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1. "I tell all the rookies that come into our series and all the young drivers they can come ask me anything at any time, and we'll give them the straight shoot."
Author: Al Unser
2. "Winning the Rookie of the Year would be nice but making the playoffs would be even nicer for me."
Author: Andrew Bogut
3. "A lot of rookies hit the wall after 50 or 60 games."
Author: Andrew Bogut
4. "I think because I am a proven rookie that it is going to help me in the long run."
Author: Andrew Bogut
5. "It is professional snobbery that refrains training rookies."
Author: Aniruddha Sastikar
6. "Some of the money going to the rookies can now be spent on people who have proved their worth. After all, the average playing life of a pro football player is about eight years and it is only fitting that the veterans get something for their efforts."
Author: Bob Lilly
7. "I'm completely gobsmacked by the 'Rookie Blue' fans."
Author: Charlotte Sullivan
8. "I used to lead off when I was a rookie. I've always been able to bunt."
Author: Chili Davis
9. "High-pitched squeal like a beauty pageant contestant found best in show, Oprah audience member given a new Chevy, rookie actress surprised with an unlikely Oscar."
Author: Dennis Vickers
10. "I started rockin' the BowTie when I was a rookie with the New York Giants."
Author: Dhani Jones
11. "After I made it to the NBA, I said that I didn't want to be the last player from Africa. After my rookie year, I went to the league and talked about this, and they embraced my idea and started conducting basketball clinics in Africa, and that's when I knew I wouldn't be the last African."
Author: Dikembe Mutombo
12. "And my rookie contract, my first rookie contract was for $5,000."
Author: Don Shula
13. "I did some good things as a rookie."
Author: Earl Campbell
14. "Baseball is a rookie, his experience no bigger than the lump in his throat as he begins fulfillment of his dream."
Author: Ernie Harwell
15. "Halas didn't believe in starting rookies."
Author: Gale Sayers
16. "It's kind of a tradition that you get a rookie, put him in the middle, wrap your arms and legs around him, then douse him with everything you can get a hold of - shaving cream, ketchup, mustard, everything. It's kind of like a pie in the face after a guy is successful."
Author: Gary Carter
17. "I remember my rookie hazing. It wasn't fun."
Author: Gio Gonzalez
18. "Dr. Cox mentors the rookie doctors with a spoonful of dirt and then a cup of sugar. I see him as an archetypal descendent of two of my favorite curmudgeonly characters: Lou Grant and Louie De Palma."
Author: John C. McGinley
19. "So many of my rookie mistakes could have been avoided by first-hand exposure to other, more experienced technology entrepreneurs."
Author: Kathryn Minshew
20. "Veterans and remarkable rookies. International Thriller Writers, Inc. (ITW) cofounder, David"
Author: Lee Child
21. "I was invited to play with the New York Knicks. I was never drafted, but I was invited to the rookie camp."
Author: Louis Gossett Jr.
22. "I actually became a Christian in my rookie year on tour when I was 16 years old."
Author: Michael Chang
23. "I think sometimes you just need to play in this league. As a rookie coming out of college, you don't understand the real significance of being a pro unless you're playing other pros. It doesn't help you to play sporadically here or there."
Author: Michael Cooper
24. "I didn't always know, but I always wanted to. I always wanted to be the very best receiver the Cowboys ever had. That was my goal coming in as a rookie and my goal throughout my career: being the best they ever had, going up in the Ring of Honor."
Author: Michael Irvin
25. "I was fresh out of drama school and had no idea what I was doing. They hustled me along and Bill Cosby tolerated my rookie behavior. It was great. Once you have 'The Cosby Show' on your resume, you can keep going."
Author: Michael Weatherly
26. "You won't ever see me being totally sexy on 'Rookie Blue.' It's not right for the character, anyway."
Author: Missy Peregrym
27. "I get recognized for 'Reaper' in the U.K. I was in Costa Rica and got recognized for 'Heroes.' In Canada, it's 'Rookie Blue.' People also think that I'm in the 'Twilight' series because of Kristen Stewart."
Author: Missy Peregrym
28. "Rookies are also coming in from college programs as big stars, whereas when we came in, we were just happy to be there. We were happy to be playing in a big gym, to be on television, to be playing in America."
Author: Sue Wicks
29. "Rookies tend to show off."
Author: Toba Beta
30. "Rookies talk rubbish."
Author: Toba Beta
31. "Derek Lowe and Curt Schilling were veterans when Boston won the 2004 World Series, but they were quick to recognize Johnny Pesky by name—and for good reason. Pesky last played for Boston in 1952, but his close ties to the organization since his career ended in 1954 are legendary. His presence was so great, among rookies and veterans alike, that Lowe and Schilling understood that the championship belonged to Pesky just as much as it did to the guys on the playoff roster."
Author: Tucker Elliot
32. "In spring training prior to his 1995 rookie season, Chipper was already so confident in who he was as a player that he famously deadpanned to veteran slugger Fred McGriff, after the Crime Dog grounded into an inning-ending double play, these two words: "Rally killer." His confidence carried over to the field, just as it had since he began playing as a kid—he batted .265, and he led all rookies with 23 home runs, 87 runs, and 86 RBIs. Hideo Nomo was Rookie of the Year for the Dodgers, but Chipper and the Braves were World Champions."
Author: Tucker Elliot
33. "Freddie Freeman led all Braves' starters with a (.282) batting average in 2011. Not bad for a rookie. Then again, this is the kid who hit his first big league bomb against none other than Roy Halladay … the same kid whose leather at first is so flashy than at times it's hard to decide which to be more excited about, his bat or his glove, the same kid who joined teammate Dan Uggla with concurrent 20-game hitting streaks in 2011—a first in modern era Braves' history—and the same kid who won NL Rookie of the Month honors in July after hitting .362 with six homers, 17 runs, and 18 RBIs."
Author: Tucker Elliot
34. "Funny how so many rookies out there still judge condition of the US economy on the rigged "stock market". I frankly find it hilarious."
Author: Ziad K. Abdelnour

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