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1. "For one thing,I have school tomorrow. Two,my right leg is still in Sasquatch mode."
Author: Alecia Whitaker
2. "Good Lord, I'm regretting this now," I muttered. "I have never - ever - smelled BO this bad in my life. And I once had s'mores wit a Sasquatch.""Hang out with him for awhile," Mort gasped. "Eventually it's not so bad.""Wow. Really?""No. Not really."
Author: Jim Butcher
3. "...Mankind is not a race of noble savages - but primitive monsters hide inside us, elusive as Sasquatch..."
Author: John Geddes
4. "I turn to our father, searching for an ally. "So Dad, is it legal for Bronte to date out of her species?"Dad looks up from his various layers of pepperoni and breadless cheese. "Date?" he says. Apparently the idea of Bronte dating is like an electromagnet sucking away all other words in the sentence, so that's the only word he hears."You're not funny," Bronte says to me."No, I'm serious," I tell her. "Isn't he like... a Sasquatch or something?""Date?" says Dad."
Author: Neal Shusterman
5. "Laistrygonians. Cannibals. Northern Giants. Sasquatch legend. Yep, yep. They are not birds. Not birds of North America."
Author: Rick Riordan
6. "His massive frame occupies most of the doorway. He looks like a linebacker, or is it a quarterback I'm thinking of? The point is, he's a total Sasquatch. His t-shirt and preppy knit cardigan clash with his gargantuan body. Still, he's a decent eye candy."What can I help you with?" she asks. Her eyes dart back and forth between me and the yeti."
Author: Steph Campbell

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