging the bright tricolour,He heroically saved the day.Then, for some strange reason,A mystery to this day,Hitler never climbed the tower,On the ground he had to stay.At last he ordered she be razedDown to a twisted pile.A futile attack, for still she standsBeaming her metallic smile."
Author: E.A. Bucchianeri
9. "Schwester Marie–Claire hatte in ihrem Ethikunterricht stets behauptet, es käme gar nicht darauf an, dass die Menschen an den Teufel glaubten, denn es reiche schon aus, dass der Teufel gute Gründe hätte an die Menschen zu glauben, um sicherstellen zu können, dass das Böse in der Welt weiterhin über das Gute triumphierte."
Author: Emilia Polo
10. "Dear motorist on the information superhighway. I'm sorry I do not have a car."
Author: Eric San
11. "Then I started to think in Lipp's about when I had first been able to write a story about losing everything. It was up in Cortina d'Ampezzo when I had come back to join Hadley there after the spring skiing which I had to interrupt to go on assignment to Rhineland and the Ruhr. It was a very simple story called ‘Out of Season' and I had omitted the real end of it which was that the old man hanged himself. This was omitted on my new theory that you could omit anything if you knew that you omitted and the omitted part would strengthen the story and make people feel something more than they understood."
Author: Ernest Hemingway
12. "Die Hochzeit zweier aufrichtiger Seelenwerde ich nicht hindern.Die Liebe ist Liebe nicht, wenn sie vorHindernissen schreckt.O nein, ein ewiger Fixpunkt für immer,der sich von Stürmen nicht erschüttern lässt.Sie ist der Stern, an den die Schiffe sich halten."
Author: Fabio Volo
13. "Please don't hug me. Please don't hug me.But she did. And now Bram had two sets of black eyes glaring at him.Finally, he said out loud, "It's not me! I swear!" Rhiannon laughed and leaned back from Bram. "So cute! Isn't he cute, Bercelak?" "No.""Bercelak's only teasing." "No, I'm not."
Author: G.A. Aiken
14. "Queen Rhiannon of the House of Gwalchmai fab Gwyar.First Born Daughter of Queen Addiena. First Born White…""So," she cut him off before the litany of his mother's titlesforced her to stab herself in the neck"
Author: G.A. Aiken
15. "Talaith leaned forward, studied her youngest daughter. "You think you're evil?""Pure evil," Izzy clarified, which got her a rather vicious glare from Rhi. An expression Dagmar had never thought the young,perpetually smiling or sobbing girl was capable of."Why would you think you're evil?""It's a feeling I have.""No. Someone told her."Rhi glowered at her sister. "I never said that.""You didn't have to," Izzy shot back. "I know you.""Well, who told her that?" Talaith demanded.And, as one, they all turned and looked at Gwenvael.He blinked, sat up straight. "I would never say such a thing to my dear sweet niece!""You said it to me," Talwyn snapped."That's because you're not my dear sweet niece. You're the rude little cow who threw a knife at my head.""I wasn't aiming for you. I was aiming for Mum.""She's right," Annwyl admitted. "I just ducked behind you." She shrugged. "Sorry."
Author: G.A. Aiken
16. "Rhianonn turned and pointed at her ass. "And I could be wrong, but I think this thing is even bigger than is normal for a human my size. How is that acceptable?"
Author: G.A. Aiken
17. "If a rhinoceros were to enter this restaurant now, there is no denying he would have great power here. But I should be the first to rise and assure him that he had no authority whatever."
Author: G.K. Chesterton
18. "Le mai le joli mai en barque sur le RhinDes dames regardaient du haut de la montagneVous êtes si jolies mais la barque s'éloigneQui donc a fait pleurer les saules riverainsOr des vergers fleuris se figeaient en arrièreLes pétales tombés des cerisiers de maiSont les ongles de celle que j'ai tant aiméeLes pétales flétris sont comme ses paupièresSur le chemin du bord du fleuve lentementUn ours un singe un chien menés par des tziganesSuivaient une roulotte traînée par un âneTandis que s'éloignait dans les vignes rhénanesSur un fifre lointain un air de régimentLe mai le joli mai a paré les ruinesDe lierre de vigne vierge et de rosiersLe vent du Rhin secoue sur le bord les osiersEt les roseaux jaseurs et les fleurs nues des vignes"
Author: Guillaume Apollinaire
19. "They call each other `E.' Elvis pickswildflowers near the river and bringsthem to Emily. She explains half-rhymes to him.In heaven Emily wears her hair long, sportsLevis and western blouses with rhinestones.Elvis is lean again, wears baggy trousersand T-shirts, a letterman's jacket from Tupelo High.They take long walks and often hold hands.She prefers they remain just friends. Forever.Emily's poems now contain naugahyde, Cadillacs,Electricity, jets, TV, Little Richard and RichardNixon. The rock-a-billy rhythm makes her smile.Elvis likes himself with style. This afternoonhe will play guitar and sing "I Taste A LiquorNever Brewed" to the tune of "Love Me Tender."Emily will clap and harmonize. Alonein their cabins later, they'll listen to the riverand nap. They will not think of Amherstor Las Vegas. They know why God made themroommates. It's because Americawas their hometown. It's becauseGod is a thing withoutfeathers. It's becauseGod wears blue suede shoes."
