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1. "Performers like Tommy Cooper, who are always getting things wrong, are much more endearing than comedians who are sassy and smart."
Author: Adrian Edmondson
2. "What you do to me, Julia, your fucking sassy mouth, your tight little body... I want to make you do such bad things."
Author: Alessandra Torre
3. "Being a writer brings out a sassy woman inside me, and I love her so."
Author: Anna Bayes
4. "I'm usually cast as the sassy, brassy best friend."
Author: Annie Parisse
5. "I'm very sassy. I want to show people in my album I'm not like my characters on TV."
Author: Ashley Tisdale
6. "With Cold Sassy Tree having its first production, I saw no necessity to do anything other than produce it with the correct setting."
Author: Bruce Beresford
7. "I love that sassy name! Zoozle!"
Author: Eileen Granfors
8. "Here it comes - Little Ms. Sassy Panties. Let me rephrase, Little Mrs. Sassy Panties."
Author: Ella Dominguez
9. "Wow. Getting sassy, aren't you?" "I am, aren't I?" I asked in amazement. "I didn't know I knew how to do that."
Author: Erin McCarthy
10. "I never want to be too mean with my songs, but with 'I Hope It Rains' it was definitely somewhere in the middle with being sassy but also a little class in there as well. It was a good blend for me and who I want to be perceived as an artist."
Author: Jana Kramer
11. "My cats are really sassy and sophisticated, but most importantly, they are picky."
Author: Jason Wu
12. "I love the sassy skinnies; that's what I usually wear."
Author: Jenna Ushkowitz
13. "You've got this job offer in Charlotte. I know. But if you want, that's something we can figure out together. I made a commitment to Cameron, so I need to stay in Chicago until she's back from maternity leave. But after that, I can—" "I didn't take the job in Charlotte." "Oh. Right." He exhaled, trying to catch up to speed. "Well. You should know that I had at least two minutes left on that speech. Really quality stuff." "Sorry. I just thought this might be a good time to mention that I love you, too." She made a rolling gesture. "But, please—carry on." He grinned. Sassy as ever."
Author: Julie James
14. "I don't know, I like the word sassy."
Author: Kat Dennings
15. "'Things that Never Cross a Man's Mind' is probably one of my favorite upbeat tempo songs because it is just a sassy song, and it's a fun song."
Author: Kellie Pickler
16. "Just because I'm sassy and have a mouth on me doesn't mean I'm coming from a negative place."
Author: Kesha
17. "Graduation night was my last party,' he said. 'Or at least my last drink. After that night, I decided I was done with all of it.''Why? What changed?'A sly grin crept across Nathan's face. 'I got really, really wasted graduation night, and when I woke up, some sassy, sexy vixen had stolen my virginity."
Author: Kody Keplinger
18. "Is all pink entirely banned?''Not if it's like a sassy pink,' I say. 'But if it's a sweet, girl pink, yes. Maybe some shade of sarcastic pink if it isn't too abrasive."
Author: Laura Nowlin
19. "I come from a big, loud family, and I'm the quieter one. Performing is something I have to switch on. I've heard I get real sassy onstage, which I'm not in real life! It's fun to be that person for an hour a night."
Author: Lorde
20. "Women loved that part 'cause K.C. was just sassy."
Author: Marg Helgenberger
21. "Did you take your sassy pills tonight, Jules?" "Seriously, Jane. I will cut a bitch." "Where did you even learn that expression? Have you been watching RuPaul's Drag Race again?"
Author: Nicole Peeler
22. "You're pretty sassy this morning, son. Is it all about Reingold's rulings?""That didn't suck, but I've got me a fascinating, beautiful woman I'm falling for. Falling hard.""Quick work.""In the blood. My mama and daddy barely did more than look at each other, and that was that. She's got me, Russ. Right here." He tapped a fist on his heart."Surely it's not considerably lower where she's got you?""There, too. But, Jesus, Russ, she does it for me. I just think about her, and... I swear I could look at her for hours. Days."Brooks let out a half-laugh, edged with a little surprise. "I'm done. I'm gone."
Author: Nora Roberts
23. "Sassy want a mousey??!! -Syd "The Long Lost (Hayle Coven #5)"
Author: Patti Larsen
24. "Doe eye sparkling in her elfin face, and a sassy hairstyle I can only dream would make me look adorable instead of mannish. She is a traditional bea.uty that time cannot diminish"
Author: Penelope Fletcher
25. "When I started, it was all meter maids or the sassy nurse, or the sassy receptionist in the hospital. And I felt like: Are those the only jobs that large, black women have?"
Author: Retta
26. "Sassy the basset hound sat up on the seat and yawned. Her tongue rolled into a long bologna canoe. She did a little shuffle on her front paws and snorted. Maybe it was a friendly greeting. Maybe she was having a doggie coronary."
Author: Rick Riordan
27. "I like to sing along to Annie Lennox and pretend to be as sassy as her."
Author: Sophie Thompson
28. "I was tanned, happy, and blowing a kiss to Cary, who'd playacted the role of a highfashionphotographer by calling out ridiculous encouragements. Beautiful, dahling. Show me sassy. Show me sexy. Brilliant.Show me catty…rawr…"
Author: Sylvia Day

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