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1. "Cleaning up after themselves was a low priority for Margo and my mother. They had both recovered from cancer scares, failed marriages, and lost hope; in their opinion, dirt could wait."
Author: Alice Hoffman
2. "My heart raced. He needs you, I thought. Don't let him down. I couldn't remember ever being so happy... or so scared."
Author: Ann Aguirre
3. "I am here as a speck, but I don't feel scared or about to be blown away, I feel like all New York is a warm embrace just waiting to enfold me."
Author: Ann Marie MacDonald
4. "A lot of pieces I have written have to do with courage. As a result, people think that I am naturally brave. But what people don't know, is that I grew up with phobias and many fears. I was scared of everything. So, I write of courage not because I have not known fear, but I write of courage because I have walked with fear but I have made the choice not to fear it."
Author: C. JoyBell C.
5. "My style is definitely not ladylike - frills and bows kinda scare me - but I like the military look because I love that olive green khaki color."
Author: Cameron Russell
6. "It scares me to see someone so together come unhinged. It makes me think none of us are in control."
Author: Chelsea Pitcher
7. "But I saw the pair of them, along with everyone else. Hard to miss. Him towering like a raggedy scarecrow in that flapping black scholar's gown, and the sword always quiet next to him, sweet as honey, and poison with it."
Author: Ellen Kushner
8. "Is that how you're going to take me? Scare me into voluntarily coming aboard, then steal my Ice Cube?""It's always cubes with you," noted Foaly, somewhat randomly. "What's wrong with a nice sphere?"
Author: Eoin Colfer
9. "I suddenly felt the plane go down. I thought we were going to die. I was really scared. I was sitting with my head in my hands."
Author: Estella Warren
10. "Before one may scare the plain people one must first have a firm understanding of the bugaboos that most facilely alarm them. One must study the schemes that have served to do it in the past, and one must study very carefully the technic of the chief current professionals."
Author: H.L. Mencken
11. "Any magazine-cover hack can splash paint around wildly and call it a nightmare, or a witches sabbath or a portrait of the devil; but only a great painter can make such a thing really scare or ring true. That's because only a real artist knows the anatomy of the terrible, or the physiology of fear."
Author: H.P. Lovecraft
12. "People love to get scared. People want to see the worst thing that can happen."
Author: Haley Joel Osment
13. "It feels like everything's been decided in advance that I'm following a path somebody else has already mapped out for me. It doesn't matter how much I think things over, how much effort I put into it. In fact, the harder I try, the more I lose my sense of who I am. It's like my identity's an orbit that I've strayed far away from, and that really hurts. But more than that, it scares me. Just thinking about it makes me flinch."
Author: Haruki Murakami
14. "You scared of that pip-squeak? Dude, you got a lot to learn. Freakin' Newbies."
Author: James Dashner
15. "This Girl with nothing but her own strength and a desire to be free. With nothing but a beating heart that is scared to be alone. With nothing but clear blue eyes that see through me and understand me. With nothing but open arms ready to receive me. To stand by me. To walk with me. To love me. I love her. Lilly. The Girl with nothing and everything. Lilly. I love her. A tear appears. She smiles. She leans forward kisses my lips softly kisses me and as our lips touch barely touch she whispers. I love you too, James. Our lips barely touching she whispers. I love you. Whispers. I love you."
Author: James Frey
16. "I'd like to be a wounded leading man. Instead of a pillar of strength, I'd be the scared one."
Author: Jamie Kennedy
17. "I'm busier than a busy person. People aren't scared to play this raucous, harsh music over radio speakers, so I think it's the perfect time to get in with some real serious, heavy bands."
Author: Jason Newsted
18. "Everyone gets scared at times. It's only the fools who won't admit it."
Author: Jennifer A. Nielsen
19. "Afterwards, go to a pub for lunch. I've got $260 in my savings account and I really want you to use it for that. Really, I mean it--lunch is on me. Make sure you have pudding--sticky toffee, chocolate fudge cake, ice-cream sundae, something really bad for you. Get drunk too if you like (but don't scare Cal). Spend all the money.And after that, when days have gone by, keep an eye out for me. I might write on the steam in the mirror when you're having a bath, or play with the leaves on the apple tree when you're out in the garden. I might slip into a dream.Visit my grave when you can, but don't kick yourself if you can't, or if you move house and it's suddenly too far away. It looks pretty there in the summer (check out the website). You could bring a picnic and sit with me. I'd like that."
Author: Jenny Downham
20. "Most men act so tough and strong on the outside because on the inside, we are scared, weak, and fragile. Men, not women, are the weaker sex."
Author: Jerry Rubin
21. "A goal should scare you a little, and excite you a lot."
Author: Joe Vitale
22. "What he was scared of was not that maybe she was a creature who survived by drinking other people's blood. No, it was that she might push him away."
Author: John Ajvide Lindqvist
23. "I hold theatre acting in such high esteem that it scares me."
Author: Kate Bosworth
24. "Every day is a grand adventure into the great unknown and you cannot know what lies around the next corner. So, standing in this place, with the unknown before you, you have only two choices: you can live in trust (believing you are safe and that good things are coming) or you can live in fear (scared of the future and focused on you). Your choice will not change what's around that next corner, it will be what it's meant to be, but it will have a big impact on the way you feel today. Do you want to experience today in fear, focused on yourself? Or do you want to experience trust and focus on love? It's up to you."
