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1. "Je comprends. On a placé ta froide main dans la main du vassal insolent, décoré des pouvoirs du maître ; la royale procuration, sanctionnée par l'officieux chapelain de Son Excellence, a réuni aux yeux du monde deux êtres inconnus l'un à l'autre. Je suis au fait de ces cérémonies. Et toi, ton coeur, ta tête, ta vie, marchandés par entremetteurs, tout a été vendu au plus offrant ; une couronne de reine t'a faite esclave pour jamais ; et cependant ton fiancé, enseveli dans les délices d'une cour, attend nonchalamment que sa nouvelle épouse... ( RAZETTA )"
Author: Alfred De Musset
2. "Louis found me in the rear parlor, the one more distant from the noises of the tourists in the Rue Royale, and with its windows open to the courtyard below. I was in fact looking out the window, looking for the cat again, though I didn't tell myself so, and observing how our bougainvillea had all but covered the high walls that enclosed us and kept us safe from the rest of the world. The wisteria was also fierce in its growth, even reaching out from the brick walls to the railing of the rear balcony and finding its way up to the roof. I could never quite take for granted the lush flowers of New Orleans. Indeed, they filled me with happiness whenever I stopped to really look at them and surrender to their fragrance, as though I still had the right to do so, as though I still were part of nature, as though I were still a mortal man."
Author: Anne Rice
3. "I really enjoyed 'Casino Royale' because suddenly something changed with this modernity and with Daniel bringing life to James Bond in a very new way."
Author: Berenice Marlohe
4. "We left in pretty good time, and came after nightfall to Klausenburgh. Here I stopped for the night at the Hotel Royale. I had for dinner, or rather supper, a chicken done up some way with red pepper, which was very good but thirsty. (Mem. get recipe for Mina.) I asked the waiter, and he said it was called "paprika hendl," and that, as it was a national dish, I should be able to get it anywhere along the Carpathians."
Author: Bram Stoker
5. "Entering the foyer, Royale already decided that he would thank Shake once more for being by his side at Keena's recital. But she stunned him by eagerly waiting for him just like old times—on her knees wearing only a collar and a leash."
Author: S.B. Redd
6. "Que les huttes puissent tenir rang de palais, les habitués des suites royales ne le comprendront jamais. Ils n'ont pas connu l'onglée avant le bain moussant. Le luxe n'est pas un état mais le passage d'une ligne, le seuil où, soudain, disparaît toute souffrance."
Author: Sylvain Tesson
7. "Now, I'll tell you something that might interest you. Casino Royale was the first Bond book that Ian Fleming ever wrote. And he couldn't get anybody to touch it, to publish it - he couldn't do anything about it at all. Nobody wanted to know."
Author: Val Guest

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