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1. "Un giorno, quando ne avremo il tempo penseremo i pensieri di tutti i pensatori di tutti i tempi guarderemo tutti i quadri di tutti i maestri rideremo con tutti i burloni faremo la corte a tutte le donne istruiremo tutti gli uomini"
Author: Bertolt Brecht
2. "Satori - in the awakening from a dream. Awakening and self-realization and seeing into one's own being - these are synonymous."
Author: Bruce Lee
3. "Cand am cerut-o in casatorie, Alice mi-a dat acest raspuns plin de tandrete, de romantism, de finete, de frumusete, de blandete si de poezie: - Nu."
Author: Frédéric Beigbeder
4. "L'ateismo, per me, non è un risultato, e tanto meno un avvenimento - come tale non lo conosco: io lo intendo per istinto. Sono troppo curioso, troppo problematico, troppo tracotante, perché possa piacermi una risposta grossolana. Dio è una risposta grossolana, un'indelicatezza verso noi pensatori - in fondo è solo un grossolano divieto che ci viene fatto: non dovete pensare!"
Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
5. "Era ordonat ca oamenii care stiu ca nu se vor casatori niciodata.O ordine care afirma o singuratate acceptata."
Author: Ionel Teodoreanu
6. "Nu credeam sa-nvat a muri vrodata, Pururi tanar, infasurat in manta-mi, Ochii mei naltam visatori la steaua Singuratatii.Cind deodata tu rasarisi in cale-mi, Suferinta tu, dureros de dulce... Pana-n fund baui voluptatea mortii Nenduratoare.Jalnic ard de viu chinuit ca Nessus, Ori ca Hercul inveninat de haina-i.Focul meu a-l stinge nu pot cu toate Apele Marii.De-al meu propriu vis, mistuit ma vaiet, Pe-al meu propriu rug, ma topesc in flacari.., Pot sa mai renviu luminos din el caPasarea Phoenix ?Piara-mi ochii tulburatori din cale, Vino iar la san nepasare trista, Ca sa pot muri linistit, pe mine Mie reda-ma !"
Author: Mihai Eminescu
7. "Adevarul despre casatorie este acela ca te face sa nu mai fi egoist. Iar oamenii lipsiti de egoism sun incolori. Le lipseste individualitatea"
Author: Oscar Wilde
8. "Three Haiku, Two Tanka(Kyoto)CONFIDENCE (after Basho) Clouds murmur darkly, it is a blinding habit— gazing at the moon. TIME OF JOY (after Buson) Spring means plum blossoms and spotless new kimonos for holiday whores. RENDEZVOUS (after Shiki) Once more as I wait for you, night and icy wind melt into cold rain. FOR SATORI In the spring of joy, when even the mud chuckles, my soul runs rabid, snaps at its own bleeding heels, and barks: "What is happiness?" SOMBER GIRL She never saw fire from heaven or hotly fought with God; but her eyes smolder for Hiroshima and the cold death of Buddha."
Author: Philip Appleman
9. "Today's satori:Such a change of mind wouldNot exist withoutMy lifelong habit of havingMy mind immersed in blossoms."
Author: Saigyō
10. "If I'm still wistful about On the Road, I look on the rest of the Kerouac oeuvre--the poems, the poems!--in horror. Read Satori in Paris lately? But if I had never read Jack Kerouac's horrendous poems, I never would have had the guts to write horrendous poems myself. I never would have signed up for Mrs. Safford's poetry class the spring of junior year, which led me to poetry readings, which introduced me to bad red wine, and after that it's all just one big blurry condemned path to journalism and San Francisco."
Author: Sarah Vowell
11. "Saints and bodhisattvas may achieve what Christians call mystical union or Buddhists call satori--a perpetual awareness of the force at the heart of the heart of things. For these enlightened few, the world is always lit. For the rest of us, such clarity comes only fitfully, in sudden glimpses or slow revelations. Quakers refer to these insights as openings. When I first heard the term from a Friend who was counseling me about my resistance to the Vietnam War, I though of how on an overcast day, sunlight pours through a break in the clouds. After the clouds drift on, eclipsing the sun, the sun keeps shining behind the veil, and the memory of its light shines on in the mind."
Author: Scott Russell Sanders
12. "Clarity clattered into my thoughts and brought about a satori, an enlightenment, if you will."
Author: Stuart Ayris

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