Author: Kimberly Giles
25. "You're right. I'm shit scared of taking the risk of feeling the fullness of how much I love you."His mouth stopped working, his body went still, except his hips pressed into mine.Then his head came up and I felt his eyes on me in the dark but he didn't say a word.So I did."I've never loved anyone the way I love you.""Fuck me," he murmured."
Author: Kristen Ashley
26. "Yes it is, because you can only be brave if you're scared."
Author: Laurie Halse Anderson
27. "God scares me when you get Him indoors."
Author: Linda Ronstadt
28. "What fabrications they are, mothers. Scarecrows, wax dolls for us to stick pins into, crude diagrams. We deny them an existence of their own, we make them up to suit ourselves -- our own hungers, our own wishes, our own deficiencies."
Author: Margaret Atwood
29. "Are you afraid to die?'Cause it scares the hell outta me,And the end is all I can see,And it scares the hell outta me,That the end is all I can see."
Author: Matthew Bellamy
30. "Dude you scare me sometimes! You're all vampire superwoman"
Author: Melissa De La Cruz
31. "He who sings scares away his woes."
Author: Miguel De Cervantes Saavedra
32. "Keep telling yourself that. Thanks for scaring them off. Turn around so I can get dressed." "No." "No?" "No." He stares straight into my eyes. "I didn't scare them off for you. I did it for me. I'm coming in with you."
Author: Miranda Kenneally
33. "Because,' she said, 'when you're scared but you still do it anyway, that's brave."
Author: Neil Gaiman
34. "Oh, monsters are scared," said Lettie. "That's why they're monsters."
Author: Neil Gaiman
35. "Anyone who hates something feels threatened by it. A guy who says he hates feminism (a) doesn't understand or know feminism, and (b) is scared of powerful women. Most attacks come from fear."
Author: Neil Strauss
36. "Did you ever want something so deeply you were scared to let yourself have it? Like a desire so great you know you will never forgive yourself if you fail. So you hang back. And then you wake up one day and you realize if you don't do it now, it will move out of reach forever."
Author: Nicole Mones
37. "You guys are ridiculous," he says, retreating back to the kitchen. "Your flirting just scared the hell out of me." "Scared the hell out of me too."
Author: Pittacus Lore
38. "I'm not scared of never meeting you. I'm scared of having met you, and let you go."
Author: Pleasefindthis
39. "I like to scare myself and throw myself off the deep end."
Author: Samantha Barks
40. "If something scares me, then I have to do it."
Author: Sheryl Lee
41. "If you don't learn how to be scared, you'll never really learn how to be brave."
Author: Simon Holt
42. "I dreamed of becoming a scientist, in general, and a paleontologist, in particular, ever since the Tyrannosaurus skeleton awed and scared me."
Author: Stephen Jay Gould
43. "I can't give you what you want right now. Yes, your kindness scares me. Yes, I'm safer on my own. Or at least I feel that way. But no. I really don't want you to go away. In Cabo San Lucas, you said that you were struggling with your reaction to my illness. Well, I'm struggling now. With my reaction to you. I fear that when I say I want you, you'll be gone. Running from me. Running to Merideth. Don't get this wrong: this isn't jealously, it's not that simple. this has to do with trust. In my life men can do decent things. At the end, Jake did. My boss, the DA, he has. But men can't be counted on." She paused as the tear tacked down her check, disappearing into the darkness shadowed by her hair. "I can't afford to count on them. On you."
Author: Stephen White
44. "Never run when you're scared. Rule 7."
Author: Steven Moffat
45. "When you're scared, when you're hanging on, when life is hurting you, then you're going to see what you're really made of."
Author: Sylvester Stallone
46. "Don't let him upset you," Niko told the four softly. "He's old and he's frightened.""You're as old as him, and you aren't scared of us," Briar pointed out.Niko glared at him. "Thank you so much," he retorted waspishly."
Author: Tamora Pierce
47. "Sharks will scare me. I went out to Malibu a couple of weeks ago. Beautiful, clear day, out in five feet of water, going to surf, and there was this big ol' freakin' leopard shark... I'm looking at him and I'm thinking, 'OK, he won't hurt me.'"
Author: Timothy Olyphant
48. "I work best when a little scared, when there's so much more than the lines to think about."
Author: Toby Jones
49. "I don't have a horror film in me just because I don't like to be scared. But I definitely have a documentary in me, and I certainly have dramas."
Author: Todd Phillips
50. "On the TV and in the newspapers all we hear and read is 'live your life or the terrorists win' and it sounds great, I'm all for that, except my kids won't ask for a bathroom pass because the faculty facilities are on the first floor of the building and the MPs patrolling the second floor won't go downstairs on their shift—so I've got middle school kids afraid to take a piss because there might be a soldier in the stall next to them carrying a loaded M- 16—but hell yes, I'm all for 'live your life' and screw the terrorists, and screw all the countries who harbor and support them. I'm on board with that, except I've got these kids who stay home now, because they're scared riding a bus with soldiers carrying guns, knowing that one soldier isn't enough, so there's a military truck full of soldiers with even bigger guns following the bus 'just in case."
Author: Tucker Elliot

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