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1. "I can't read fiction without visualizing every scene. The result is it becomes a series of pictures rather than a book."
Author: Alfred Hitchcock
2. "Conjoined twins simply may not need sex-romance partners as much as the rest of us do. Throughout time and space, they have described their condition as something like being attached to a soul mate."
Author: Alice Dreger
3. "If you ever put a student at this school in danger again-''Oh, I thought you Gallagher Girls were immune to danger.'Despite the hundred girls the filled the foyer, no one moved or gasped or tried to defend our honor. We stood silently, waiting for our headmistress to say, 'Oh, we are quite used to being underestimated, Agent Townsend. In fact, we welcome it."
Author: Ally Carter
4. "She stayed beside me until I slept, waveringly, brilliantly, hooded in diaphanous scarlet, and occasionally she left an imperative written in lipstick on my dusty windowpane. BE AMOROUS! she exhorted one night and, another night, BE MYSTERIOUS! Some nights later, she scribbled: WHEN YOU BEGIN TO THINK, YOU LOSE THE POINT."
Author: Angela Carter
5. "People have stars, but they aren't the same. For travelers, the stars are guides. For other people, they're nothing but tiny lights. And for still others, for scholars, they're problems... But all those stars are silent stars. You, though, you'll have stars like nobody else... since I'll be laughing on one of them, for you it'll be as if all the stars are laughing. You'll have stars that can laugh!... and it'll be as if I had given you, instead of stars, a lot of tiny bells that know how to laugh ..."
Author: Antoine De Saint Exupéry
6. "Whether in the intellectual pursuits of science or in the mystical pursuits of the spirit, the light beckons ahead, and the purpose surging in our nature responds."
Author: Arthur Stanley Eddington
7. "When I first left drama school, I was too posh for the working-class parts and not posh enough for the upper-class roles. You know what England is like: the gradations of accent and how you're judged by them are still there. I discovered that to get a break you have to lie about where you're from."
Author: Ben Chaplin
8. "I grew up in Bellport, Long Island where I attended Gateway Acting School and met Robin Allan. She was the school's director who took me under her wing and was the one who told me that I could do this for real."
Author: Brendan Dooling
9. "Înger al frumuse?ii,?tii fe?ele zbârcite,?i groaza batrâne?ii ?i zbuciumul cumplitDe-a mai citi în ochii ce cu-ochii i-am sorbit,Dezgustu-ascuns ca-atâtea iubiri au fost jertfite?Înger al frumuse?ii,?tii fe?ele zbârcite?"
Author: Charles Baudelaire
10. "What I am, it is useless to say - those whom it concerns feel and find it out. To all others I wish only to be an obscure, steady-going private character."
Author: Charlotte Brontë
11. "You need to leave, Scar."Yes. She should probably leave. She didn't."
Author: Chelsea Fine
12. "But we do believe in religion—at least for other people. It is a means ofmarketing hope, and of instilling ethical precepts on the cheap. It is also a form of discipline."
Author: Christopher Hitchens
13. "I soon found law school an unmitigated bore."
Author: Constance Baker Motley
14. "Kurt lag unter seinem sessel und schlief. sie nahmen ihn an den beinen und trugen ihn unter den weihnachtsbaum. dort schlief er weiter. das wirkte feierlich."
Author: Daniel Glattauer
15. "My father's gone," Joe said eventually. "Emma's dead. Your brother's dead. My brothers scattered. Shit, D, you're one of the only people I know anymore. I lose you, who the fuck am I?"
Author: Dennis Lehane
16. "The critic leaves at curtain fall To find, in starting to review it, He scarcely saw the play at all For starting to review it."
Author: E.B. White
17. "Cuando finalmente abrió los ojos, la vio a ella sentada y sonriéndole. Era hermosa, su cabello oscuro estaba revuelto y sus ojos verdes brillaban. Dios era misericordioso. Él había muerto y se había ido al cielo."
Author: Elizabeth Reyes
18. "God in His sovereign goodness often uses the painful and at times debilitating injury of a spear thrower to make us readier for His service. ... One thing you discover about spear throwers is that though it's not necessary for them to be good, it's essential for them to appear good."
Author: Erwin W. Lutzer
19. "I'm really bad at describing my own life."
