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1. "If they don't think, people act senselessly."
Author: Andrei Platonov
2. "In another Nabokov novel, The Real Life of Sebastian Knight, Sebastian's brother discovers two seemingly incongruous pictures in his dead brother's library: a pretty, curly-haired child playing with a dog and a Chinese man in the act of being beheaded. The two pictures remind us of the close relation between banality and brutality."
Author: Azar Nafisi
3. "The truth of that proposition and act on it, then we might not solve every problem, but we can get something meaningful done. It was a pretty convincing"
Author: Barack Obama
4. "I'm the empty stage where various actors act out various plays."
Author: Fernando Pessoa
5. "No single act is entirely redemptive, but all a fallen man has is the first step back.—Teller: A Novel"
Author: Frederick Weisel
6. "We could never verify that there was any Iraqi authority, direction and control, complicity with al Qaeda for 9/11 or any operational act against America. Period."
Author: George Tenet
7. "Financial service providers act as the lubricating oil in the economy. They link consumers who want to invest their savings for a good return with companies who want to borrow on best terms for expansion."
Author: John Bruton
8. "Not all guys that look a certain way or dress a certain way or act a certain way are the same."
Author: M. Leighton
9. "Tasting is an act of pleasure, and writing about that pleasure is an artistic gesture, but the only true work of art, in the end, is another person's feast."
Author: Muriel Barbery
10. "Hannakins: I know you guys are living out your own private Romeo and Juliet love story, but remember: Both of them die in Act V. -A"
Author: Sara Shepard
11. "I still do lots of gigs where I'm the support act and people are chatting through my set, but I've got better at grabbing attention. I mean, my parents would play on bills with people like Judas Priest and get booed all the way through. But they stuck it out, got tough."
Author: Teddy Thompson

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Quotes About Romeo Act 1
Quotes About Romeo Act 1
Quotes About Romeo Act 1

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