Author: Hans Ostrom
20. "Rhiannon's Law #37: Don't get so high and mighty, God will only reward that arrogance with a huge bitch slap back to reality."
Author: J.A. Saare
21. "Wir werden als abhängige Bürger geboren. Vom Moment unserer Geburt an sind wie Abhängige. Ein Zeichen dieser Abhängigkeit ist die Geburtsurkunde. [...] Entweder erhälst du die staatliche Urkunde [...], was dir zu einer Identität verhilft, die dem Staat während deines Lebens ermöglicht, dich zu identifizieren und im auge zu behalten (dich aufzuspüren); oder du kommst ohne eine Identität aus und verdammst dich selbst, wie ein Tier außerhalb des Staats zu leben (Tiere haben keine Personalausweise)."
Author: J.M. Coetzee
22. "I understand the gist of your speculation,' said Rhialto. 'It is most likely nuncupatory."
Author: Jack Vance
23. "I love Agatha like uh huh. I love her like an elephant needs nasty rhinoplasty and plastic rhino sex."
Author: Jarod Kintz
24. "Nomadom je postao onda kada je o omjeru ljepote poceo razmišljati kao o ljubavnom odnosu izmedu dvaju dijelova u kojem se suprotnosti privlace upravo magicnom snagom, a isti omjer jednako gospodari i arhitekturom i prirodom."
Author: Jasna Horvat
25. "I drive my car to supermarket,The way I take is superhigh,A superlot is where I park it,And Super Suds are what I buy.Supersalesmen sell me tonic -Super-Tone-O, for Relief.The planes I ride are supersonic.In trains, I like the Super Chief.Supercilious men and womenCall me superficial - me,Who so superbly learned to swim inSupercolossality.Superphosphate-fed foods feed me;Superservice keeps me new.Who would dare to supersede me,Super-super-superwho?"
Author: John Updike
26. "Just as he reached for my neck, I tased him. I was there to bag and tag, not to kill. Besides, if I had to carry separate weapons for every paranormal I took out, I'd be dragging around a full luggage set. Tasers are a one-size-fits-all paranormal butt-kicking option. Mine's pink with rhinestones. Tasey and I have had a lot of good times together."
Author: Kiersten White
27. "Tasers are a one-size-fits-all paranormal butt-kicking option. Mine's pink withrhinestones."
Author: Kiersten White
28. "No matter what is doing the creating, I have to say that the giraffe and the rhinoceros are ridiculous."
Author: Kurt Vonnegut
29. "Helplessly I look at him. He will never be just Rowan again. I will never be just Rhine. Everything has been tampered with."
Author: Lauren DeStefano
30. "Rhine. The river that, somewhere out there, has broken free."
Author: Lauren DeStefano
31. "Dr. Rhinestein did not test for malice, for spiteful indifference, or for congenital meanness. If they could, I wonder how many fish we might throw back."
Author: Lionel Shriver
32. " was one of the best meals we ever ate.Perhaps that is because it was the first conscious one, for me at least; but the fact that we remember it with such queer clarity must mean that it had other reasons for being important. I suppose that happens at least once to every human. I hope so.Now the hills are cut through with superhighways, and I can't say whether we sat that night in Mint Canyon or Bouquet, and the three of us are in some ways even more than twenty-five years older than we were then. And still the warm round peach pie and the cool yellow cream we ate together that August night live in our hearts' palates, succulent, secret, delicious."
Author: M.F.K. Fisher
33. "Hier kommt nun meine Theorie, warum die Menschen die Erde beherrschen und nicht die Pferde", fährt es fort."Gelangen Pferde nämlich zu einem Bewusstsein, kommt ihnen natürlich erst mal das große Kotzen über die Welt, und die Pferde sterben, weil sie kotzen müssen, es aber ja nicht können. Das ist der simple Grund, warum sie folglich niemals zu einem Bewusstsein ihrer selbst gelangen können, warum sie niemals denken werden und warum sie folglich niemals ihren rechtmäßigen Platz an der Spitze der Schöpfung einnehmen, sondern weiterhin nur als lebende Dekoration bei den Karl-May-Festspielen im Sauerland dienen werden. Auf ewig beherrscht von einer Abnormität der Natur, einer fatalen Mutation der Schimpansen-DNA, einem kranken Tier: dem Menschen."