Author: Helmut Lang
20. "Als das Grundgesetz entstandt, zitterte förmlich der Boden, auf dem es geschrieben wurde."
Author: Heribert Prantl
21. "Scientific principles and laws do not lie on the surface of nature. They are hidden, and must be wrested from nature by an active and elaborate technique of inquiry."
Author: John Dewey
22. "When society was patriarchal, as it was in the New Testament context and as it has been everywhere in the world except in modern society in our day, the church avoided scandal by going along with it - fundamentally evil as patriarchy was and is. Now, however, that modern society is at least officially egalitarian, the scandal is that the church is NOT going along with society, not rejoicing in the unprecedented freedom to let women and men serve according to gift and call without an arbitrary gender line. This scandal impedes both the evangelism of others and the edification - the retention and development of faith - of those already converted."
Author: John G. Stackhouse Jr.
23. "...she had the conviction of the newly converted, which wouldn't last forever, but would for the moment brook no discouragement or allow for second-guessing."
Author: Joshua Ferris
24. "I learned you don't discover the evidence of any cause in its result."
Author: Joyce Carol Oates
25. "Ich wollte meine Augen öffnen, um Gideon ein letztes Mal anzusehen, aber ich schaffte es nicht."Ich liebe dich, Gwenny, bitte verlass mich nicht", sagte Gideon, und das war das letzte, was ich hörte, bevor ich von einem großen Nichts verschluckt wurde."
Author: Kerstin Gier
26. "Muchos años más tarde, cuando empecé las prácticas de cirugía estética, comprendí algo que se me había escapado aquel día en la cocina, cuando intenté convencer a Thalia de que cambiara Tinos por un internado londinense. Comprendí que el mundo no ve el interior de las personas, y que poco importan las esperanzas, penas y sueños que albergamos bajo una máscara de piel y hueso. Es así de sencillo, cruel y absurdo. Mis pacientes lo sabían. Veían cuanto eran, serían o podían aspirar a ser, supeditado a la simetría de su estructura ósea, al espacio entre los ojos, la longitud del mentón, la proyección de la nariz, la idoneidad del ángulo nasofrontal.La belleza es un inmenso e inmerecido regalo que se reparte al azar, sin ton ni son."
Author: Khaled Hosseini
27. "The script was always the most important thing to me and I loved the script. For one thing, I've always admired trees. I just worship them. Think what trees have witnessed, what history, such as living through the Civil War, yet they still survive."
Author: Kim Novak
28. "I believe dreams connect us to our ancestors and it is through creativity that we can tap into this in the conscious state. Creativity is a sort of trance that we have as artists that erases time and space.-from interview with AmeriCymru (25 August 2010)."
Author: Lorin Morgan Richards
29. "As I enter the small intestine I get squeezed by muscles. Its dark and the walls look like slimey crushed velvet theres pancreas juice on me help me I am disintigrating."
Author: Lynda Barry
30. "Started fifth grade, I used to have contact with one of the girls from my old school, and whenever I left school on Friday, I would go to her house and stay there until my mom would get home from work. So I would be at her house and I would be doing my homework. She would never have any homework. And she would say, "Oh, my God,"
Author: Malcolm Gladwell
31. "Our society has tried to make death invisible, thinking that if we ignore it long enough it will go away. Often we as family and loved ones are so afraid of death that even mentioning the word to terminal patients is taboo. We think the dying are oblivious to what is happening to them. Sadly, a dying person frequently feels afraid to bring it up him or herself. When I enter a hospital room I often hear a sigh of relief. At last, someone is here to help the family come to terms with what is playing out before them. Death has too long been the elephant in the living room, while everyone awkwardly discusses the weather."
Author: Megory Anderson
32. "It seems a lot of straight men need a word coach or a lawyer when it comes to discussing 'Sex and the City.'"
Author: Michael Patrick King
33. "To lead a life that goes beyond pettiness and prejudice and always wanting to make sure that everything turns out on our own terms, to lead a more passionate, full, and delightful life than that, we must realize we can endure a lot of pain and pleasure for the sake of finding out who we are and what this world is." (The Wisdom of No Escape, p. 3)"
Author: Pema Chödrön
34. "I saw the whole universe laid out before me, a vast shining machine of indescribable beauty and complexity. Its design was too intricate for me to understand, and I knew I could never begin to grasp more than the smallest idea of its purpose. But I sensed that every part of it, from quark to quasar, was unique and - in some mysterious way - significant."
