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1. "Descrivere ogni cosa in modo scientifico sarebbe possibile, ma assurdo. Non avrebbe senso, sarebbe come descrivere una sinfonia di Beethoven in base alla variazione della pressione d'onda"
Author: Albert Einstein
2. "Jellyfish," Riaz said, after considering the other inhabitants of the sea. "Seriously, there cannnot be jellyfish changelings."Hawke turned to look over his shoulder. "What the hell have you been smoking?"Riaz shruged, his mood undampened. "It was green and leafy."
Author: Nalini Singh
3. "In that case, balls to the wall, man." Riaz yawned. "No guts, no glory.""Why are you spouting aphorisms at me?""Because it's two-fucking-thirty in the morning and I need to be up for a six a.m. shift.""Wimp."Riaz gave him the finger. "Get some sleep and chase your wolf tomorrow." Another yawn. "And Coop? Forget about subtle. That's not your style."
Author: Nalini Singh
4. "Eyes narrowed, Judd stared at the structure as if at a mortal enemy. Slapping his fellow lieutenant on the shoulder, Riaz said, "Don't even think about it." A pissed-off telekinetic versus the complex metal pylons and tubes of the jungle gym- the results would not be pretty.Judd glanced at his watch. "I'll destroy it later."
Author: Nalini Singh

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