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1. "California must be all American or all Chinese. We are resolved that it shall be American, and are prepared to make it so. May we not rely upon your sympathy and assistance?"
Author: Denis Kearney
2. "The English make bonny speeches, but they run to an awful wee man. And the Kerrs . . . there's something unchancy about a left-handed race.' ‘I'm right-handed,' offered Will Scott. ‘Aye.' ‘And six foot three in my hose.' ‘Uh-huh. I didna say I wanted to run up a beanpole. Nor have I heard hide nor hair of a speech, bonny or otherwise.' ‘I'm saving it,' he said austerely, ‘till I've the theme for it.' ‘Oh!' said Grizel Beaton (Younger) of Buccleuch, with a squeal of delight. ‘Will Scott! Are we having our first married set-to?"
Author: Dorothy Dunnett
3. "Rule number one: caffeine is your new best friend. Liquid optimism."
Author: Emma McLaughlin
4. "No, my Lord," answered she, "it would have been from mere shame, that, in an age so daring, you alone should be such a coward as to forbear to frighten women.""o", cried he, laughing, "when a man is in a fright for himself, the ladies cannot but be in security; for you have not had half the apprehension for the safety of your persons, that I have for that of my heart."
Author: Fanny Burney
5. "Is that your wife?" Julie asks again, more forcefully. I nod. "Who's that...guy she's with?" I shrug. "Is she cheating on you or something?" I shrug. "This doesn't bother you?"I shrug."Stop shrugging, you asshole! I know you can talk; say something."
Author: Isaac Marion
6. "Grief is a kick in the chest. It steals your breath, hits you so hard you think you'll never stand back up again. And it's not just because you're grieving death or heartbreak or loss – you're grieving change. You're grieving the life that might have been, if it hadn't all gotten fucked up along the way."
Author: Julie Johnson
7. "Pain is not a medallion that you must weigh your bosom with,it's a force you must fight against and never, never let it win"
Author: Jyoti Arora
8. "Your living is determined not so much by what life brings to you as by the attitude you bring to life; not so much by what happens to you as by the way your mind looks at what happens."
Author: Khalil Gibran
9. "Love me or hate me, either way iv gotten in your head"
Author: Lekiesha
10. "What you knew in your childhood is true; the Otherworld of magic and enchantment is real, sometimes terribly real - and certainly more real than the factual reality which our culture has built up, brick by brick, to shut out colour and light and prevent us from flying."
Author: Patrick Harpur
11. "Don't start right off writing the ‘Great American Novel', that's too much pressure and you'll get disappointed; start with porn, it's fun and a good way to get your feet wet."
Author: Scavola
12. "Your defeats in life's battlefieldWill soon be ending,Because your mind is no longer indifferent To your heart's spontaneous enthusiasm."
Author: Sri Chinmoy
13. "And when in doubt, take all your clothes off,' said Caleb. 'What for?' 'Sign of a good berserk, taking all your clothes off. Frightens the hell out of the enemy. If anyone starts laughing, stab 'em one."
Author: Terry Pratchett
14. "All right, every day ain't going to be the best day of your life, don't worry about that. If you stick to it you hold the possibility open that you will have better days."
Author: Wendell Berry

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Quotes About Saving Your Relationship
Quotes About Saving Your Relationship
Quotes About Saving Your Relationship

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