Author: R.J. Anderson
35. "Western civilisation, the élitists all understood, is built upon discrimination: a culture that does not rest on discrimination, that penalises people who discriminate, or rewards the undiscriminating, is worth very little and has only callow, childish pleasures."
Author: Richard Davenport Hines
36. "One of the greatest things about 'Continuum' is how great the writing is; our writing room is one of the most talented ones I've ever had. It really helps me as far as character development because they paint a very descriptive picture of who the characters are while still letting us have freedom to put in our own ideas."
Author: Richard Harmon
37. "If all I had ever done was to be born and discovered, I would have left a mark across all the land for all time. I grew up fatherless and motherless in a court where all recognized me as a catalyst. And a catalyst I become."
Author: Robin Hobb
38. "The physical union of a man and a woman, in essence, is a supernatural act, a reminiscence of paradise, the most beautiful of all the hymns of praise dedicated to the Creator by the creature; it is the alpha and the omega of all creation."
Author: Samael Aun Weor
39. "Screwing up is hardly a major mistake. Sometimes your wrong choices bring you to the right places."
Author: Shannon L. Alder
40. "I have found little that is 'good' about human beings on the whole. In my experience most of them are trash, no matter whether they publicly subscribe to this or that ethical doctrine or to none at all. That is something that you cannot say aloud, or perhaps even think."
Author: Sigmund Freud
41. "Don't worry. We'll farm, soon's he finishes wi' that new-style Scanran fertilizer."
Author: Tamora Pierce
42. "Sometimes the scariest things in life aren't the Vampires and the Werewolves, sometimes there are things even God doesn't want to know about. Which is why he created the Devil's Roses."
Author: Tara Brown
43. "Cand eram mic m-au invatat ca drumul drept e cel mai scurt… dar acum trebuie sa ne-nvatam copiii ca drumul cel mai scurt nu e ala drept."
Author: Teodor Burnar
44. "For optimists, human life never needs justification, no matter how much hurt piles up, because they can always tell themselves that things will get better. For pessimists, there is no amount of happiness—should such a thing as happiness even obtain for human beings except as a misconception—that can compensate us for life's hurt. As a worst-case example, a pessimist might refer to the hurt caused by some natural or human-made cataclysm. To adduce a hedonic counterpart to the horrors that attach to such cataclysms would require a degree of ingenuity from an optimist, but it could be done. And the reason it could be done, the reason for the eternal stalemate between optimists and pessimists, is that no possible formula can be established to measure proportions and types of hurt and happiness in the world. If such a formula could be established, then either pessimists or optimists would have to give in to their adversaries."
Author: Thomas Ligotti
45. "I have come with this message: since our gods and our aspirations are no longer anything but scientific, why shouldn't our loves be so too?"
Author: Villiers De L'Isle Adam
46. "Every step of progress the world has made has been from scaffold to scaffold, and from stake to stake."
Author: Wendell Phillips
47. "My parents pushed us very hard to work, both in the home, doing chores and cooking, and at school."
Author: Wendi Deng Murdoch
48. "What we must think about is an agriculture with a human face. We must give standing to the new pioneers, the homecomers bent on the most important work for the next century - a massive salvage operation to save the vulnerable but necessary pieces of nature and culture and to keep the good and artful examples before us. It is time for a new breed of artists to enter front and center, for the point of art, after all, is to connect. This is the homecomer I have in mind: the scientist, the accountant who converses with nature, a true artist devoted to the building of agriculture and culture to match the scenery presented to those first European eyes."
Author: Wes Jackson
49. "I wanted to be a great white hunter, a prospector for gold, or a slave trader. But then, when I was eight, my parents sent me to a boarding school in South Africa. It was the equivalent of a British public school with cold showers, beatings and rotten food. But what it also had was a library full of books."
Author: Wilbur Smith
50. "A thousand times good night. A thousand times the worse, to want thy light. Love goes toward love as schoolboys from their books, but love from love, toward school with heavy looks."
Author: William Shakespeare

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