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1. "I carried my pint to a corner table and sat just looking at it for a moment: the head of foam, the tiny bubbles ascending through clear gold, the droplets condensing on the sides of the glass, then running down to form a wet circle on the beer mat. Reputations are ruined, marriages destroyed, lifes works forsaken for the beauty of such a sight. There are seven thousand pubs in London."
Author: Poppy Z. Brite
2. "Deuce take it, he was in over his head.But it didn't matter. He'd ruined her, and marriage was the only way to fix that."Oliver?" she whispered.He stared down at her delicate features, flushed from their exertions, and felt the same swell of possessiveness that had made him claim her with all the subtlety of an ox. Mine…mine…mine. The words still rang in his ears.Definitely in over his head."
Author: Sabrina Jeffries
3. "At Cisco, I made every decision based on what was good for the company, and that pretty much ruined my marriage and my health."
Author: Sandra Lerner
4. "But she had dreamed of being his for too long. He had quite ruined her for a marriage of convenience. She wanted everything from him: his mind, his body, his name and, most of all, his heart."
Author: Sarah MacLean

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Quotes About Ruined Marriage
Quotes About Ruined Marriage
Quotes About Ruined Marriage

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