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1. "Biarlah dicintai dan mencintai dengan sepenuh hati saat waktu masih mengizinkan. Menarilah dan nikmatilah saat senandung itu masih ada. Karena sungguh, suatu saat nanti, waktu itu akan hilang dan hanya akan tersisa kesepian dan penyesalan jika tersia-siakan."
Author: Adam Aksara
2. "I have always lusted after a sepia-toned library with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves and a sliding ladder. I fantasie about Tennessee Williams' types of evenings involving rum on the porch. I long for balmy slightly sleepless nights with nothing but the whoosh of a wooden ceiling fan to keep me company, and the joy of finding the cool spot on the bed. I would while away my days jotting down my thoughts in a battered leather-bound notebook, which would have been given to me by some former lover. My scribbling would form the basis of a best-selling novel, which they wold discuss in tiny independent bookshops on quaint little streets in forgotten corners of terribly romantic European cities. In other words, I fantasize about being credible, in that artistic, slightly bohemian way that only girls with very long legs can get away with."
Author: Amy Mowafi
3. "Jenny looked, as usual, elegant and as fine-drawn as a young doe, but oddly muted, as if she had been outlined in sepia."
Author: Anne Rivers Siddons
4. "I have seen things. I saw the great Mantis God of Africa fighting a creature from the primordial depths, a billion-year war until finally the Mantis threw the writhing creature from the heavenly sky into the deepest pit. I've seen the past through the lens of the Eye and it wasn't in tasteful sepia. It was etched in blood and death and filtered through a veil of tears."
Author: Charlie Human
5. "Bellis gasped.Everywhere lights where suspended. Globes of cold illumination like frost moons, with no trace of the sepia of the New Crobuzon's gaslamps. The city glowed in the darkening water like a net full of ghostly lights.The outer edges of the city were low buildings in porous stone and coral."
Author: China Miéville
6. "Mungkin, suatu saat, apabila sekelumit dirimu itu mulai kesepian dan bosan, ia akan berteriak-teriak ingin pulang. Dan kamu akan menjemputnya, lalu membiarkan sejarah membentengi dirinya dengan tembok tebal yang tak lagi bisa ditembus. Atau mungkin, ketika sebuah keajaiban mampu menguak kekeruhan ini, jadilah ia semacam mercusuar, kompas, bintang selatan…. yang menunjukkan jalan pulang bagi hatimu, untuk, akhirnya, menemuiku.."
Author: Dee
7. "Waktu itu Minggu malam. Aku tersentak bangun pada pukul satu dini hari. Sayup-sayup terdengar dari jauh peluit kereta. Nguuuoooong. Dalam kondisi kesepian dan merasa seperti ada yang hilang, aku yang tetap tidur telentang tanpa bergerak-gerak mengeja puisi ‘Saddest Poem' milik Pablo Neruda dalam patahan-patahan bait yang tidak berlompatan."
Author: Desi Puspitasari
8. "Aggi berjalan pulang sendiri menuju tempat parkir. Saat melaju, kendaraannyaterasa lebih ringan. Satu helmnya menggantung kesepian di setang motor."
Author: Desi Puspitasari
9. "Kini dia berusaha menerjemahkan cinta ke arah yang berbeda. Cinta yang mendahulukan kebahagiaan orang yang dikasihi, bukan cinta yang semata ingin memiliki. Sekalipun untuk itu, dia harus membayarnya dengan kesepian dan rasa kehilangan sepanjang hidupnya."
Author: Dian Nafi
10. "Without poetry, stories would be told in sepia."
Author: Ellen Hopkins
11. "Definisi kesepian yang sebenarnya adalah hidup tanpa tanggung jawab sosial"
Author: Goenawan Mohamad
12. "The sepia tone of November has become blood-soaked with paper poppies festooning the lapels of our politicians, newsreaders and business leaders … I will no longer allow my obligation as a veteran to remember those who died in the great wars to be co-opted by current or former politicians to justify our folly in Iraq, our morally dubious war on terror and our elimination of one's right to privacy."
