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1. "Onde é que dói na minha vida,para que eu me sinta tão mal?quem foi que me deixou feridade ferimento tão mortal?Eu parei diante da paisagem:e levava uma flor na mão.Eu parei diante da paisagemprocurando um nome de imagempara dar à minha canção.Nunca existiu sonho tão purocomo o da minha timidez.Nunca existiu sonho tão puro,nem também destino tão durocomo o que para mim se fez.Estou caída num vale aberto,entre serras que não têm fim.Estou caída num vale aberto:nunca ninguém passará perto,nem terá notícias de mim.Eu sinto que não tarda a morte,e só há por mim esta flor;eu sinto que não tarda a mortee não sei como é que suportetanta solidão sem pavor.E sofro mais ouvindo um rioque ao longe canta pelo chão,que deve ser límpido e frio,mas sem dó nem recordação,como a voz cujo murmúriomorrerá com o meu coração..."
Author: Cecília Meireles
2. "Richard Serra, the great sculptor, personifies an artist for me."
Author: Charlie Rose
3. "I was pregnable once," Merill thought to contribute. She remembered how troublesome it made getting around, having a ripe belly. Couldn't roll properly, couldn't hop properly, couldn't romp or flop properly. There were the cravings for roasted cabbage—she loathed cabbage, with its leaves and growing in rows. And labor! Merill passed out during childbirth. She'd endured burns, lacerations, rips, serrated teeth, nails, hooks and a trove of unmentionable harm-inflictors. Labor trounced them all and wriggled gleefully in the spray of blood and gore. "Being pregnable is no good. No good at all. Like growing a bitter melon in your belly."
Author: Darrell Drake
4. "Serrated, adj.And you said, "I'm not sure we can."
Author: David Levithan
5. "Daquela janela, aberta sobre as serras, entrevia uma outra vida, que não anda somente cheia do Homem e do tumulto da sua obra. E senti o meu amigo suspirar como quem enfim descansa."
Author: Eça De Queirós
6. "William untucked the covers and stood, making a mental list of everything he'd need for the coming trip. A few blades, serrated and non serrated. A vial of acid. A bone saw. A spiked paddle. A cat-o'-nine-tails. And a bag of Gummy Bears."
Author: Gena Showalter
7. "Mais, à mesure que se serrait davantage l'intimité de leur vie, un détachement se faisait qui la déliait de lui."
Author: Gustave Flaubert
8. "Due porteSolo due portesono serrate.Tutte le altre ti invitanoe aprono al più leggerotocco della tua curiosità.Solo queste porte sonocosì difficili da aprireche le tue forze non bastano.Nessun falegname viene ele pialla e oliai catenacci indocili.La porta che dietro di tesi è chiusa e tu seifuori.La porta che davanti a te si sbarra e tusei dentro."
Author: Hilde Domin
9. "Oh BarbaraQuelle connerie la guerreQu'es-tu devenue maintenantSous cette pluie de ferDe feu d'acier de sangEt celui qui te serrait dans ses brasAmoureusementEst-il mort disparu ou bien encore vivantOh BarbaraIl pleut sans cesse sur BrestComme il pleuvait avantMais ce n'est plus pareil et tout est abiméC'est une pluie de deuil terrible et désoléeCe n'est même plus l'orageDe fer d'acier de sangTout simplement des nuagesQui crèvent comme des chiensDes chiens qui disparaissentAu fil de l'eau sur BrestEt vont pourrir au loinAu loin très loin de BrestDont il ne reste rien."
Author: Jacques Prévert
10. "Paris at NightTrois allumettes une à une allumées dans la nuitLa première pour voir ton visage tout entierLa seconde pour voir tes yeuxLa dernière pour voir ta boucheEt l'obscurité tout entière pour me rappeler tout celaEn te serrant dans mes bras"
Author: Jacques Prévert
11. "... si nos tuvieran que juzgar por nuestros padres y nuestros abuelos, más valdría que todos nos empaláramos en rocas aserradas."
Author: Kristin Cashore
12. "I yank open the cutlery drawer to be confronted with an anomaly worse than emails from dead people or a man with a gun sitting on my bed. It's a large carving knife with a viciously serrated edge and two broken teeth. It's tarnished with rust. It's not mine. And neither is the china figurine of a kitten with one paw playfully raised, also stained with rust. But it's not rust. It's not rust at all. Perversely, the thought that flashes through my brain is "I can haz murder weapon?" I laugh out loud, a sobbing hiccup."
Author: Lauren Beukes
13. "The road is covered by jagged serrations of ice hard as iron. I pull aside the boot soles that are strapped to my feet. Underneath, my feet are streaked with cuts and dark abrasions. Thorns, branches and sharp ice graved their signs on me unknown, leaving behind a medley of runes written in some strange tongue."
Author: Ned Hayes
14. "Voi siete così giovine, così al di qua d'ogni inizio, e io vi vorrei pregare quanto posso, caro signore, di aver pazienza verso quanto non è ancora risolto nel vostro cuore, e tentare di aver care le domande stesse come stanze serrate e libri scritti in una lingua molto straniera. Non cercate ora risposte che non possono venirvi date perché non le potreste vivere. E di questo si tratta, di vivere tutto. Vivete ora le domande. Forse v'insinuate così a poco a poco, senz'avvertirlo, a vivere un giorno lontano la risposta. Forse portate in voi la possibilità di formare e creare, quale una maniera di vita singolarmente beata e pura; educatevi a questo compito, - ma accogliete in grande fiducia quanto vi accade e se solo vi accade dal vostro volere, da qualche necessità del vostro intimo, prendetelo su voi stesso e non odiate nulla."
Author: Rainer Maria Rilke
15. "Il tempo è come una serratura, pensò mentre contemplava le stelle. Sì, credo proprio di sì. Ogni tanto noi ci chiniamo e sbirciamo attraverso il buco. E quando lo facciamo, il vento che sentiamo sulle guance, il vento che soffia attraverso la toppa, è il respiro di tutto l'universo vivente."
Author: Stephen King
16. "There exists indeed an opposition to it [building of UVA, Jefferson's secular college] by the friends of William and Mary, which is not strong. The most restive is that of the priests of the different religious sects, who dread the advance of science as witches do the approach of day-light; and scowl on it the fatal harbinger announcing the subversion of the duperies on which they live. In this the Presbyterian clergy take the lead. The tocsin is sounded in all their pulpits, and the first alarm denounced is against the particular creed of Doctr. Cooper; and as impudently denounced as if they really knew what it is.[Letter to José Francesco Corrê a Da Serra - Monticello, April 11, 1820]"
Author: Thomas Jefferson
17. "Perceiving the order of nature to be that individual happiness shall be inseparable from the practice of virtue, I am willing to hope it may have ordained that the fall of the wicked shall be the rise of the good. To J. Correa de Serra, Monticello, Apr. 19, 1814"
Author: Thomas Jefferson
18. "Strange- the barometer is falling, but there's no wind yet, just silence. Up there above, where we can't hear it, it's already begun, the storm. The rainclouds are racing along at full speed. There aren't many of them yet- scattered serrated fragments. It's as though some city had fallen up there and now the pieces of the walls and towers are flying down, the heaps of them grow with horrible rapidity before your eyes, and they come closer and closer, but still have days to fly through blue emptiness before they crash down here to the bottom, with us."
Author: Yevgeny Zamyatin

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