Author: Marc Uwe Kling
34. "I'm not just a big-haired redhead country singer who dresses flamboyantly, has this wicked sense of humor and wears rhinestones."
Author: Naomi Judd
35. "The exegesis Fat labored on month after month struck me as a Pyrrhic victory if there ever was one -- in this case an attempt by a beleaguered mind to make sense out of the inscrutable. Perhaps this is the bottom line to mental illness: incomprehensible events occur; your life becomes a bin for hoax-like fluctuations of what used to be reality. And not only that -- as if that weren't enough -- but you, like Fat, ponder forever over these fluctuations in an effort to order them into a coherency, when in fact the only sense they make is the sense you impose on them, out of necessity to restore everything into shapes and processes you can recognize. The first thing to depart in mental illness is the familiar. And what takes its place is bad news because not only can you not understand it, you also cannot communicate it to other people. The madman experiences something, but what it is or where it comes from he does not know."
Author: Philip K. Dick
36. "Give me a strapless gown and a rhinestone-studded guitar and some 55-year-olds in my audience, along with their kids and grandkids. Don't give me 'boogie'!"
Author: Phoebe Snow
37. "Research had given him the basics,Tab A into Slot B using Product C after ensuring Product Dis firmly in place. The mechanics of it were simple. Theprospect, however, of having an A that big anywhere nearhis B was mildly worrying"
Author: R.J. Scott
38. "The road we have long been traveling is deceptively easy, a smooth superhighway on which we progress with great speed, but at its end lies disaster."
Author: Rachel Carson
39. "We had been out in the woods near campus one evening, having skipped out on our last class. I'd traded a pair of cute, rhinestone-studded sandals to Abby Badica for a bottle of peach schnapps—desperate, yes, but you did what you had to in Montana—which she'd somehow gotten hold of. Lissa had shaken her head in disapproval when I suggested cutting class to go put the bottle out of it's misery, but she'd come along anyway. Like always.We found a log to sit on near a scummy green marsh. A half-moon cast a tiny light on us, but it was more than enough for vampires and half-vampires to see by. Passing the bottle back and forth I'd grilled her on Aaron.I held up that bottle and glared at it. "I don't think this stuff it working."
Author: Richelle Mead
40. "Expect Norhing"
Author: S.D. Perry
41. "Mathilde returned and strolled past the drawing-room windows; she saw him busily engaged in describing to Madame de Fervaques the old ruined castles that crown the steep banks of the Rhine and give them so distinctive a character. He was beginning to acquit himself none too badly in the use of the sentimental and picturesque language which is called wit in certain drawing-rooms."
Author: Stendhal
42. "Penryn: "Oh, I wonder if I can find a pink sheath for Pooky Bear. Maybe with little rhinestones?"
Author: Susan Ee
43. "My mom made the trays out of kits she bought at Michaels. She's crackled the shit out of them so they look like they're covered in diseased rhino skins."
Author: Susan Juby
44. "Do you like Rhiannon more than me?" ... They're two completely different concepts. When a girl asks you a question like that, there's no way you can be honest. They say they want you to be honest, but then they get all upset when you are. You can't win. There's no way to win. There are questions you just can't answer without manipulating the truth."
Author: Susane Colasanti
45. "But all I really learned is that money is powerful enough to bend the rules. Rhiannon:0, Dad:1."
Author: Susane Colasanti
46. "I dream that I have found us both again,With spring so many strangers' lives away,And we, so free,Out walking by the sea,With someone else's paper words to say....They took us at the gates of green return,Too lost by then to stop, and ask them why-Do children meet again?Does any trace remain,Along the superhighways of July?"
Author: Thomas Pynchon
47. "If God were small enough to be understood, he wouldn't be big enough to be worshipped." —Evelyn Underhill357"
Author: Timothy Keller
48. "Marsh had travelled on foot to the source of the Nile and once stood down a charging rhinoceros by intrepidly opening a pink umbrella in its face."
Author: Wade Davis
49. "I like Rhine wine, blue grapes, good cheese, endive and lots of books, etc., etc., etc., as much as I like supreme fiction."
Author: Wallace Stevens
50. "Perang tidak bisa dimenangkan dengan emosi. Tetapi perhitungan yang dingin."
Author: Y.B. Mangunwijaya

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