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1. "Well, " I began,"I've been roped into shenanigans."Without preface, Catcher muttered a curse ,then leaned over slipped his wallet from his jeans, and pulled out a twenty-dollar bill, which he handed to Mallory."
Author: Chloe Neill
2. "Any time you have loose ballots, you have to worry about shenanigans. It's a shame such a hard-fought election has to come down to something like this."
Author: David Axelrod
3. "Juno MacGuff: Nah... I mean, I'm already pregnant, so what other kind of shenanigans could I get into?"
Author: Diablo Cody
4. "You know what I've been thinking?"Why I hadn't crawled over the center console and into his lap yet? Because damn if I was wondering that very thing, but the car was way too small for those kind of Shenanigans."
Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
5. "Mikeru was still puzzling over Horace's last remark. He frowned. 'Kurokuma, these shenanigans... What are they?''Shenanigans are what Rangers do. They usually involve doing things that risk breaking your neck or your leg.'Mikeru nodded, filing the word away. 'I will remember this word,' he said. 'Shenanigans. It is a good word."
Author: John Flanagan
6. "Easy climb, Kurokuma. You do it easily.''Not on your life,' Horace said... 'That's what we have Rangers for. They climb up sheer rock walls and crawl along narrow, slippery ledges. I'm a trained warrior, and I'm far to valuable to risk such shenanigans.''We're not valuable?' Will said, feigning insult.Horace looked at him. 'We've got two of you. We can always afford to lose one,' he said firmly."
Author: John Flanagan
7. "You realize that for all the shenanigans that go on in the big circus of politics, everybody wakes up and goes to work."
Author: Lewis Black
8. "I like to talk. That's why I can't karaoke in a private room. Those types of shenanigans are only good in a public space. I got to say, though, with smartphones and instant upload of everything, our generation and definitely the next generation coming up, it's going to be hard to act a fool."
Author: Liza Lapira
9. "The truth was that I'd been spending years running away from myself. I hid myself in drama, silliness, stupidity, banality. So afraid to grow up. So afraid to involve myself in relationships where I might be expected to give the same love I got - instead of sixth-grade shenanigans. I bored myself with all the when I grow up nonsense, but I was worried it would never happen even as I longed for it."
Author: Megan Crane
10. "Wait, is this a nice-ish way of telling me we had sex and I was lousy? That's how you can tell I'm inexperienced? Because, if so, that's just rude. And what were you doing at Shenanigans? And how did you find me on the road?"Gabriel looked wounded. "To answer your questions in order: The only body fluid I exchanged with you is blood--""That's very comforting, thank you."
Author: Molly Harper
11. "Be that as it may, we were--and no doubt, still are--held under scrutiny, with that whole Phoenix Society brouhaha. It is imperative we remain on our best behaviour, a feat that you did not exactly manage effortlessly with your shenanigans in Edinburgh."
Author: Philippa Ballantine
12. "He finds himself bored by the shenanigans of highly spirited young men. Their concerns reside somewhere between balder and dash."
Author: Sara Sheridan
13. "And it would be fair. Everyone will pay the same tax and it will eliminate tax cheaters and corporate shenanigans."
Author: Steve Forbes
14. "Shenanigans is a financial model on the catwalk."
Author: Toba Beta

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