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1. "All the stuff I don't like about myself has been pushed to the back of my brain. Maybe that is what I like best about him, the way he makes me. Not makes me feel, just makes me. I am fun. I am playful. I am game. I feel naturally happy and entirely satisfied."
Author: Gillian Flynn
2. "When the right one comes along, Jet, you figure it out. You move mountains, you change your life and you do whatever it takes to keep them with you. I would be half the man I am without Shaw. She makes me better, she makes me happy, and I can see that Ayden does that for you, too."Rule-Jet A Marked Men Novel"
Author: Jay Crownover
3. "When she smiles shyly at me, I exhale. And when her cheeks turn pink, I chuckle. I don't know why that makes me so happy. But it does."
Author: M. Leighton
4. "Just because I did the proposing doesn't mean I don't want a ring.""Yeah, yeah, I'll get to it.""I'll pick it out.""No, you won't.""Why not? I'm the one who'll be wearing it.""You're the one wearing your face, too, but you didn't pick that out, either."On a sigh, she knelt beside him. "That makes absolutely no sense." But she tipped her head ontohis shoulder as he worked. "When I came here I was scared and angry. Now I'm scared, angry andhappy. It's better," she decided. "A lot better."
Author: Nora Roberts
5. "She understands Newton, she despises superstition and in short she makes me happy."
Author: Voltaire

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Quotes About She Makes Me Happy
Quotes About She Makes Me Happy
Quotes About She Makes Me Happy

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