Author: Harry Leslie Smith
13. "Dia bilang tak ada orang yang benar benar jahat. Yang ada hanyalah orang kesepian, yang tak punya tempat untuk pulang. Bagaimana jika memang ada orang jahat yang juga kesepian, terbang ke sana kemari sampai mampus kebosanan?"
Author: Ida R. Yulia
14. "Tak ada orang yang benar-benar jahat. Yang ada hanyalah orangorang yang kesepian. Jika mereka tak kesepian dan punya teman,punya Appa, Eomma, atau saudara yang baik, mereka tak akan jadi jahat. Mereka hanya perlu pulang... ke rumah, ke tempat di mana orang-orangmencintai mereka."
Author: Ida R. Yulia
15. "Vivo entre difusos matices, velados misterios, incertidumbres; el tono para contar mi vida se ajusta mas al de un retrato en sepia."
Author: Isabel Allende
16. "My death..I mean..will it be quick,and with dignity? How will i know when the end is coming?""When you vomit blood,sir," Tao Chi'en said sadly.That happened three weeks later,in the middle of Pacific,in the privacy of the captain's cabin. As soon as he could stand , the old seaman cleaned up the traces of his vomit, rinsed out his mouth , changed his bloody shirt, lighted his pipe, and went to the bow of his ship , where he stood and looked for the last time at the stars winking in a sky of black velvet. Several sailors saw him and waited at a distance, caps in hands. When he had smoked the last of his tobacco, Captain John Sommers put his legs over the rail and noiselessly dropped into the sea.-Portrait in Sepia by Isabel Allende."
Author: Isabel Allende
17. "Each of us chooses the tone for telling his or her own story. I would like to choose the durable clarity of a platinum print, but nothing in my destiny possesses the luminosity. I live among diffuse shadings, veiled mysteries, uncertainties; the tone of telling my life is closer to that of a portrait in sepia."
Author: Isabel Allende
18. "It was like hiking into a Hemingway story; everything was sepia-toned and bristling with subtext."
Author: Leslie What
19. "Mata batin yang merupakan berkah kesepian"
Author: Lois Lowry
20. "Choosing sepia is all to do with trying to make the image look romantic and idealistic. It's sort of a soft version of propaganda."
Author: Martin Parr
21. "...another comber of far pleasure followed the first, for his books came suddenly before his eyes, row upon row of volumes, row upon priceless row of calf-bound Thought, of philosophy and fiction, of travel and fantasy; the stern and the ornate, the moods of gold or green, of sepia, rose, or black; the picaresque, the arabesque, the scientific - the essays, the poetry and the drama. All this, he felt, he would now re-enter. He could inhabit the world of words, with, at the back of his melancholy, a solace he had not known before."
Author: Mervyn Peake
22. "Kamu yang menjauh cuma mendekatkan aku pada kesepian.aku, selalu disini.di persimpangan jalan ini dan ketika kamu dengannya menemui akhir, kembalilah.aku masih melambaikan tangan dingin inikepada kamu, yang telah lama pergi."
Author: Oka @landakgaul
23. "Kebencian membuatmu kesepian"
Author: Orizuka
24. "Time seemed to drag with dreamlike slowness, like a knife through cold honey, and the room took on a surreal golden sheen as if I was looking through that same jar of honey. Maybe at that moment, the sun shone just right though the grimy windows, but the woman, the shelves, the jars, everything in the room appeared in tones of gold and sepia, except for the painting behind the counter. From behind the shopkeeper's head, a fluorescent Mary and Jesus glared at me, their cartoon-like faces reproaching me for being there."
Author: Sara Stark
25. "Urusan perasaan itu ajaib sekali, bahkan bisa membuat merasa sepi di tengah keramaian, ramai di tengah kesepian."
Author: Tere Liye
26. "1915. The year itself looks sepia and soiled-muddied like its pictures. In the snapshots everyone at first seems timid-lost-irresolute. Boys and men squinting at the camera."
Author: Timothy Findley

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